Peterborough Club Fitting

Our Golf Club Fitting Services at our Peterborough store consist of testing and analysis of your current equipment first to gain a base line to improve upon.

When booking an appoint at AFGolf Store and arriving at our Peterborough store our team will greet you and give you the chance to warm up 5-10minutes before your fitting. You will spend the initial part of the fitting with your club fitter learning about your game, your needs, your preferences and the ball flight you are trying to change. If you have or had any injuries that can help your fitter guide the club choice then please let them know.

Using our Trackman 4 technology we will then start to gain dynamic and impact data. The club fitter will then explain and educate you on the data that needs improving to gain the required ball flight changes.

Our Custom Fits are carried out in our indoor studio at Peterborough whilst our Putter Fittings are carried out upstairs with the use of SAM Putt Lab.

What You can Expect From Your AF Golf Club Fitting?

The outcomes can vary from player to player but typically you can expect:

  1. A warm welcome by one of your PGA Professional
  2. A current analysis of your golfing equipment to provide a baseline
  3. Understanding your golfing equipment and finding out what is possible
  4. Testing of all of new heads and shafts
  5. Measuring for length
  6. Measuring for lie & angle
  7. Measuring for grip size and type
  8. Placing of order through to suppliers or the “AFGolf Store Express Build” service 
  9. Confirmation phone call and collect of your order.

What Are The Benefits From A Golf Club Fitting?

The outcomes can vary from player to player but typically you can expect:

  1. Increased ball speed and distance
  2. Reduced or increased spin for more control
  3. More Consistency
  4. Increased feel
  5. Better control and performance

Why choose AFGolf Store?

Firstly we offer the widest selection of choice of premium fitting equipment and use the latest technology to guide our club fitters. Our club fitters are trained in improving performance and are there to only make suggestions if performance is measured. If you want to go ahead with any orders we require payment for custom orders and with the help of our sales team and relationship with leading suppliers will place the order. Our in store administrator will then chase the order on a weekly basis to ensure you are kept up to date with an issues from the suppliers you have chosen.

The main reason to choose AFGOLFSTORE for your club fitting services is that we are independent retailers. We are not tied to a brand and will always check online prices before your purchase to ensure we are not only competitive but offer the best value. Our advice is purely based on performance on products and the golfer in front of us.