AFGolfstore is the provider of quality golf lessons at all of it’s venues. Due to the different nature and set up at each venue their is a difference in availability and options.


At AFGolfStore our aim is to help people play better golf. Whether that be through better equipment or golf lessons we offer it all.

Through our Academy we offer a wide range of coach and PGA Professional to help a wide variety of golfer. From Premium performance coaches for those serious golfers who want to commit to long term programs through to expert beginner and ladies coaches helping new golfers into the game.

Booking a golf lesson can not just ease those frustrations, cure that slice improve you ability to chip and putt, it can also improve your confidence and awareness out on the golf course which will lead to better enjoyment.

Some of our coaches use technology such as Trackman and video analysis while others use more on course strategies to improve your game.


This totally depends on your ambitions, time limitations and goals. Even a beginner will benefit from a performance program with bi weekly sessions. However often new golfers benefit way more from our relaxed golf lessons. These sessions allow you not only to learn in a comfortable environment they also ensure you meet like minded people and it is often a great way to meet future playing partners.

If you an unsure which coach or lesson is best for you it is best to contact our Head of Academy Chris via email and explain your current situation and needs and he can fit you to the best coach within the team

We are here to help your golf game.