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When I took up golf at 15 it became my passion, I always had the desire and dreams to be a player. At that stage in my life I was yet to realise I was a thinker so my simple approach to golf was “see ball hit target”. In 3 years, this combined with regular fundamental based lessons got me down to a decent playing level at my best of a +1 handicap.

To reach the next level I needed to know more about my golf swing, and I had such a thirst to improve my own technique, always searching for that one thing that would help me achieve my ultimate goal.

Lesson after lesson, coach after coach I found myself in a place where I had all this insightful technical information, however I became unable to A process it all to benefit my game and B to be able to execute it out on the golf course. My simple and effective “see ball hit target” seemed like a distant memory which just goes to show even to this day and age if it isn’t broken don’t try to fix it. Instead apply ways to improve and maintain those weak areas.

Since gaining my PGA Degree in 2006 I have enjoyed the pleasure of Coaching Golf all over the world, most prominently for several years in Asia where I was lucky enough to work with some world renowned coaches including David Leadbetter.

I would describe my teaching style as simple & informative which has continued to grow throughout my Professional Career. My coaching has evolved and improved as I have become older and wiser. For me being a PGA Professional is one big journey in which I can & will continue to learn, improve and discover more about this great sport under the AFGolf Store Banner. I simply love helping people and strive to use my knowledge as a guide to help golfers achieve their goals and produce results in the most efficient way possible.

With the resources available to golfers these days it is extremely easy to follow instruction online. If you typed “how to stop hitting it left” into YouTube, click on the video with the most views it might be about changing Swing Path or release pattern, when in fact the underlining issue is Poor Grip. This could mean you are misinterpreting things by trying to fix the result without knowing the cause. I simply help my students understand the cause, show them how to fix it which in turn fixes the end result.

After the learning then comes the all important practice phase. I have always believed a lot of good work can be done indoors. For instance, if you are trying to train your body to move in a certain way eg. Takeaway motion, there are very simple drills and exercises you can do to foster the desired movement at home perhaps in front of a mirror, no balls need to be hit and feedback is generated through natural feel instead of repetitive analysis of ball flight on the range.

I believe one of the biggest reasons golfers struggle swing wise is because the hands and arms work out of sync with the body. Once you learn how the body works you can get the club in the right position.