Check Out the New SpeedSoft INK Golf Balls from TaylorMade

TaylorMade has introduced an exciting new golf ball – the SpeedSoft with the INK addition! As the name suggests, the SpeedSoft is designed to deliver impressive speed and soft feel.

Some key features of the new SpeedSoft golf balls:

  • Faster Core: The ball has a new PwrCoreTM core material that generates faster ball speed for added distance off the tee. Expect a few more yards from your drives!
  • Soft Compression: Despite the speed, the SpeedSoft still maintains a soft compression and feel thanks to its larger core size. This makes it ideal for golfers looking for a soft feel on shots around the green.
  • Low Drag Dimples: The ball has a 322 Extended Flight Dimple pattern that reduces drag and maintains carry in the air.
  • Variety of Colors: Available in green, pink, blue and red dozen packs so you can add some personality to your game.

In testing, golfers saw increased ball speed, longer carry distance with irons, and enough spin on wedge shots to stop the ball quickly on the green.

The SpeedSoft provides a great combo of fast speed off the driver along with soft feel and control around the greens. And with fun colour options, it allows you to add some style to your golf game.

Check with your AFGolfStore to pick up this exciting new release from TaylorMade!

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