Improving Your Golf Game: Finding the Right Clubs for Consistency and Distance

If you’re a golfer, you know how important it is to have the right equipment. The right clubs can make all the difference in your game. In this blog post, we’ll explore a golfer’s journey to find the perfect set of clubs, focusing on the driver and fairway wood. We’ll discuss the challenges faced, the options considered, and the ultimate choices made. So, let’s dive in!

Struggling with the Driver

For many golfers, the driver is a challenging club to master. It requires precision and power to hit long, accurate shots off the tee. I have always struggled with the driver, finding it difficult to consistently find the middle of the club face. In search of a solution, I visit TaylorMade’s brand centre, hoping to find a driver that can improve my performance. I tried different clubs, starting with a forgiving option called Qi10 Max. 

This club is designed to provide forgiveness without compromising on distance and ball speed and to date it is Taylormade’s first driver to break to the 10,000 MOI barrier! In other words, their most stable driver ever. 

Finding Forgiveness and Confidence

I immediately noticed the difference with the Max driver than my current Titleist TSi 3 driver. It feels more forgiving and looks more compact compared to my current driver. The head shape and loft adjustments have a significant impact on the club’s performance. 

The TaylorMade driver has a more upright lie angle, helping find the desired ball flight. As Lee, my fitter, continues to test different options, he offers a shaft called Kai’li Blue 60x. This shaft feels more active and helps me achieve a higher launch, adding distance to my shots. Lee is pleased with the results, as his ball speed remains consistent, and the forgiveness of the club inspires confidence.

However, from a preference on look, the Max head feels to big for my liking, especially being used to the smaller more compact head in the TSi3. So we moved into the standard head with the same setup. This was far more confidence inspiring for me, and although it’s not as forgiving on the mishit shots, performance was certainly a lot higher and more consistent than my gamer. 

The Importance of Loft and Adjustability

The fitting process also highlights the significance of loft and adjustability in finding the right driver. My previous driver had a low loft, which contributed to my struggles. By having Lee increase the loft and adjust the loft sleeve, the TaylorMade driver allows me to hit higher, more controlled shots. 

This adjustment helps me increase my efficiency and accuracy off the tee. Ultimately, Lee is happy with the numbers we are seeing and encourages me to settle on the TaylorMade Qi10 driver with a 10.5-degree loft, adjusted down to 9.75 degrees. This combination provides the right balance of forgiveness, distance, and control for my game. The new driver allows me to hit longer, straighter shots while instilling confidence in my swing. I certainly am a believer this is the right club for my game! In any of our fittings at AFGolfStore we always encourage the golfer to be sure they are happy with looks and feel before purchasing. Performance and numbers on the day are great but ultimately you need to feel confident when you look down at your driver.

Mastering the Fairway Wood

After finding success with the driver, Lee turns his attention to helping me find the right fairway wood. Like the driver, my current fairway wood has been a source of frustration, as it tends to produce a fade and inconsistent results off the turf. Lee hopes to find a fairway wood that can complement my driver and provide reliability when my driver isn’t performing optimally. 

Lee begins the fitting process with a TaylorMade Tour fairway wood, adjusting the weight track to the back for added launch and forgiveness. The weight shifts the centre of gravity in the head allowing for changed launch angles. He also tries different shaft options, eventually settling on the Kai’li White 70x. 

The combination of the head adjustment and this lower spinning shaft choice helps me achieve the desired launch angle and spin rate, resulting in consistent distance and accuracy.

Building Consistency and Distance

With the TaylorMade Qi10 driver and Tour fairway wood in my bag, I now have what I feel are the right clubs that inspire confidence to improve my game. The forgiveness and adjustability of the clubs have made a significant difference in my consistency and distance off the tee and fairway shots. By finding the right equipment, I can now focus on unlocking my true potential as a golfer. 

My expected shots are longer, straighter, and more reliable. The fitting process has shown the importance of club selection, loft adjustments, and shaft choices in optimising performance.


Finding the right clubs is a journey that every golfer embarks on. It requires testing, adjustments, and ultimately, finding the right combination of forgiveness, distance, and control. 

Lee’s experience with TaylorMade highlights the impact that the right driver and fairway wood can have on any golfer’s game. If you’re struggling with your clubs, consider the importance of forgiveness, adjustability, and shaft selection. A FREE fitting session at AFGolfStore can help you identify the best options for your game. Remember, the right equipment can make all the difference in your enjoyment and success on the golf course.

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