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Golf Lessons At AFGolfStore Peterborough

Did you know, we offer golf lessons at AFGolfStore Peterborough? We are mostly known for our custom fitting service, build centre and stores. however, each of our stores is proud to offer a fantastic coaching service with our PGA Professional team.

CUSTOM FITTING afgolfstore Milton Keynes

At AFGolfStore Peterborough our team of coaches, including store manager and locally renowned coach, Jason Boast along with fellow professional, David Botley.

They both coach from our state-of-the-art studio with the use of Trackman to offer the most advanced feedback both from data and video capture. 

With the use of training aids, our coaching team will coach you how you want to be coached. Understanding the person first is most important to us so we help you understand in the way that best suits you.

Our friendly coaching team are always on hand for follow on support and questions and with our facebook community group you can keep in touch 24/7.

As well as our indoor studio we also have a putting green with Science and motion technology that will help you improve your putting stroke and start holing more putts out on the course. 

The beauty of our studios is that they are alway warm and ready to help you perform all year round!

Meet The Team

David Botley

David joins AFGolfStore with a wealth of golfing experience. He has a love for helping golfers discover their potential through tuition. And with the support of trackman David can help you find the right path to better golf. 

Jason Boast

Using our indoor Trackman studio I can quickly diagnose any swing faults you may have. I have over 20 years of experience introducing new golfers to the game alongside coaching some of the region’s most elite golfers.

From easy quick fixes to long term plans I am excited to help you enjoy and fulfil your potential as a golfer. 

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Top 5 Moments At The Belfry

We are heading into the British Masters week, one of the most iconic events in the UK over the last few decades and since its revival in recent years it has created some memorable moments!

It’s not just the tournament that’s created some great moments, the venue of this week’s tournament and future events has given us some fantastic memories! 

In this blog we look at our Top 5 Moments At The Belfry.


Arguably one of the most iconic 18th hole putts at the Belfry goes to Paul McGinley as he held Jim Furyk to claim the decisive half point needed to reclaim the Ryder Cup!


Play the clip from 8:45. Finishing in style, Thorbjorn eagles 17 before holing a monstrous birdie putt on 18. A putt of that enormity will forever be remembered at the Belfry. 


Play the clip from 1 minute and enjoy one of the 2002 Ryder Cup’s best putts from Philip Price as he went on to beat Phil Mickelson in emphatic style. 

A defining moment of the Ryder Cup!


Not the most iconic of putts, however a tricky 2 putt under pressure to FINALLY claim his first tour victory after 478 attempts is stuff of dreams! 


The first time since the 50’s Europe (newly formed europe) win the 1985 Ryder Cup thanks to Sam Torrence who got the win over the line. A putt not needed, but iconic all the same!

Our Top 5 Moments at the Belfry are all putts and although we are aware there are some incredible moments beyond the putter, we are showcasing the importance of the flatstick! 

So during the 2023 British Masters week, we will be giving our customers 50% OFF a putter analysis session, that will improve your stroke, certify your equipment and leave you with a new found confidence. 


You will gain:

  • A full SAM (Science and Motion) & assessment report
  • Expert tuition and feedback to implement changes based on technology feedback
  • Visual feedback 
  • Putter check and measurements with fitting advice / ideal specifications
  • Assessment of movements, set up and stroke
  • Create blueprint of improvement
  • Practice drills, exercises and aids
  • In-depth summary.
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Meet The Newest Club Fitter To AFGolfStore Peterborough

Meet the newest club fitter to AFGolfStore Peterborough, David Botley. 

David joins the team with a wealth of knowledge and experience. His passions lie within club fitting and helping identify the best clubs suited to you from a huge range of head models and shaft combinations. 

An avid golfer from a young age, David is a PGA Professional and will be a strong player in our excellent team. 

You can expect to see David fitting at Peterborough on Monday and Fridays where he will also have coaching available with the use of Trackman and video analysis. 

With his experiences in previous roles David is also an expert builder and will join the build team on Wednesday as well as operating our mobile fitting hubs on Tuesday and Thursday. 

A schedule very much built around getting the perfect golf clubs for golfers in the area.

David grew up playing his golf at Chesfield Downs in Graveley where he eventually went on to work and begin learning his trade. Following on from this, David has had more ventures that have strengthened his skills and we are excited to have him as a part of our team. 

You can meet David in store, book a fitting with him or book a lesson with £15 OFF in May! (Use code: DAVID15)

What Do We Offer At AFGolfStore Peterborough

At AFGolfStore Peterborough, located on the Eagle Business Park in Yaxley, you can book FREE custom fitting sessions in our indoor Trackman studio or upstairs on our SAM PuttLab putting green where our team will identify what clubs best suit you and why. We will be able to offer thousands of combinations in clubs, but not to worry, our team will narrow the choice down!

We also stock a huge selection of clothing and shoes available with top brands such as Adidas, Under Armour, Castore, J.Lindeberg, Footjoy and more. 

Peterborough is also home to our AFGolfStore build centre where we will build your golf clubs in just 72 hours!

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Christmas At AFGolfStore Milton Keynes

Christmas At AFGolfStore Milton Keynes has started and our team are ready for a busy festive period helping golfers and shoppers alike prepare for the big day.

Whether it be shopping for gifts or seeking improvements, we have you covered. 

Let us take you on a tour of the store and see what we have in place to help you with your golfing needs this December. 

If you watch our promotional video, you will notice our store comes fully equipped with all the up to date clothing, shoes and golf equipment from leading brands in the game. 

However, our main passion is for improving your golf by ensuring you have the right golf clubs. 

Thats why you will find that we stock clubs from the leading names in golf including:

  • Titleist
  • Taylormade
  • Callaway
  • Ping 
  • Mizuno
  • Cobra
  • Wilson
  • Lynx

And more importantly we offer a FREE custom fitting service in our state of the art indoor trackman studio, where we have a HUGE fitting selection of golf clubs with over 10,000 head, shaft and grip combinations from leading names. 

We don’t charge to ensure everyone find clubs that are right for them! We are only interested in improving performance and that’s why we are’nt brand bias! 

We have a huge selection men and women’s clothing in store, in fact our ladies section within the store is one of the UK’s largest dedicated women’s clothing areas. 

You can enjoy names such as, Ralph Lauren & RLX, J.Lindeberg, Galvin Green, Adidas, Under Armour, Nike, Ping, FootJoy, Swing Out Sister and more as well as Skechers to add to the footwear options. 

With three stores, we can also offer a click and collect service, so if we have an item in another store that you can’t find in Milton Keynes, we can have it transferred to store for you. 

Our team are on hand 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. We offer golf lessons which can make the perfect gift to help a loved one improve for 2023’s season or a gift voucher to help them spend on something they need. 

Whatever you are looking for, whether it be a stocking filler, a new set of clubs or just support with your game, we are here to help. 

From The Team Here At AFGolftore Milton Keynes, We Wish You A Merry Christmas! 


9 Peverel Drive
Milton Keynes

Tel:  01908 476177

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5 Tips To Staying Dry & Playing Your Best This Winter!

As the winter weather rolls in and conditions become harder, there is no reason to stop enjoying your golf, nor let your scores get worse! 

We use the winter in the UK as a training season for the next year, however with the right preparation you can maintain good scores all year around. Here are 5 tips to staying dry and playing your best this winter.


The grip is the key to control. 

In the wet weather, there are many excuses for poor strikes! Number one being ‘my club slipped’. What we really mean is our grip wasn’t good enough! 

Keeping your clubs dry is imperative. Just because the clubs are in your bag does not mean  they are staying dry. Here are simple ways to help:

  • Wait for your shot and pull the club out at the last minute.
  • Dry the club, especially the grip as soon as your take the club out the bag. Ideally with a dry towel… we will come to this!  
  • Make sure your grips are fit for purpose. For regular golfers, grips will last from 1-2 seasons. 


Maximise impact!

Inconsistent ball flights can occur in wet conditions. There are two reasons for this.

  1. A wet club face will cause less friction at impact, meaning less spin! This can create inconsistencies with ball flight and results.
  2. Dirt on the face. Equally it is easier to pick up mud and grass on the face, especially in a practice swing, which of course will effect impact with the ball. 

Be sure to clean the face prior to your shot! 


Pure roll on the greens! 

No different to the golf club, the ball will react with water and dirt. 

Fortunately on the green, we can mark, clean and DRY the ball before your putt, giving you a great chance of a better roll. 

More importantly this creates a great habit that we encourage all golfers to be doing every round of the year! 


Your equipment is your caddy! 

To achieve tips one – three you will need equipment you can rely on.

When you watch golfers on tour you will notice how much practical use they get our of their umbrella. Their glove hangs on the spokes inside between shots, rather than going in a wet pocket, as does the towel. All very simple ways to maintain dry equipment throughout a round. 


Dress like a pro! 

The last point is obvious, but the right clothing & shoes will help so much. Baggy, heavy clothing will become restrictive to your swing causing problems and if it’s not waterproof, the misery will soon set in. 

At AFGolfStore we offer a huge range of clothing from many brands and a range of costs so every golfer can be comfortable on the course at a budget that suits. 

We appreciate it is all a lot of effort, but be prepared and creating the right habits will make the game easier to focus on and less stressful. 



Want to make real improvements?

Our coaching team are on hand to help your conquer all conditions with better course management as well as technical improvements to your game. 

Improve your game in a lesson with Trackman technology that can transform your game and the way your think on the course. 


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Welcome To Peterborough’s Biggest Golf Store

Welcome to Peterborough’s biggest golf store, located in Yaxley near some of Peterborough’s finest courses, such as Peterborough Milton Golf Club or Elton Furze Golf Club. We offer everything a golfer could need with the biggest names in golf clubs, clothing, shoes and accessories.

However, what we have fast become renowned for is our custom fit to build service. A unique service that see’s the entire process of your new golf clubs completed in store. 


Located in the Eagle Business Park in Yaxley, our 1200 sqf store is fully equipped with a large clothing area with some of golfs leading brands including, J.Lindeberg, Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Ping, FootJoy, Skechers, RLX and Ralph Lauren.

We also have fully stocked club stands from the major 6 brands on tour including, Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Cobra and Mizuno. Most Importantly though, we have a superb team of club fitters, coaches and builders who are on hand to give you a great golfing experience. 

From helping you find the perfect item of clothing for the course or a lesson to get your game in shape, our team are ready to help you.

From left to right we have store manager, coach and club fitter, Jason Boast. Adam Lewarne, coach and club fitter along with the build tea, Lewis Daff and Jack Yetton from the AFGolf Build Centre. 


One of the areas we’ve become most recognised in Peterborough for is our custom fitting experience. 

A FREE 60 or 90 minute session that allows us to understand your specification, recommend and customise new clubs to your game. The process includes hitting golf balls into an indoor swing studio simulator, operated with a Trackman radar. Once hit, the radar will immediately show data surrounding the balls performance and certain club characteristics.

With this data our expert fitting team can understand what actions to take to customise new clubs to suit your game. This can include the head model of which each brand offer 3-4 models, all offering different factors such as forgiveness and stability. It could also include changing the shaft, of which we have hundreds to enable us to find the right specifications for you. We will also adjust the lie and length of a club to encourage better turf interaction and improved results. 

To ensure each and every customer is recommended clubs that best suit them, we offer over 10,000 head, shaft and grip combinations! Fortunately our team can narrow this down quickly!

As well as the brands of head we have a fantastic range of shafts from stock options to premium, inlcuding LA Golf, Graphite Design, Fujikura and many more.

Peterborough Club Fitting

Where many of our competitors charge for this service, we choose not too for one simple reason! 


Most golfers find it too easy to buy clubs straight off the shelf, however, all clubs off the shelf are standard specifications, and we are well aware no two golfers are the same. Customised clubs are going to give you performance gains, in fact, in 2022 our Trackman data shows a collective average of 21 yards gained with a custom fitted driver over their old clubs in our Peterborough studio.

So, we don’t want to charge and restrict any golfer from finding out their true specifications.


Something we are incredibly proud of at AFGolfStore is our build centre. Located at our Peterborough store, our build service gives you the option to have your clubs built by us.

Although this service is about quality and care as well as peace of mind by ensuring the clubs you order are the exact same as the spec you were fitted for in our studio, we love giving our customers the option to guarantee their new clubs are delivered on time. 

Our builders are in constant communication with your fitter to ensure everything meets your expectations. We want to give you an experience unlike anything you’ve had before, that’s why our builders are trained and tested by the lead manufacturers to ensure our build tolerance is to standard.


Once you’ve had a custom fitting, you will be given the option (should you choose to purchase) to have your clubs built in store. Our build team will:

Most importantly you will be kept up to speed with your clubs development.

We also offer this service to customers not requiring a custom fitting , who are aware of the clubs they need. Our RetroFit service also allows you to have your current set re-fitted with any adjustments being made in the build centre, including new shafts, paint upgrades and more. 


So if you’re looking for a golfing experience where you can feel like the pro’s, then head to Yaxley, where we will happily welcome you to Peterborough’s biggest golf store, fitting and build centre! 


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AFGolfStore Will Improve Your Golf! Here’s How…

It’s that time of year again, the season is drawing to a close and  winter golf gets closer. Now is the time for two types of action.

  1. Finish the season on a HIGH!
  2. Be prepared for next season and make it my best yet! 

Whichever one fits you, both require action now and at AFGolfStore we can help you! 

Just because the season is close to its end, doesn’t mean the training ever needs to stop. We offer coaching every week of the year, with warm sheltered swing studios and putting greens offering the best in technology from Trackman to SAMPutt Lab, both designed to give immediate, accurate feedback which will help our expert professionals get your game to where you desire,. 

At each store we have a team of coaches who are all very friendly but have a common goal! To get you to hit your goals! 


Each lesson is tailored to your needs. We listen to you and through analysis we can quickly diagnose swing faults and begin to make corrections.  We won’t lie, change is rarely easy! However, we will make the journey simple and achievable. Your practice will become more structured and more rewarding! 

You will get crucial feedback from Trackman and valuable video feedback so you can see your development! 

We believe this will all help to build more confidence, which will give you the fuel to practice more and see your desired results sooner! 

Individual Golf Lessons

Getting started is easy. We offer 30 or 60 minute lessons in each store with a range of packages to give you a plan for a number of week.

Our winter improver package gives you 4 x 30 minute lessons which can be used for any areas of the game you like. Begin your journey to better golf today!


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AFGolfStore Are Proud To Support East Anglia Air Ambulance

AFGolfStore are delighted to announce East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) as our Charity of the Year.


EAAA is a life-saving service that delivers highly-skilled doctors and critical care paramedics by air or car to seriously ill or injured people in East Anglia, providing treatments normally only seen in hospitals. These treatments, such as providing blood transfusions at scene, can mean the difference between life and death and ensure the patient has the best chance of getting to hospital.

Operating from their bases in Cambridge and Norwich, their two helicopters are there for the people that need them in East Anglia. At times when it is impractical to fly, they will attend in rapid response vehicles (RRV) which carry the same equipment as the helicopters.

They are the first air ambulance service in the East of England to provide a 24/7 service by both air and road and like many charities, rely on the generosity of those in their community to keep being there for those in need.

We will be donating 20p for the sale of every golf lesson sold at our Cambridge and Peterborough stores, expected to raise at least £500 over the next year. These stores will also be hosting collection boxes at the tills so visitors can make cash donations.

Chris Hattersley, a spokesperson for AFGolfStore said: “We are very proud to support The East Anglia Air Ambulance and help raise money through serving the golfers of East Anglia in our Peterborough and Cambridge stores. As we help golfers improve, they as well as our coaches can feel comforted in knowing that by improving, they are also helping to support the charity that means so much to the East Anglian community.”






Tammy Swiderski, Community Fundraiser for East Anglian Air Ambulance, said: “We’re so grateful that AF Golf Store has selected us to be their Charity of the Year. East Anglian Air Ambulance relies almost entirely on public donations and support, and the organisation is facing a very challenging year ahead with the cost-of-living crisis. This new partnership will support our crews in delivering 24/7 life-saving care by air and road in the region.”

East Anglian Air Ambulance is a registered charity (number 1083876). Find out more about their work:

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No More Chipping Woes With The PING ChipR

Are you one of the many golfers who find themselves green side with a real chance at par and walk off with bogey or worse? 

All because your chip failed to get close enough? Or even because you lack confidence with the wedges and fail to create consistent contact?

Well, it is time to say goodbye to your chipping woes with the introduction of the new PING ChipR.


Fully engineered for golfers who may lack confidence with their traditional wedge and frequently struggle with chip shots. The ChipR combines elements of a putter and a wedge to improve performance around the greens and lower scores without fear of chunking or blading shots. 

Unlike traditional chippers, the PING ChipR actually looks like a wedge when looking down at the ball, but with the 70º lie angle it sits very much lie a putter. 

Combined with the cambered sole the club can really glide across the surface without fear of the dreaded fat and thin shots. 

With 38º of loft, it is perfect for the trusted bump and run shots around the green side.

Bump and Run

Recommended for shots within 40 yards of the green from the rough or fringe, golfers apply a putting-like stroke to achieve distance control and consistency without fear of chunking or blading shots.  

Forgiving Design

The investment-cast, 431 stainless steel head is perimeter weighted for forgiveness, offers a composite cavity badge, and its hydropearl chrome finish repels water. Available to be custom fit for length, loft and lie (10 color codes).

Cambered Sole

The cambered sole allows for a smooth transition through the rough and fringe for maximum versatility and consistency. A shallow face height (between putter and wedge), helps ensure reliable contact and performance.

MicroMax Grooves

Precision-milled MicroMax grooves (tighter spacing, more grooves), increase ball contact to maintain spin for consistent trajectories and control on chips of every length. The compact profile inspires confidence.  

Z-Z115 Shaft

The PING Z-Z115 Wedge shaft is lightweight (111 g) with a lower balance point to allow for more clubhead feel. The 35-inch standard length is customizable.

Dyla-wedge Grip

The 360 Dyla-wedge Lite grip, which is ¾-inch longer than a traditional grip and features a reduced taper, allows golfers to choke down for more versatility and trajectory control.





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We’re On The Mark With Our Newest Team Members!

With the Football season over, the summer transfer window is open and at AFGolfStore we have been busy making new signings of our own. Meet our newest team members, Mark James and Mark Sturgess.

Meet Mark James

Mark joins us after spending 5 years with Titleist in their custom clubs department, working with and learning from industry leading experts.

With a passion for improving the games of every golfer whether it be through custom fitting or in the workshop where he can be found adjusting loft and lies or fixing your equipment ready for your next game. However, his true love comes from coaching his customers to make better contact with the ball and find more fairways! 

“There is nothing more rewarding than teaching the golf to inspire and ignite a passion for the game.

I believe the fundamentals are the key to developing our natural golf swing and lowering scores.

Short Game is a real passion of mine and with the aid of Trackman and Sam PuttLab, we can take an in-depth look into transforming your game. “

Mark is a member of our Milton Keynes team. 


Meet Mark Sturgess

Joining us from a successful period of his career at The Cambridge Country Club (formally known as Bourn Golf Club), Mark Sturgess comes to AFGolfStore with a wealth of experience spanning over 28 years as a PGA professional. 

With experience as a Cambridgeshire county coach, Mark has worked with and learnt from some of the games greatest coaches. 

“My passion for coaching comes from seeing my pupils improve all areas of their golf game. I believe the route for my pupil’s improvement is a partnership and I enjoy making myself available to being there to help every step of the way.”

Coaching is not the only love from Mark. He believes in ensuring every golfer finds the perfect equipment for their game through custom fitting, as no two people are the same and therefore every fitting will require a new level of attention to details.

Mark is a member of our Cambridge  team and is excited to meeting new faces in the area as well as continuing to support familiar faces. 

Both Marks will be available for coaching and our FREE custom fitting service, where you can test all the latest models with the support of Mark and Trackman4, offering instant feedback, making it easy to find the right club head, shaft and grip combo for your game! 

Whatever club(s) you are looking for they, along with our teams over 3 sites can be on hand to talk and educate where necessary on the latest technology available to your game. 

Learn more about our custom fitting service here

From custom fitting to coaching and retail to repairs, our new summer signings are on the Mark when it comes to helping you with your golf. Meet them in the following stores.

Mark Sturgess – Cambridge – Kingsway Golf Centre. SG86EY

Mark James – Unit 9, Peverel Drive, Bletchley. MK11NL