Mizuno Club Fitting

AFGolf Store offers an elite fitting solution for the Mizuno brand.

We offer a full custom fit solution with the help of Mizuno’s DNA fitting solution and our Trackman4. A Mizuno Club Fitting is a unique experience with depth and detail.

Mizuno coined the phrase “Nothing feels like a Mizuno” due to their unique feel. Thanks to their grain flow forged process. The Grain Flow Forging process was patented in 1998. Aimed to create a precise iron head through multiple forging stages from a single billet of steel.

From 1906 to Major Championships

Rihachi Mizuno, a kimono shop worker from Osaka Japan, saw his first baseball game in Kyoto when he was 18 years old. He loved the game and in 1906 with his younger brother Rizo opened his own baseball equipment store selling western products. In 1913 the firm began to manufacture its own products in a quest to improve quality and performance.

Learn more about the amazing range from Mizuno.

Club Fitting

At AFGolf Store we recognise that Mizuno is one of the leading brands for equipment. We have invested heavily in being a Premium Club Fitting Partner allowing us to offer the most comprehensive Mizuno fitting experience in the area.

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