The 2023 Taylormade P790

The new 2023 TaylorMade P790 iron has been released and is an upgrade on the 2021 model in a lot of ways.

The P Series range is one the most successful TaylorMade product range and after the P770 was upgraded last year they have taken one of their most popular irons, the P790 and given it a facelift.


FLTD CG™ FLTD CG strategically positions the centre of gravity lowest in the long irons and progressively shifts higher throughout the set. Precise mass distribution enhances launch and playability in long irons while providing improved control for scoring clubs. This improves your strike and outcome in every iron as the CG is strategically moved to suit the club.

Individual Mass Optimisation

The 2023 P•790 irons feature advanced thick-thin back wall construction, strategically redistributing mass to enhance performance. Each iron is uniquely designed using proprietary AI mass optimization, placing every gram strategically to achieve specific performance goals.

Intelligent Sweet Spot

Combining the responsive face and new internal shaping yields a new P•790™ designed to have a larger sweet spot, a remarkable advance from the early generations of P•790. This new sweet spot intelligently captures more shots while ensuring consistent ball speeds and accuracy.

Optimal Launch And Forgiveness

The new generation of P·790 is engineered to deliver optimal launch, increased forgiveness and enhanced consistency. The new internal weighting structure combines with proven technologies such as the forged L-Face, Speed Pocket™ and up to 38g of tungsten.

Premium Feel

The all new internal sound stabilization bar combined with ultra light SpeedFoam Air™

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