Taylormade TP Reserve Putters Coming To Milton Keynes

TaylorMade TP Reserve putters are coming to Milton Keynes. Offered in a FREE AFGolfStore custom fitting, these putters are precision milled from a single block of 303 stainless steel, and they feature a variety of innovative technologies that are designed to improve your putting performance.

Offering an advanced premium look and feel to its predecessor the new collection of putters offers 3 blade and 3 mallet styles with a range of neck types to suit your stroke. L Neck, Slant Neck, Single Bend Neck and Flow Neck. 

In a custom fitting at AFGolfStore Milton Keynes, you can expect an indoor putting experience on our SAM Putt Lab green. 

The SAM PuttLab is a motion analysis system that tracks the kinematics of the putting stroke. It can be used to measure a variety of factors, including the clubface angle at impact, the putter path, and the stroke tempo. Our expert fitting team, assisted by SAM will be able to not only offer improvements to your current putter and techniques but also recommend the right putter for you.

From neck type which will affect the weighting of your putter, increasing or decreasing toe-hang to the putter head shape. With the new Taylormade TP Reserve range of putters, you have plenty of choice to find a putter than suits you. 


B11 & B13

Clean, geometric shaping to fit the calculated putting mind. Precise edges and sharp lines help frame the ball while inspiring confidence.

Offered in the L Neck (Plumbers) with 38º of toe hang or Small Slant with 57º toe hang.


Smooth, flowing lines as if nature shaped this steel purely for the purpose of putting. Expect exceptional feel and consistent roll time after time.

Offered in a Flow Neck with 52º of toe hang


Art requires imagination. We have reinvented this classic TaylorMade shape by shaving away material behind center face to create perfectly balanced wings on the heel and toe – dispersing weight to the perimeter for enhanced MOI. It is the only TP Reserve blade to feature the premium sole plate for enhanced sound and feel.

Offered in L Neck with 34º toe hang


M21 & M27

An elevated Tour-proven design that delivers high MOI performance and elegant aesthetics. Sharp geometric lines reflect the technical precision of this classic mallet.

Offered in L Neck with 21º of toe hang or single bend with 10º of toes hang.

M33 & M37

This shape is new to the TaylorMade family, offering a circular design that appeals to the golfer’s inner creativity. Its premium sole badge offers artisanship and function, helping to optimize sound and feel.

Offered in Small Slant Neck with 33º toe hang or Single Bend with 12º of toe hang.


A flawless piece of steel crafted into a performance mallet that inspires the putting purist. Its premium sole badge offers artisanship and function, helping to optimize sound and feel.

Offered in single bend with 15º of toe hang.

Every TP Reserve putter is precision balanced to optimise swing weight and feel based on the length of the putter. They are all made to meet the demands of golfers who expect best-in-class sound and feel. Machined face grooves deliver the finest performance for the most discerning players.

The new putters will be available for custom fitting this August and will first arrive at AFGolfStore Milton Keynes, followed by our Peterborough and Cambridge stores. 

Book a FREE putter fitting today in your nearest store.

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