Driver Club Fitting

Whether you’re seeking more POWER, increased DISTANCE or HIGHER ball flights off the tee, then our Driver  custom fitting service is for you.​



As always, when fitting you for a new golf club we want to ensure it comes with performance gains and that you don’t just buy a club for the sake of it. 

With driver and woods, these gains may include:

  • Accuracy
  • Distance
  • Height

Whatever you’re searching for, we will begin all fittings with a quick consultation to ensure we are fully aware of what we want to achieve in the session.


Now we are clear on what we want to achieve, we will begin hitting golf balls with your current clubs. With the use of Trackman radar technology… 

we can understand your current specification, including, ball speed, distance and spin etc. From here we can begin to make recommendations. 


Based on the data shown from your current driver and keeping in mind what we want to achieve, we will begin to make recommendations…

 in head and model types. We will explain the performance benefits of each model and test to see how they perform as well as which one the customer prefers. We offer the 6 leading brands on tour as well as others, such as Wilson, Lynx and PXG..


Once we narrow the head choice down to best performers, we will now test shaft options to really find the stand out driver or wood for the customer. 

As well as the huge selection of stock shafts we also offer a great premium range too including, LA Golf, Graphite Design, Ventus TR and more.


We are now closing in on the perfect club for you! We now ensure we have the right loft setting as well as length for consistent strike patterns. 

Once we’ve ticked all the boxes, all that is left to do is find the perfect grip, of we which we have hundreds. A variety of sizes and styles from leading brands such as Golf Pride, Lamkin and Super Stroke to name a few.



In our driver fittings you can expect to be analysed using Trackman4 technology. 

“TrackMan 4 is the tracking unit of choice for the top players. It combines two radars and one camera for zero doubt. That’s innovation. That’s better data. Better golf. More accuracy. And complete trust”

After each shot, the radar will give us immediate data to look at that will help make the right recommendations to improve performance with the right driver.

We will look at key measurements such as ball speed, spin rate, distance and smash factor amongst others.  

When having a FREE custom fitting at any of our AFGolfStore locations you can be rest assured that we will use the data to find the perfect fit for you. We want to improve performance and therefore we are not brand-bias to ensure we stay open minded to every model available. 


With so many fantastic drivers on the market, all offering huge benefits, now is a great time to look to see if you can gain in performance. 

At AFGolfStore we have no brand-bias and will only allow our customers to purchase clubs that offer true performance gains. We don’t want our customers playing the wrong equipment. We stock all leading brands and a huge selection of shaft choices to ensure we know the clubs your get are selected from a huge range of choice. 

  • More distance, increased ball speeds.
  • Forgiveness. Better outcomes with off centre strikes. 
  • More height. Control your ball flight with adjustable features.
  • More fairways. Increase your accuracy with the head design features combined with the perfect shaft. 


Yes, we believe every golfer should be fit for clubs to ensure they are getting the correct equipment for their game. Offering FREE custom fitting sessions at AFGolfStore will help every golfer find out what’s needed for them.

We fit Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, Callaway, Mizuno, Cobra, Wilson and host fitting days for PXG.

Our custom fittings are 60 minutes, free of charge. We also offer 90 minutes for a full bag fitting where we look at all the clubs in your golf bag.

We encourage everyone to enjoy a fitting. Whether you are a beginner or experienced. 

Our appointments are pre-booking. However, if you visit our stores and we have availability we will be able to get you in to see a fitting specialist. 

Please bring your current clubs if you have them. We also ask you to wear comfortable footwear. Trainers or golf shoes are best suited. 

Yes, we will price match any recognised retailers who beat us on price. 

Certainly. All we ask is you give us 24 hours notice so we can fill the appointment.

There are 3 possible answers here. If your fitting comes out as standard specifications and we have your clubs in store, then you can go home on the day with your new clubs. 

In most cases we can build your new clubs through our AFGolf Build Centre at our Peterborough store and have them returned to your fitting venue in 3-7 days. 

Or we can order direct through the manufacturers who will specify lead times at the time of purchase. 


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