The Hottest Clubs Of 2023

The Hottest Golf Clubs of 2023

It’s that time of year again where we begin to reflect on the most popular equipment choices of the year.

Rob from AF Golf Store Cambridge gives his take on some of the hottest clubs he’s fit players for so far this year. Here’s a rundown of the brands and models he’s seeing excel across all club categories.

Kicking off the hottest golf clubs of 2023 is the driver. Rob has been really impressed with the Callaway Paradym driver family. With 3 head options to fit differing needs and an adjustable hosel sleeve, this driver has been a great fit for many golfers. Plus there is a wide range of shaft offerings.

The look, feel, and performance have been great for a range of player abilities. The adjustability makes fine-tuning launch conditions a breeze.

Paradym X, Paradym and Paradym triple diamond are the three offerings with a driver to suit every player from improvers needing to stop the dreaded slice through to high level golfers who require a low spin more precise club.

The Titleist TSR fairway woods (TSR 1, 2, 3 models) also got high marks from Rob. There’s something for everyone here with multiple designs to alter launch and spin.

Low to high swing speeds are covered, and the adjustable hosels allow for dialing in proper gapping. Titleist have also created an additional head for the season in the TSR2+ which is a deeper head and lower loft to help those golfers who struggle with driver. More precision can be found here. 

Staying within the Titleist family, Rob pointed to the TSR hybrids for their forgiveness and ability to shape shots. Weight screws on the sole on the TSR 3 hybrid promote workability and the loft sleeves allow the hybrids to be precisely gapped with the irons.

As for Irons, Rob could look no further than Ping’s new G430 irons which he says shine for improving players that need extra forgiveness and launch.

By strengthening lofts and adding an extra wedge compared to traditional sets, the G430 promotes optimal gapping and ball flight. 

A wide range of shaft and grip options enables a fully customised fit.

TaylorMade’s MG4 wedges impressed Rob with their well-rounded performance for both feel and spin. The variety of grinds and bounce options dial in wedge play, while maintaining ball speeds thanks to progressive groove optimisation. The new spin tread technology angles micro grooves at 45º between the main grooves to enhance spin and grip, particularly in wet conditions.

The top putter pick was the Odyssey Versa family.

The alignment aids on the rear help optimise aim, and the insert and Stroke Lab shaft improve consistency. With all the fitting options, there’s a Versa model suited for any stroke type.

2023 has been a great year for golf equipment. Get fitted and dial in your game with some of these great club releases! 

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