The New Taylormade Qi Model: A Game Improvement Iron for 2024

The New Qi Model: A Game Improvement Iron for 2024

Taylormade has recently launched the new Taylormade Qi model, a game improvement iron designed for 2024. This iron comes with several key features that set it apart from its predecessor, the Stealth model.

Carbon Toe Wrap and Back

One of the major changes in the Stealth model which continues into the Qi iron is the use of carbon material in both the toe wrap and the back of the club. This combination of titanium metal and carbon provides a unique blend of strength and flexibility, enhancing the overall performance of the iron.

Improved Design

The Qi iron has undergone several design improvements compared to the previous Stealth model. The leading edge of the club sits lower to the ground and is slightly tighter, making it easier to pick up off the turf and improving overall playability. 

Additionally, the blade length has been increased by 1mm, which may not seem like much, but in the world of golf, even 1mm can make a significant difference in performance.

Opti-Face Technology

Taylormade has introduced a new face thickness technology called Opti-Face in the Qi iron. The face thickness varies across the entire iron set, with the five iron having a thicker face in the low toe section for stability. As you move into the mid and short irons, the face thickness increases towards the middle of the face. This design promotes stability and accuracy, with longer irons having a slight draw bias and shorter irons maintaining a straight bias.

Echo Dampening for Improved Sound

The Qi iron also incorporates echo dampening technology to enhance the sound and feel of the club. Despite being a cast game improvement iron, the Qi iron is engineered to sound more like a forged iron, providing golfers with a satisfying auditory experience.

The Qi HL: A Lighter Option

In addition to the Qi iron, Taylormade is also introducing the Qi HL for golfers seeking a lighter option. The Qi HL features the same head shape as the Qi iron but with a lighter head weight and two degrees weaker loft.

This variation caters to players with slower swing speeds, providing easier launch and increased distance.

Two-Year Life Cycle

One notable change for Taylormade’s game improvement irons is the introduction of a two-year life cycle, starting from 2024. This is a departure from their previous one-year life cycle practice. The Qi iron will be available for two years, allowing golfers to enjoy the benefits of this innovative club for a longer period of time.

Club Options and Loft Strength

The Qi iron is available in a range of club options, allowing golfers to customize their set according to their preferences and playing style. The longest iron in the Qi series is the four iron, while the HL model offers a five iron as the longest option.

In terms of loft strength, the Qi iron has a loft of 28 degrees for the seven iron. Additionally, Taylormade is introducing a Qi HL with a loft of 30 degrees, catering to players who require additional launch assistance. The decision to introduce the HL model reflects the understanding that different golfers have varying swing speeds and loft needs.

Steel and Graphite Options

Taylormade offers both steel and graphite shaft options for the Qi iron. The standard steel shaft is the KBS Max 85 mt, which provides a lightweight feel. For the HL iron, there will be a max light option available.

For those who prefer graphite shafts, Taylormade offers the Ventus TR Blue for the Qi iron and the Speeder NXTCS for the HL iron. These graphite options provide a lighter alternative and are designed to match the performance characteristics of the respective irons.

The Qi Iron for Everyone

The Qi iron range is not limited to a specific demographic. Both men and women can find suitable options within the Qi series. The HL model, in particular, is recommended for players with slower swing speeds, and Taylormade offers graphite shaft options and lighter head weights to optimise launch conditions.

It is certainly worth trying for yourself so be sure to book a FREE custom fitting below!


The new Qi iron from Taylormade is a game improvement iron that offers various advancements to enhance performance on the golf course. With its carbon construction, improved design, Opti-Face technology, and echo dampening, the Qi iron provides golfers with a powerful and satisfying experience. The introduction of the Qi HL caters to players with slower swing speeds, ensuring that everyone can benefit from Taylormade’s innovative design. With a two-year life cycle and a wide range of club options, the Qi iron is a versatile and reliable choice for golfers of all skill levels.

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