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Take Your Drive to the Next Level: A Look at the Under Armour Drive Pro Shoe

For serious golfers seeking peak performance on the course, the shoe you wear can make all the difference. Under Armour has entered the arena with the Under Armour Drive Pro, a shoe designed to unlock the power of your natural swing through innovative technology and biomechanical engineering.

This blog highlights the latest shoe from our recent trip to Stoke Park where we got to see live testing in the UA biomechanics centre. 

Built for Stability and Power

The Drive Pro boasts a Swing Support System (S3), a multi-faceted approach to keeping your foot stable during your swing. This system incorporates features like:

  • Smart Traction: The outsole is strategically designed to provide traction in all directions, including rotational forces that occur during a powerful swing.
  • Dual-foam cushioning: This delivers a combination of shock absorption and responsiveness, ensuring comfort throughout your round without sacrificing power transfer.
  • Lockdown lacing: A snug and secure fit keeps your foot in place, preventing unwanted movement and maximizing stability.

Comfort and Breathability

Under Armour understands that golfers spend hours on their feet. The Drive Pro features a breathable, microfiber upper that keeps your feet cool and dry, even during intense competition. A one-year waterproof guarantee provides additional peace of mind in unpredictable weather.

Wide Option Available

For golfers with wider feet, Under Armour offers the Drive Pro in a wide width option, ensuring a comfortable fit for all players.

Early Impressions

While the Drive Pro is a relatively new shoe, initial impressions from golfers have been positive.

The shoe’s stability, comfort, and traction are outstanding and something we all commented on while playing the impressive Stoke Park Golf Club. Some golfers have noted a break-in period for the micro-fiber upper, but most agree that the shoe quickly becomes comfortable with wear.

It felt like the shoes moulded your feet and worked around what is considered the anatomical position to ensure the body moves as intended through every shot. 

Final Takeaway

The Under Armour Drive Pro is a compelling option for golfers seeking a shoe that prioritises stability, power transfer, and comfort.

With its innovative S3 system and breathable upper, the Drive Pro has the potential to take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a low-handicap golfer or a weekend warrior, the Drive Pro is worth considering for your next round.

They can now be found in your nearest AFGolfStore! Be sure to visit us and try them on for yourself. 

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Check Out the New SpeedSoft INK Golf Balls from TaylorMade

TaylorMade has introduced an exciting new golf ball – the SpeedSoft with the INK addition! As the name suggests, the SpeedSoft is designed to deliver impressive speed and soft feel.

Some key features of the new SpeedSoft golf balls:

  • Faster Core: The ball has a new PwrCoreTM core material that generates faster ball speed for added distance off the tee. Expect a few more yards from your drives!
  • Soft Compression: Despite the speed, the SpeedSoft still maintains a soft compression and feel thanks to its larger core size. This makes it ideal for golfers looking for a soft feel on shots around the green.
  • Low Drag Dimples: The ball has a 322 Extended Flight Dimple pattern that reduces drag and maintains carry in the air.
  • Variety of Colors: Available in green, pink, blue and red dozen packs so you can add some personality to your game.

In testing, golfers saw increased ball speed, longer carry distance with irons, and enough spin on wedge shots to stop the ball quickly on the green.

The SpeedSoft provides a great combo of fast speed off the driver along with soft feel and control around the greens. And with fun colour options, it allows you to add some style to your golf game.

Check with your AFGolfStore to pick up this exciting new release from TaylorMade!

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Swing into Savings with MYAF: AFGolfStore’s Rewards Program

Are you an avid golfer looking to get even more value out of your game? Look no further than MYAF, the AFGolfStore’s exclusive rewards program!

What is MYAF?

MYAF is a free loyalty program designed to reward AFGolfStore customers for their purchases.

Simply sign up online or in-store, and you’ll be on your way to earning points and unlocking exciting rewards such as money off purchases, priority bookings of gifts!

How does it work?

It’s easy! Every time you shop at AFGolfStore, scan your MYAF card (digital or physical) at checkout, and points will automatically be added to your account. The more you spend, the more points you earn, and the closer you get to redeeming them for fantastic rewards.

What rewards can I earn?

The program offers a variety of enticing rewards, including:

  • Exclusive discounts on equipment and apparel
  • Free gifts with purchase
  • Birthday surprises
  • Major weekend rewards with bonus points opportunities
  • Early access to sales and events


Join the Club Today!

Signing up for MYAF is a no-brainer for any golfer who frequently visits AFGolfStore. It’s completely free, takes just a few minutes, and allows you to reap the benefits of being a loyal customer.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit the AFGolfStore website or head to any of their stores. 
  2. Look for the MYAF section or inquire with a staff member.
  3. Sign up online or fill out a brief form in-store.

Start earning points and unlocking rewards today! With MYAF, you’ll be swinging into savings with every purchase at AFGolfStore.

Happy golfing!

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The New Taylormade Qi Model: A Game Improvement Iron for 2024

The New Qi Model: A Game Improvement Iron for 2024

Taylormade has recently launched the new Taylormade Qi model, a game improvement iron designed for 2024. This iron comes with several key features that set it apart from its predecessor, the Stealth model.

Carbon Toe Wrap and Back

One of the major changes in the Stealth model which continues into the Qi iron is the use of carbon material in both the toe wrap and the back of the club. This combination of titanium metal and carbon provides a unique blend of strength and flexibility, enhancing the overall performance of the iron.

Improved Design

The Qi iron has undergone several design improvements compared to the previous Stealth model. The leading edge of the club sits lower to the ground and is slightly tighter, making it easier to pick up off the turf and improving overall playability. 

Additionally, the blade length has been increased by 1mm, which may not seem like much, but in the world of golf, even 1mm can make a significant difference in performance.

Opti-Face Technology

Taylormade has introduced a new face thickness technology called Opti-Face in the Qi iron. The face thickness varies across the entire iron set, with the five iron having a thicker face in the low toe section for stability. As you move into the mid and short irons, the face thickness increases towards the middle of the face. This design promotes stability and accuracy, with longer irons having a slight draw bias and shorter irons maintaining a straight bias.

Echo Dampening for Improved Sound

The Qi iron also incorporates echo dampening technology to enhance the sound and feel of the club. Despite being a cast game improvement iron, the Qi iron is engineered to sound more like a forged iron, providing golfers with a satisfying auditory experience.

The Qi HL: A Lighter Option

In addition to the Qi iron, Taylormade is also introducing the Qi HL for golfers seeking a lighter option. The Qi HL features the same head shape as the Qi iron but with a lighter head weight and two degrees weaker loft.

This variation caters to players with slower swing speeds, providing easier launch and increased distance.

Two-Year Life Cycle

One notable change for Taylormade’s game improvement irons is the introduction of a two-year life cycle, starting from 2024. This is a departure from their previous one-year life cycle practice. The Qi iron will be available for two years, allowing golfers to enjoy the benefits of this innovative club for a longer period of time.

Club Options and Loft Strength

The Qi iron is available in a range of club options, allowing golfers to customize their set according to their preferences and playing style. The longest iron in the Qi series is the four iron, while the HL model offers a five iron as the longest option.

In terms of loft strength, the Qi iron has a loft of 28 degrees for the seven iron. Additionally, Taylormade is introducing a Qi HL with a loft of 30 degrees, catering to players who require additional launch assistance. The decision to introduce the HL model reflects the understanding that different golfers have varying swing speeds and loft needs.

Steel and Graphite Options

Taylormade offers both steel and graphite shaft options for the Qi iron. The standard steel shaft is the KBS Max 85 mt, which provides a lightweight feel. For the HL iron, there will be a max light option available.

For those who prefer graphite shafts, Taylormade offers the Ventus TR Blue for the Qi iron and the Speeder NXTCS for the HL iron. These graphite options provide a lighter alternative and are designed to match the performance characteristics of the respective irons.

The Qi Iron for Everyone

The Qi iron range is not limited to a specific demographic. Both men and women can find suitable options within the Qi series. The HL model, in particular, is recommended for players with slower swing speeds, and Taylormade offers graphite shaft options and lighter head weights to optimise launch conditions.

It is certainly worth trying for yourself so be sure to book a FREE custom fitting below!


The new Qi iron from Taylormade is a game improvement iron that offers various advancements to enhance performance on the golf course. With its carbon construction, improved design, Opti-Face technology, and echo dampening, the Qi iron provides golfers with a powerful and satisfying experience. The introduction of the Qi HL caters to players with slower swing speeds, ensuring that everyone can benefit from Taylormade’s innovative design. With a two-year life cycle and a wide range of club options, the Qi iron is a versatile and reliable choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Thank you for reading our blog, if you enjoyed it please make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel for more content! 

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Scotty Cameron 2023 My Girl

Scotty Cameron 2023 My Girl Mallet Putter

Scotty Cameron 2023 My Girl has been unveiled as his newest limited-edition putter. As part of his 22nd My Girl Limited series, this putter exemplifies Scotty’s signature high-end style and performance.

The My Girl Limited mallet putter features a multi-material construction, combining 303 stainless steel with a turquoise anodized 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate. The putter has a nearly face-balanced setup with a mid-bend stepless steel shaft.

At 34 inches, this putter has a tour-inspired shape with an alignment-friendly topline and

solid stainless steel face for excellent feel and feedback. The aluminum sole plate provides flange alignment cues accentuated by Scotty’s familiar three-milled-dot design filled with translucent smoke lacquer.

Intricate engravings on the face, toe, and sole express the My Girl theme in white, gold, and grey. Customizations like the My Girl shaft band and textured grey Pistolini grip complement the refined mid-mallet headcover.

Only 2,000 Scotty Cameron 2023 My Girl Limited putters will be made, making this seasonal release a must-have for Scotty Cameron collectors and putter enthusiasts. The 34-inch putter will launch on November 17 with AFGolfStore having an extremely limited offering.

With its elegant style and carefully engineered performance, the My Girl Limited mallet putter promises to be a standout in Scotty’s lineup for 2023. This eye-catching mallet is sure to gain buzz among golfers wanting a uniquely crafted putter that looks as good as it feels.

At AFGolfStore, we are proud to offer a huge selection of putter brands, including Scotty Cameron, with the current Super Select putters readily available to try in a FREE custom fitting. 

FREE Custom Fitting

We have a wide range of Scotty Cameron putters including the 2023 Super Select models. Available to try in a FREE custom fitting. All custom fittings are in our putting studios with Science and Motion technology.
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Get A FREE Quote For NEW Irons

Get A FREE Quote For New Irons

AFGolfStore is a golf store built around its FREE custom fitting service.

A service that allows its customers to enjoy a one-to-one experience with a professional club fitter supported by Trackman in a studio that boasts 9 brands and thousands of head, shaft and grip combination options. 

However, with currently only 3 store locations in Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Peterborough, we appreciate many won’t be close enough to visit us for our personal experience. 

What we can now offer though is a FREE quote on your new golf clubs with our online form builder. 

Choose from the multiple head options from our 9 brand partners, followed by how many clubs, the shaft options and so on. We really go into full detail so you know the clubs are full customised to your needs. 

From this submission, one of our team will call you to discuss the form along with a quote. This will be fully discussed so you know the specifications are right for you. Only once you are happy to proceed will we discuss payment options. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase beyond your FREE quote. 

Get A FREE Quote For New Irons Below

What Happens If I Order

Once your order is processed, we will then get building. (If your order isn’t in our build centre, then we will order direct from our suppliers).

Watch the next video to get an understanding for our build process!

What Brands Do We Offer

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Taylormade Spider Tour Putters

The long loved putter has been upgraded and it is BACK. The Taylormade Spider Tour Putters are here with 4 heads in the range.

The models include the Spider Tour which has been a much loved classic over the years, used by players such as Dustin Johnson and Jason Day. The Spider Tour V  and Tour Z are new models with the Tour X being reintroduced and inspired by Rory Mcilroy.

The features include:

  • Thin Wall Undercut Construction that offers a super stable structure with high MOI and the classic spider performance. 
  • Steel Wireframe controls improved weight distribution and CG locations.
  • Hybrar Echo Dampener is behind the face to take away any vibrations on impact offering great sound and feel.
  • The CG location in each Spider model is different for optimal fitting options.
  • TSS Weighting balances the weight of the putter in different lengths.
  • The finish is fantastic with gunmetal PVD coating.
  • True Path Alignment is the patented system which provides a great visual in helping golfers in alignment.
  • The Pure Roll insert offers a great, soft feel. The grooves are angled at 45º to encourage optimal forward roll as well as better sound, feel and overall roll.
  • The Spider Tour Series comes with two different hosel shapes and designs with the small slant offering more toe hang and the double bend increasing face balance.

The putter is finished off beautifully with the KBS CT Putter Black PVD Stepless shaft and Super Stroke Pistol GT1.0 White grip.

Keep an eye out as the putter is landing in stores very soon!

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Solheim Cup Week At AFGolfStore Milton Keynes

It’s the biggest match in the women’s game of golf and we’re ready to celebrate Solheim Cup week at AFGolfStore Milton Keynes.

With so much going on in store, it’s the perfect time to visit us and get in the matchplay mood, with competitive prices and offers to help your game.

Our store is now fully dressed in blue and gold ready to cheer on the Women this week before the Men head to Rome for the Ryder Cup. 

Our store is fully equipped with everything you need to inspire better golf on the course, from FREE custom fittings in our fully equipped Trackman Studio to amazing offers on your favourite clothing brands.

For a limited time only we have our Big Brand Sale available and for Solheim Cup there is 30% OFF all ladies clothing as well as big brands for the Men.

Castore, J.Lindeberg, BOSS, Ralph Lauren and even Galvin Green for the latest rainy weather is now 30% OFF for a very limited time while we celebrate golf’s biggest matches.

In case you missed it, Taylormade have yet again released a special edition driver to show your allegiance to either Team Europe or Team USA with their customised Stealth 2 Drivers in their teams colours. 

These are available on a limited bases with only a few available in store now! 


If you’re feeling inspired by the pending events and are looking to upgrade your equipment in the pursuit of better golf with the off-season looming ready to get your game in tune then we are here to help with FREE custom fitting to help find the best clubs for you.

We have 9 brands available with Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, PXG, Mizuno, Srixon, Ping, Cobra and Wilson all readily available with their latest models. And what’s more, Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, PXG, Mizuno and Srixon can all be built in our Peterborough build centre.

If Milton Keynes isn’t your closest store then don’t worry, we also have stores in Cambridge and Peterborough with the same stock and offers available to you!

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Callaway Apex UW

In recent years, many golfers are moving from hybrids back to tradition fairways with anything from a 5 to a 7 wood and even higher. Players are prefering to hit higher land angles to ensure the ball is stopping on the green as opposed to running on. 

The problem both hybrid and higher lofted fairway metals have is the tendency to miss left due to the higher loft on the club as well as CG mass towards the heel. 

This has left a gap in the market for a club to bridge the gap and offer the best of both worlds whilst giving more neutral flights.

Introducing the Callaway Apex UW.

Tour-Inspired Compact, Workable Shape & Optimized Length

The distinct clubhead shaping is inspired by in-depth feedback from Tour pros. They require a compact profile to enhance shot-shaping and improve control. Club lengths are set between a fairway wood and a hybrid, allowing for versatile playability while still being easy to hit.

Fast Ball Speed From Batwing Technology & an A.I. Designed C300 Face Cup
The A.I.-designed Batwing structure is pushed to the perimeter to stiffen the body, allowing the high-strength C300 maraging steel face cup to flex for fast ball speeds.

Enhanced Turf Interaction from Cutwave Pro Sole

The Apex UW is designed for versatile shot-making. An all-new Cutwave Pro Sole is a streamlined design, engineered specifically to cut through the turf more efficiently.

High Launch, Consistent Control and Tighter Dispersion

The center of gravity is precisely positioned in a neutral location for an exceptional combination of high launch, steeper landing angles, consistent spin characteristics and reduced draw bias. The Apex UW is an excellent option for better players looking for a more playable hybrid or fairway wood.

A go-to option for Tour players. The unique profile promotes the launch and distance benefits of our high lofted fairway woods, the versatility of Callaway hybrids, along with a more neutral ball flight. It’s a multi-purpose offering that better players can use with confidence off the tee into tight landing areas, out of the fairway into Par-5s, or from the rough.

Key Information:

The NEW UW will be available try in a FREE fitting from 18/08/23 with in store product release from the 08/09/23. 


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Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Putters 2023

The return of an icon, Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Putters 2023 are here. Learn below about the Limited Edition range from Titleist’s Scotty Cameron.

Expanding the options in Terylliuminlayed putters, Scotty Cameron has created four new
Champions Choice Button Back Plus models, each made in a limited engagement.


Crafted slightly wider than a standard Newport with an I-beam style plumbing neck and Teryllium insert, its 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate is engineered into the precision milled 303 stainless steel putter head for proper balance, ideal weight distribution and higher MOI.


Based on the Newport Plus head shape, this model features an I-beam style jet neck for players favoring a naturally arced putting stroke. Its Teryllium inlay is fused to the 303 stainless steel putter head with vibration dampening technology and a three-button-head-screw configuration for outstanding feel and feedback.


Designed by working with the game’s best players at Scotty’s Putter Studio, the Plus models’ wider profile was designed for players looking for a slightly bigger blade and even more confident alignment. Coupled with the feel of Teryllium, this tour proven model is a glimpse into the future of putter.


Also offered in a left-handed version and based on the Newport 2 Plus head size, this model features an I-beam style jet neck for players creating a naturally arced putting stroke. Lending the Button Back style its name, three button head screws in conjunction with improved vibration dampening technology fuses the Teryllium inlay to the putter head.

Prized by putting purists as an insert with unmistakably soft feel and a character revealed over
time in a rich patina, the incorporation of Teryllium and the celebrated Button Back design
expresses the heritage of this timehonoured putter face inlay.


With a Teryllium insert expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head and integrated
with an engineered 6061 aluminium sole component, each precision milled Champions Choice
model proves that complementary materials deliver outstanding performance and feel.


The traditional elastomer of the original Button Backs has been supplemented with the addition
of a hightech vibration dampening material placed between the Teryllium inlay and the putter
head that provides unmatched feel and feedback.

AFGolfStore have LIMITED STOCK! Available from 28th July 2023