Taylormade MG4 Wedges Have Arrived

Taylormade MG4 Wedges Have arrived! An update on the MG3, however only subtle changes separate the MG4 with previous models and that’s because the Milled Grind series have been so well received that it’s not necessary to change much. 

The head shape and overall design are mostly untouched, with the milled grind sole visually the same as MG3. 

The big difference in 2023, compared to the 2021 model is the face. In 2021, Taylormade introduced their micro-rib design to increase spin. In 2023 there is now micro-groove called ‘spin tread grooves’ set at 45º to enhance spin with a square and open club face, so greenside control is increased. 

That’s not all, the new groove pattern reduces water affecting strike during wet conditions. 


Spin Tread Grooves

Deep laser etching between the grooves provides a channel for the water to escape upon impact, maintaining spin in wet conditions.

Increased Flange Thickness

This design offers improved sound and feel on shots struck across the face.

Raw Face

The raw surface and toe area works in conjunction
with the new Spin Tread Grooves to provide the best spin properties in wet conditions.

Tour Inspired Shape

The reshaped top line, leading edge and hosel blend to create a smoother and fuller look for improved shot making.

Lighter Weight Tour Issue Shaft

A light True Temper Tour Issue 115g shaft helps generate more feel.

Machined Sole

A fully machined sole ensures the exact grind and bounce geometry every time.

The MG4 launch comes a matter of days after the P790 was released and we believe the two will blend perfectly in a set. 

The MG4 comes with 3 bounce and 3 grind options as standard as well as the TW Tiger Grind. Also available in Chrome or Black finish. 

It is now available in our fitting studios as well as our build centre where we can match in the shafts from your irons into the new wedge options. 

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