2024 Scotty Cameron Phantom Lineup – High Quality Putter for Every Golfer

Welcome to AF Golf Store! In this blog, we will be discussing the new 2024 Scotty Cameron Phantom lineup that have now rolled into our 3 stores in Cambridge, Peterborough and Milton Keynes. 

Scotty Cameron is an engineer and designer who has made several refinements to these putters. The lineup consists of 10 models, each offering unique features to improve your putting game. Let’s dive deeper into the details and see how these putters can help you hold more putts!

Milling and Materials

Scotty Cameron has meticulously engineered each part of the putter to ensure the golfer addresses the ball in a square motion. The putters in the lineup come with different alignment aids such as dots, lines, and multiple lines to help you set up the putter in the best square position possible.

The putters are manufactured with a stainless steel body and an aluminium plate underneath. The distribution of these materials varies across the products. As we move into the larger heads (which can be denoted by the higher numbers), there is more black aluminium to shift the weight from the middle of the head towards the perimeter. This design choice makes the larger heads more forgiving and stable.

Consistent Face Construction

All models in the Scotty Cameron Phantom lineup feature a dual-milled face construction. The face has a deep milling within the head, with a very small mill in between the thicker mills. This construction offers significant benefits for average golfers. 

It provides a clear indication of where the ball was struck on the face. A centred strike produces a great response, letting you know that you’ve hit a good centre putt. If you strike the ball towards the heel or toe, the feedback helps you understand your strike location. This feature is especially useful for improving pace control on future putts.

Variety of Head Sizes

The Scotty Cameron Phantom lineup offers a range of head sizes. The number assigned to each model indicates the head size, with larger numbers representing larger heads. For example, the “five” model features a small fang design and the “eleven” model has the largest head. This simple numbering system allows golfers to easily identify the desired head size for their preferences.

Neck Design and Face Balance

One common question about Scotty Cameron putters is why some models have decimals in their names, like “5.5”. The answer lies in the neck design. The “five” models typically have a short slant neck, which creates a bit more toe hang. On the other hand, the whole number models, such as “five”, have a longer neck system and generally play more face balanced. It’s important to note that even face balanced Scotty Putters have a slight amount of toe hang. This design choice ensures versatility for golfers with different putting preferences.

Customisation Options

While putters may not have as many customisation options as drivers or irons, there are still a few aspects that can be tailored to suit your needs. The first aspect to consider is the length of the putter. Getting the right length plays a crucial role in setting your eye position correctly, usually about an inch inside the head where the shaft meets the head itself.

Weight is another customisable feature in Scotty Cameron putters. The putters come with two weight ports in the bottom, allowing for some adjustments to make the putter slightly heavier depending on the model and length. This option is beneficial for golfers who prefer more head weight or tend to leave putts short.

Lastly, the grip is the only part of the putter that you physically hold onto. Scotty Cameron offers a new putter grip with a paddle design, slightly thicker in the bottom hand. Additionally, there are other grip options available from Scotty Cameron as well as third-party grips offered by AF Golf Store.


No matter your skill level or putting style, there is a Scotty Cameron putter in the Phantom lineup for you. With their meticulous engineering, high-quality materials, and various customisation options, these putters are designed to improve your putting performance.

Visit AF Golf Store and explore the Scotty Cameron Phantom range to find the perfect putter that suits your game, and if this range doesn’t suit you then you can look at the Special Select models offering more blade style option.

A free custom fitting will give the answers and they can be booked in any store here!

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