Lynx Men's Ready To Play Golf Set



Lynx Men's Ready To Play Golf Set


LYNX Ready To Play Sets are the perfect package set to help beginner to intermediate golfers improve their golfing skills. With forgiveness in every department, these clubs offer slightly bigger heads to allow for better shots, more often.

The ready to play package sets from Lynx offer a fantastic solution to getting into golf without spending on clubs you may not be ready for. 

The package set is perfect for beginners through intermediate players who are looking to learn new skills whilst acquiring a full bag of clubs to learn with. 

Built around forgiveness, this set is built with slighlty larger heads to ensure you make better contact more often.


    • Complete 12-piece package set inc. Bag
    • Designed for accuracy, forgiveness and distance
    • High MOI
    • Quality manufacturing
    • Clubs are easily transported and protected in the included stand bag
    • Right hand set


  • Driver 10.5* 
    Manufactured with high strength titanium, the clubface is designed for maximum forgiveness on each strike, increasing the likelihood of hitting fairways while producing thunderous drives.
  • Fairway 3 Wood 15* 
    Designed for easy launch whether it’s from the tee, fairway or light rough, it is ideal for covering mid/long range distances. Optimised turf interaction results in fewer chunked shots, helping you maximise your overall scores.
  • 4 Hybrid 21* 
    Supremely versatile, it can be hit from the tee, fairway and varying terrain to cover mid-range distances with excellent forgiveness on each strike. A direct replacement for hard to hit long irons, many golfers prefer the confidence at address a hybrid provides.
  • Irons 5,6,7,8,9 
    Offering superb turf interaction, tactile feel and a balance of accuracy and forgiveness, these irons are ideal for golfers to establish and build a strong foundation for developing iron play. Each club has high MOI and perimeter weighted faces, translating to more consistent striking and shot accuracy, even on off hits.
  • Pitching Wedge & Sand Wedge
    Ideal for closing gaps and attacking the pin or escaping troublesome bunkers, each wedge is perfectly lofted to minimise chunked shots and encourage smoother turf interaction.
  • Putter
    The traditional mallet shape offers reassuring weight behind each stroke, the larger profile makes it easier to line up each shot, inspiring confidence at address.
  • Stand Bag
    Lightweight, durable, and stylish, this 7-way divided stand bag offers plenty of room for club organisation and is easily transported by its ergonomic double strap. An included rain hood keeps clubs protected from the harshest of weather, while there is pocket space for essentials, accessories and valuables.

What’s Included:

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