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Finding the right putter can always be a struggle, with so many styles available, which one are you supposed to choose? To many golfers, it’s the least important on the list when buying new clubs, however with putting accounting for over 40% of the game, it’s crucial we select the right one. One brand in particular are paving the way for change, It’s time to change the way you roll, with SIK by LA Golf.

SIK Golf have become more of a name in the game in the last couple of years, especially as one of their leading brand ambassadors, Bryson DeChambeau has also become more of a household name.


SIK created a new face technology to change the way you roll. It is called DLT, standing for Descending Loft Technology.

“Descending Loft Technology™ is our patented putter face technology. We have four flat surfaces that are milled into our putter face. Each plane descends in loft by 1° from the top of the face to the bottom of the face. When your shaft is pressed at impact the ball contact will be higher on the face, same is true in reverse. DLT delivers consistent launch angles from putt to putt which lead to more consistent and predictable rolls.” ~ SIK Golf

SIK’s reason for creating this came down to a common problem, NOBODY can match the shaft angle from address to impact at any consistent rate. This leads to inconsistent launch angles, which result in poor distance control. So, there solution was DLT, which delivers consistent launch angles regardless of shaft lean at impact which leads to more consistent and predictable rolls.

It’s not just the technology that’s making a difference, the feel is incredible as all putters are 100% CNC milled from 303 Stainless Steel bars. So EVERY putter is the same as you will see on the Tour.


SIK comes in 5 head styles with various options on the sight line position. The heads include:

  • PRO – The PRO is our signature design, the model most professionals choose. It’s a classic anser look. With every custom milled putter from SIK Golf, you can rest assured that the look, sound, feel, and most importantly, the performance meet and exceed the standards of touring professionals.
  • JO – The Jo is both a Tour and amateur favourite for its more pronounced swing weight. While slightly heavier than the Pro and Sho the Jo is slightly shorter than the Pro (from toe to heel.) With every custom milled putter from SIK Golf Putter, you can rest assured that the look, sound, feel, and most importantly, the performance, meet and exceed the standards of touring professionals.
  • DW – The DW is basically the Pro aesthetic (classic anser style) from address with double the width. This allows for the advantages of a mallet (MOI) with the look of a blade.The head weighs 390 grams with a Plumber’s neck, 360g with a Double Bend, 375 grams with a Slant neck.
  • SHO – The Sho is our mid-mallet. The half-moon shape affords the player a mallet-like view at setup while maintaining industry standard blade weighting: Around 370g with a Plumber’s Neck, 350g with a Double Bend, and 360 with a Slant Neck. With every custom milled putter SIK Putter you can rest assured that the look, sound, feel, and most importantly, the performance meet and exceed the standards of touring professionals.
  • FLO – The Flo takes its name from the refinement of our previous over-sized Mallet, the Mo. The Flo, while aesthetically unorthodox, is a definite performer with its high MOI and low and stretched out CG. The Flo is weighted at just over 415g with a Plumber’s Neck, 390 grams with Double Bend, or 400g with a Slant Neck setup.

Each model can come with any of the four neck options which will support the weighting and style of your putter. Along with almost any length option you would like including the armlock you will see with Bryson.


Each of our stores comes equipped with a fantastic SIK fitting fit to help find the perfect setup for you. Our SIK scientists or fitting team as they most commonly known are experts in the equipment to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new putter. Best of all, we find the right putter in a FREE putter fitting.

If you are interested in the putter then we also now have the option of building your putter in our build centre and delivering it through our premium delivery service in JUST 7 days.

So try the fantastic range of putters out today! BOOK NOW

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