Introducing the TaylorMade Qi10 Driver: A Quest for Inertia

Introducing the TaylorMade Qi10 Driver: A Quest for Inertia

A New Era of Stability

Taylormade has once again raised the bar with the launch of their latest driver, Introducing the TaylorMade Qi10 Driver: A Quest for Inertia

This year, they have moved away from the stealth name and introduced a driver that focuses on stability and control. I had the opportunity to sit down with Lee from Taylormade to learn all about this exciting new product.

What Does “Qi10” Stand For?

The term “Qi10” stands for “Quest for Inertia 10,000.”

This refers to the driver’s stability or moment of inertia (MOI). In simple terms, MOI is a measure of the clubhead’s resistance to twisting or rotating during off-centre strikes.

A higher MOI means greater stability, reducing the negative effects of mishits.

A Closer Look at the Models

The Taylormade Qi10 is available in three different models: the standard Qi10, the Qi10 LS, and the Qi10 Max. Each model caters to different player preferences and swing characteristics.

Standard Qi10

The standard Qi10 features a traditional head shape and offers forgiveness without sacrificing too much spin. It is an excellent choice for golfers who prefer a classic look and desire a forgiving driver.

Qi10 LS (Low Spin)

The Qi10 LS is designed for golfers with higher swing speeds and a desire for maximum ball speed. This model produces the fastest ball speed when struck in the centre of the face. However, it is the least forgiving option in the Qi10 line up. The LS model also features an adjustable weight that can be moved to the toe or heel for draw or fade bias.

Qi10 Max

The Qi10 Max is the most forgiving model in the line up and is geared towards golfers who prioritise accuracy and consistency. While it may not offer the same distance gains as the LS model, the Max driver provides ample forgiveness, helping golfers find more fairways and ultimately improve their scores.

CC: National Club Golfer. Tiger Woods with Qi10

Innovations in Face Technology

The Qi10 driver features a face made of 60 times carbon twist material, which provides excellent ball speed and durability. The new ledge system, where the face is housed, offers even better ball speed on off-centre hits and enhances overall durability. Taylormade has put a significant amount of research and 

development into the framing of the face, resulting in improved performance throughout the hitting area.

Shaft Options

Taylormade has partnered with renowned shaft manufacturers to offer a variety of options for the Qi10 driver. The Qi10 Ventus TR Blue model comes with Mitsubishi Chemical’s Tensei AV Limited shafts, available in blue and super low launch, low spin black. The Qi10 Max driver features the Speeder EVOLUTION IV TCS shaft, a collaboration between Taylormade and Fujikura. This shaft provides stability in the tip while offering a higher launch and forgiveness. Golfers can also choose the Diamana T Plus shaft for added stability and forgiveness.

Introducing the TaylorMade Qi10 Driver: A Quest for Inertia – The Verdict 

The Taylormade Qi10 driver is a game-changer in terms of stability and forgiveness. Whether you prefer the traditional look of the standard model, the speed and control of the LS model, or the maximum forgiveness of the Max model, Taylormade has you covered. With its innovative face technology and a wide range of shaft options, the Qi10 driver is sure to help golfers of all skill levels improve their performance on the course.

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