What Is Involved In A Club Fitting At AFGolfStore Milton Keynes?

When getting a club fitting at AFGolfStore Milton Keynes, the first thing to mention is that we need to use your current equipment to find a baseline. If you arrive at the store you will be asked to warm up for a couple of minutes whilst your fitter gets to understand the reasons and desire for new clubs. Knowing where we are starting and what we are trying to improve is a critical part of the custom fit journey as it allows the fitter to test the most appropriate products.

Once we understand your needs and have the data from your current equipment, we will explain what we need to change to get to your new goals. That maybe spin rate, ball speed, launch angle or a few other parameters that we can get using Trackman 4 technology.

You will be then asked to test different heads and shafts all whilst measuring the data. For us the data is key but just as important is the players perception of the iron, wood or driver your testing. Do you like the look of it? Do you like the sound of it? Does it feel good off the club face? If you as a player don’t like one of these three things then the club really shouldn’t be going into your bag. Having trust and love for a new club is so important in building confidence the first time your visit the course.

After the correct shaft and head combo are found the fitter will move on the getting the correct length, lie and grip and then will move on to appropriate gapping and bag set up for you.

Our FREE custom fittings are carried out in our fitting studio with all the leading brands. We offer over 10,000 head, shaft and grip combinations from the Callaway, Mizuno, Ping, Titleist, Cobra and Taylormade. Our team will take you through a simple process.

  1. A Warm Welcome
  2. A current analysis of your equipment to provide a baseline
  3. Understanding your current equipment and finding out what is possible
  4. Testing of all new heads and shafts
  5. Measuring for length
  6. Measuring for lie angle
  7. Measuring for grip size and type
  8. Place of order through suppliers or our express build service
  9. Receive and phone call to collect your order

It is important that our PGA Professionals and Expert fitters take the time to ensure you get the correct equipment to help your game. We know the pain of spending money on poor equipment that not only can ruin your golf game and hurt your pocket but also kills your enjoyment.

If you haven’t visited or had a club fitting at Milton Keynes store or would like to speak to one of our team members, then please feel free to email Miltonkeynes@afgolfstore.co.uk or call 01733215989

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