GPS and Range Finders

Using a GPS device or range finder can help but also hinder if you have never used one before.

To gain a better understanding on how far you hit your clubs, how far hazards and flags are away from can only make shot selection in the long term easier.

Very often the problem with all devices is that it takes a while to get used to them and to trust them.

Having a range finder or GPS for the first time can also lead to slowing down play as players get used to a new device and then to digest and use the data that is provided.

However once you get used to it, connect it with your distances they can knock shots off your game.

GPS VS Range Finder

There is no better of worse just preference. The GPS devices in the form of a watch or bag device can be really helpful and if just showing the front, middle and back yardages can be a quick check on how far you need to go.

The more complex “phone” style devices are amazing and offer up a lot of information and also have the ability to move the target you want to measure. These are fantastic if you are “tech savvy” and can handle this device in a good speed.

Range Finders and lasers work differently and can slow down play, If you are on a tight tree lined courses or even a hilly course finding a target to hit through the range find can be difficult.


Play your best golf and speed up your game with Garmin’s intuitive GPS golf devices that give you precise distances and comprehensive golfing features for thousands of preloaded international courses.


SkyGolf’s mission is to develop world-class technology to increase participation and grow the game of golf by improving pace-of-play and enhancing golfer enjoyment while respecting the long-standing traditions and values of the game. In short, we help golfers play better, play smarter, play faster and have more FUN!


Our lasers have more than a decade of being the most trusted rangefinder on any Tour. A recent survey showed that 98.7% of the players and caddies at the 148th Open Championship in Portrush relied on their Bushnell laser rangefinder to obtain accurate yardages* and our commitment to investing in technology and innovation will ensure that Pro’s continue to trust in their Bushnell no matter where they play.

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