Trade In Your Old Clubs

Fallen Out Of Love With Your Clubs? The Solution Is Easy, Trade Them In.

Have you got old, unwanted clubs at home and not sure what to do with them? We offer a trade in service at competitive prices. 


Dependant on the clubs you are trading in, we will offer you the best price we can, of which you will receive 100% to use as credit against your new clubs.

Yes. If you are trading in against new clubs, we will complete the order and trade in. You will be able to keep your clubs and then swap once your new ones arrive.

No. In some cases, the club fitter / store adviser reserves the right to do so, however, we will give you a price that in most cases can be used as store credit on other clubs.

No. Provided the club is acceptable to trade in, we will trade in on most other brands.

If you want to trade in your clubs for new custom fitted clubs that need to be ordered then there is no need to worry. On the day you purchase your new clubs we will complete the transaction, and let you keep your clubs until your new ones arrive.Once they arrive we will then swap them straight over.

Event Dates

You can trade in at any time you would like. However we do have specific date events to help our customers out.

  • Cambridge – 1st Saturday of every month
  • Peterborough – 2nd Saturday of every month
  • Milton Keynes – 3rd Saturday of every month.