AFGolf Build Centre

Welcome To The AFGolf Build Centre. Clubs Fitted & Built By Us, Played By You

The build centre team are on hand daily to problem solve all your custom club needs. Located at our Peterborough Store, our build centre offers unique experience in club fitting to build. Fitting you for the perfect new clubs, built exactly to your specifications with care and communication from the team. 

For any enquiries regarding our build centre, contact Rob, our build team Manager at between Monday and Friday. 


  • Precision Built, Quality Checked

    All of our builds are communicated from your fitter to our build team, who are in constant communication to ensure your clubs are exactly what you were fit for. Attention and care goes into every set we build with quality checks regularly taken.

  • Built For Your Next Round

    Using our build service allows for a faster alternative to ordering through the manufactorers, meaning provided we have your components in the build centre, we can build your clubs in time for your next round. However, we pride our service on quality over speed! Speak to your fitter for more information.

  • Personalised To You

    Our favourite aspect of the build centre is that we can personalise your clubs to YOU! Coloured ferrules, specific grips, premium shafts, paint work on the head, stamping and more allows your clubs to be bespoke to you! Speak to our team about how you can 'Jazz Up' your clubs!


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