5 Ways We Can Improve Your Game This May

The season is well underway, the sun is coming out on a daily basis and golf courses are beginning to look their best for the summer ahead. But why are you not playing your best golf? Here is 5 ways we can improve your golf this May, ready for the summer.

Golf Lessons

Yes, it’s obvious, golf lessons will help you play better golf, but that’s not all. Our coaching team are passionate about helping you make the necessary changes to your game to help you maximise your potential. It’s not just about the 30 or 60 minutes you spend with the coach. They will invest time into ensuring you leave happy and commit to being available by text, email or for a general chat to help you continue to stay on the right track following a lesson. We have packages available and the team are on hand daily to talk to you about your needs and goals. Other than just helping you hit the ball better our coaches will:

  • Offer ongoing support
  • Help your mental approach to the game
  • Give you clear direction with practice plans
  • Share drills and exercises to ensure post lesson practice is helping
  • Create a clear blueprint to improvement

First timers can enjoy lesson one at 50% OFF, whilst returning customers can enjoy £10 OFF one lesson in May. Learn more about our team here.

Club Fitting

Are you 100% sure your clubs are right for you? Straight off the rack golf clubs are great, but not for everyone! Every golfer is different, from size to technique and ability meaning every golfer will need clubs specific to their needs (which, for some may just be off the rack!) from the club type, flexibility, loft and lie and so on.

Our fitting service is completely FREE because we want to ensure all our customers find out what is right for them. The right equipment will have a huge impact on the way you play the game and therefore is one of our 5 fixes this May. Book in your local AFGolfStore and enjoy a FREE fit to see what works best for you.

WATCH | Is it worth getting fitted for golf clubs

Loft & Lie

Did you know, when practicing on hard surfaces including mats, in time your loft and lie angles will begin to alter. It’s not uncommon to hear golfers say comments such as “my 7iron goes the same distance as my 8iron”, and low and behold we discover the loft and lie angles have adjusted causing gapping issues as well as strike and direction issues. We offer a loft and lie service that will allow you to hit shots whilst we check all of your clubs, making corrections where necessary to ensure your clubs are offering the gapping distances you were promised on purchase. Discover more here


This is something we encourage all golfers to be doing at least twice a year. A gapping allows us identify how far the ball goes with each club ensuring the gaps between clubs become consistent. By knowing how far you actually hit a golf ball with each club will allow you to hit more greens and save shots! remove the guess work. We encourage an early season gapping for the warmer conditions and again later in the year if you enjoy winter (colder) golf. Gapping sessions are available over all 3 stores, 7 days a week. Learn more here

Talk To Us

We love to talk golf! We are here to help our customers improve, not just serve and say goodbye. Pop in and see us and ask us questions. Ensuring you get the best out of your game is our passion, from talking technique to discovering the perfect length tee peg, we leave no stone unturned. You can find us here

So if you are keen to improve this May, there are 5 key options to help you get the summer golfing season off to the best start!

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