Club Fitting Studio


Our state of the art club fitting studio comes equipped with Trackman technology, over 9 brands, 500 shafts and a collection of head options. There is nothing that cannot be fitted and our aim is that every customer leaving our studio gains not only the right equipment but confidence in the clubs they have purchased.


 All of our Fittings are carried out by trained PGA Professionals or Club Fitters. We pride ourselves on providing a service that will help a players game. If your looking for new equipment that is great but we believe that any new purchases need to have a performance benefit on your current set up or provide you with a shot shape and type that you don't currently have in your bag.

 What clubs can be Fitted? 

Club Fitting AFGOLFSTORE Cambridge


We are able to custom fit all the clubs in your bag

* Driver

* Fairway Woods

* Hybrids

* Driving Irons

* Irons

* Wedges

Who can be fitted for clubs?

Club fitting isn't just for those experienced golfers. It is important that what ever your level you find the most suitable clubs for you. 

We also have one the most extensive selections of Left Handed and Ladies options in the Cambridge Area

 Benefits of Club Fitting

* Clubs to suit every golfers size, strength, athletic ability, power and golfing needs.
* Different clubs can compliment different playing and swing style, Club fitting ensures you selection matches your game.
* No clubs enter your bag without a performance benefit. If it isn't fit for purpose for your game it doesn't get in your bag
* No overspending of clubs, we don't want you to waste your money on clubs that won't help you.
* Our unrivalled independent unbiased approach to brand selection means that we can try the latest brands to ensure we find the correct head, shaft and grip combination matched with ideal bag set up and correct, loft, length, lie, head weight and grip size and type. 
Our fitting is completely FREE as we don't want to make you feel as if you have to make a purchase. We believe in helping golfers play better golf and a club fitting is part of that.