Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting Is The Process Of Ensuring You Have The Right Equipment For Your Game.

At AFGolfStore, we believe every golfer needs to have a custom fitting session to ensure they find the right golf clubs that offer a performance benefit to them. No two people are the same, therefore how can we all buy the same clubs off the rack and expect to create the same performance outcomes. This is why, we do not charge for the custom fitting process, to ensure every golfer has the chance to find the right club for them.

Check out our 7 steps to custom fitting:

What measurements are measured?

There are many parameters that our technology can measure. When looking at Trackman data we use different numbers for when we are fitting drivers to irons but some are important regardless of club.

These include:

We also measure elements such as centreness of strike, lie angle and much more.

Grip size is also an important measurement and check that carry out for every golf in a fitting.