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Are you looking to get fitted for a putter this season?

Here are a few things to consider before you do. If you don’t know the answers, we are here to help you understand and make the best decision for what you NEED, more so than what you may want.

Is your current style of putter the right head type?

There are tens of different head types, from mallet to blade as well as the specific designs companies apply to their putter. From the odyssey two-ball to the Scotty Cameron Newport2. Two hugely different head types, the two-ball is a mallet style putter and globally one of the most popular putters. The Newport 2 has won 14 majors with Tiger Woods alone. It is really important to ensure the style you’re choosing suits your game.

As you can see in the image, putter heads are not only different in style, but they also hang very differently when rested from your fingers.

Toe Hang: A toe facing towards the ground is known as toe hang. This style of putter will promote for club head rotation through impact, great for golfers with a strong putting arc in their stroke.

Face Balanced: A putter that lays flat as seen in the far-right picture is face balanced, this reduces face rotation and is used more with players who have less of an arc in their stroke and closer to a straighter stroke. Then you have putters in between.

So, to put this in context; you may love Tiger Woods and want to put with his famous Scotty Cameron Newport 2, however if your putting stroke doesn’t compliment this putter, you’re paying a lot of money to miss putts!

The good news is, with so many putter types available in today’s market you will be sure to find a putter that suits the eye!

How long is your putter?

Another essential area of putter fitting. Considering putting accounts for 43% of golf in the amateur game it is amazing how so many golfers will get fitted for a driver however, they will buy straight from the shelf for a putter. The right length putter will have the following benefits to your game:

  • Improved stroke and swing path
  • Improved posture and correct setup
  • Consistent strike pattern
  • Correct lie angle at setup.

Length and lie angles, grip type, putter head style, weight, consistency in stroke and strike. These are all key factors we must consider ensuring you walk away with the correct putter.

At AFGolf Store, we offer a free putter fitting session so you can find out what you should be using. Along with industry leading technology in CAPTO & SAMLAB we are sure you will be on the journey to less putts and better golf.

Check out this video from senior coach and club fitterDean Saunders.

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