Custom Club Fitting Experience: Finding the Perfect Taylormade Irons

Early one morning, I embarked on a custom club fitting adventure that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. Armed with excitement and anticipation, I headed down to the Taylormade brand centre to get fitted by an expert who wasn’t affiliated with my usual custom fitters, kick starting with Taylormade Irons. 

This was a neutral fit, where the goal was to see if they could beat my current set of clubs and find the perfect specifications for me. Join me on this journey as I explore the world of club fitting and discover the potential improvements for my game.

Arriving at the Brand Centre

After a much-needed stop at a Starbucks, Chris and I arrived at the TaylorMade brand centre in Basingstoke. We were greeted by Lee, the expert who would be guiding me through the fitting process. Our first stop was the studio, where we would start with the irons and then progress through the entire bag.

Finding the Right Irons

I had been playing with my Titleist T100s irons for about 18 months, and I was in love with them. Lee knew he had a challenge ahead of him to find a set that could beat my current irons. We began by hitting a few shots with my T100s to establish a baseline.

As we analysed the shots, Lee noticed that my launch and spin were a bit low for optimal performance. He suggested trying the TaylorMade P770 irons, which offered a balance between forgiveness and playability. I was hesitant about switching to a different brand, but I was open to exploring the possibilities.

With the P770 irons in hand, I took my first swing. The difference was noticeable right away. The ball launched higher and spun more, resulting in a softer landing on the greens. The numbers were promising, with a significant improvement in descent angle and overall performance.

But there was still the question of the shaft. I had been using the Project X 6.5 shaft, which felt heavy and challenging to control, especially as I got fatigued during a round. Lee suggested trying the Dynamic Gold X100 shaft, which was slightly lighter and had a different feel. However, I didn’t enjoy the feel of it and felt more comfortable with the Project X shaft.

Lee then introduced the Nippon Modus 120 X shaft, which was slightly lighter than the Project X but still provided the stability I needed. The difference was remarkable. The ball flight was more responsive, and I felt more connected to the clubhead. It was love at first swing.

The Perfect Combination: P770 Irons with Nippon Modus 120 X Shaft

After a thorough analysis of my swing and the performance of different shafts, we settled on the P770 irons with the Nippon Modus 120 X shaft. The combination of forgiveness, playability, and improved ball flight made these irons the clear winner. I was excited to see how they would translate to the rest of my bag.

Exploring the Rest of the Bag

With the iron fitting complete, it was time to move on to the other clubs in my bag. Lee wanted to assess my performance with the three iron and determine if there were any improvements to be made.

As it turned out, my three iron had a low and flat ball flight that didn’t suit my game. Lee suggested exploring alternatives such as hybrids or fairway woods to achieve a higher launch. However, I had never been able to get comfortable with hybrids or five woods in the past, so we decided to focus on finding a better three iron.

Driver Dilemma: Distance versus Control

One club that had always been a challenge for me was the driver. While I had no trouble with distance, keeping the ball in play was a constant struggle. Lee understood this and knew that finding a driver that offered both distance and control was crucial.

We would delve into the driver fitting in the next part of the process, but I was eager to see if Lee could work his magic and help me find a driver that would revolutionise my tee shots.


As the iron fitting came to an end, I was excited about part one of the process. The P770 irons with the Nippon Modus 120 X shaft had surpassed my expectations and offered a perfect combination of forgiveness, playability, and control.

I couldn’t wait to see what the next part of the fitting process would bring as we explored the world of drivers. Will Lee be able to find a driver that could help me hit long, straight shots? Join me in the next part of this custom club fitting journey to find out. Coming soon…

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