Golf Trolleys

There are many benefits to having a golf trolley, whether that be electric or push. From improving your performance by reducing tiredness or to reducing the chance of injury by not carrying a heavy bag.

When you are deciding whether you need a trolley or not you must consider a few factors.

  1. How often do you play?
  2. What the terrain is like at your course?
  3. What is boot space like?


Plus many more. The great thing is that our team are always on hand to help and offer the most sensible solution.

There are a few things to think about when selecting a push or electric trolley or even the style of push or electric trolley you wish.

  1. Space – Do you have space to keep your trolley, store it at home and also to charge electric batteries.
  2. Terrain – Do you play at a hilly or flat course? Would having an electric trolley help to move up those hills.
  3. Technology – Do you want to have more technology on the trolley? GPS? Power USB Leads?
  4. Budget – Be sensible about how many times you will use the trolley and how many game you will play.


Motocaddy was founded in 2004 to bring the very best in design, build and functionality to golfers of all ages and abilities looking for reliable and affordable golf trolleys.


Step into the world of electric golf and learn how PowaKaddy is leading the way when it comes to electric trolley innovation, cutting-edge designs and ground-breaking technology.

All the research, design and development of PowaKaddy products are carried out at the PowaKaddy headquarters in Sittingbourne, England. It’s here that a team of expert engineers with an unerring obsession with perfection, constantly find ways to make things work better. With over 1 million trolley sales, we continue to set the standard in electric trolley innovation

The stunning new collection combines compact design and industry-leading intelligence to create PowaKaddy’s most technologically advanced range to date.

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