AFGolf Build Centre

Welcome to the AFGolf Build Centre. We ensure your clubs are in great shape all season long!

The build centre team are on hand daily to problem solve all your repair needs. Located at our Peterborough Store, our build centre offers our newest Express Build Service. Giving you your new clubs, built to your spec in 72 hours. Not needed for you? Not to worry, you can improve from the following:

  • Club Fitting

    FREE Club fitting available over all stores.

  • Loft & Lie

    With our digital loft and lie machines we can accurately check your loft and lies and make any necessary changes.

  • Gap Testing

    With the use of Trackman4, in each site we can offer gap test to accurately identify your distances with each club.

  • Regripping

    Choose from a huge selection of grips from leading grip brands such as golf pride and lamkin. We have the perfect grip for you!

  • Reshafting

    Broken club or wrong flexibility for you? Don't worry we can change your shafts.

  • Extensions & Cut Downs

    We can alter your clubs length to suit your specifications.

AFGolfStore custom fitting Scotty Cameron jet set putter

We have seen the arrival of the new Phantom X but now Scotty Cameron has a real treat in store  with the …

Loft & Lie

Our loft and lie session will allow our club fitters the chance to check and measure your current clubs and based on your strike location they will be able to alter and correct your clubs for your current specifications. Speak to a member of staff today and see how we can improve your clubs
£ 60 60 Minutes
  • List Item #3

Gapping session

This gapping session will measure the carry and total distances of each of your clubs with the use of our Trackman4. Our expert club fitters will be able to offer advice on each club and the factors required to alter outcome, from technique to the clubs specifications. Learn your distances now!
£ 60 60 Minutes
  • List Item #3