Graphite Design Conquest Shaft: Adding Control and Spin to Your Golf Game

Welcome to another blog from AF Golf! Today, we are excited to talk about the Graphite Design Conquest Shaft, also known as CQ. This unique Graphite Design aims to provide golfers with greater control and the ability to add spin to their shots.

Whether you enjoy playing links golf or frequently play in windy conditions, the CQ shaft may be just what you need to conquer the conditions and course!

Understanding the CQ Shaft

The CQ stands for “conquest,” highlighting the shaft’s ability to help you conquer the golf course. Unlike other shaft designs that focus on low spin and low launch, the CQ shaft takes a different approach. With advancements in golf ball design, there is now a need to add more loft and spin to optimise performance.

The Conquest Shaft is engineered with a softer mid and tip section, which allows for increased spin and lift. However, this does not compromise its strength and stability, making it suitable for golfers with stronger swings as well. The CQ has been a game changer for many golfers, particularly those who prefer to keep the ball low but still require additional spin.

Benefits of the CQ Shaft

One of the significant benefits of the CQ shaft from Graphite Design is its versatility. While it is commonly used in drivers, it can also be an excellent choice for lower lofted fairway woods. Golfers who opt for a 15 or 13.5-degree fairway wood can benefit from the added spin provided by the CQ shaft. This increased spin helps with profile control and makes it easier to turn over the ball.

Moreover, the CQ shaft offers stability and control to aggressive golfers who prefer lower launching shots. This combination of control and spin allows golfers to navigate various wind conditions effectively. If you’re someone who seeks a stable yet low launching option, the CQ shaft may be the perfect fit for you.

Construction and Options

The CQ shaft is constructed using TORAYCA® and M40X, which are designed to make the shaft lighter and stronger. The range of weight options available is extensive, ranging from 50 grams to 80 grams. Whether you prefer a lighter or heavier shaft, there is an option for every golfer.

In terms of flexibility, the CQ shaft comes in various stiffness options, including regular, stiff, and extra stiff. It is crucial to try the different options before making a decision. Each golfer has unique preferences and playing styles, so finding the right fit is essential for optimal performance.


The Conquest Shaft, or CQ, offers golfers the ability to take control of their game and add spin where needed. Its unique design, with a softer mid and tip section, allows for increased lift and spin without compromising stability. Whether you’re a links-style golfer or frequently play in windy conditions, the CQ shaft can be a game changer.

We recommend visiting our store to try out the CQ shaft before making a purchase. The unusual profile of the shaft may not be suitable for every golfer, so it’s essential to experience it firsthand. If the CQ shaft is the right fit for you, we guarantee you’ll see a massive difference in your performance on the course.

So whenever you’re ready, come on in and give it a try. We offer various weight and stiffness options to cater to a wide range of golfers. Take your game to the next level with the Conquest Shaft!

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