Bees Tees, Wooden Golf Tees



Bees Tees, Wooden Golf Tees


BEESTees are the striped tee system that puts a sting in your tail. Each tee has stripes set the same distance from the top of the tee, and at equal distances down the tee. Each stripe is also numbered, allowing for consistent tee placement in the turf resulting in more consistent shots off the tee.

-Premium wooden golf tees
-Biodegradable material is kind to the environment
-Consistent stripe marking allows for correct height
-Each stripe is also numbered allowing for variation
-Numbers also allow for Consistent tee placement in the turf.

Short Green Pack – Suitable for irons -53mm in 120’s
Midi Yellow Pack – Suitable for irons & Fairways – 69mm in 100’s
Long Blue Pack – Suitable for drivers – 83mm in 80’s