With LA Golf It’s Time To Be More Athletic And Less Mechanical

With the tour players hitting the ball further and further each year, it is clear there is now the right combination between athleticism and equipment. 

A new custom shaft is hitting our workshop. LA Golf, which many may be familiar with after joining forces with SIK putters. 

Backed by the likes of Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau and Michelle Wie, LA Golf have a simple message: The Status Quo, conventional wisdom has always said to swing smooth and to hit it straight, but we say, Swing Harder.

Image CC: LA Golf

“What I really like about the LA Golf shaft is that when I want to hit one hard, I hit it more consistently in the middle of the face. That is really the biggest reason I changed.”

~ Dustin Johnson

Dustin’s new signature series with LA Golf has propelled him up the rankings in distance and accuracy.

The woods are developed on a constant tapered mandrel, producing a high balance point with a smooth feel. The series is wrapped with a sleek translucent blue coating and is offered in three different weights, allowing for a broad base of players to tap into the feel and performance of DJ’s signature shaft.

“My goal is to create the most repeatable swing possible, and LA Golf makes most consistent shaft I have ever tried.”

~ Bryson DeChambeau

The series features Bryson’s uniquely designed woods and single length irons. Both are produced on LA Golf’s patented 16-sided HD tooling, which has been proven to enhance feel, performance, and durability.

The Series wood shaft focuses on stability and accuracy, resulting in a low launching, low spinning, fairway finder. The new design features more feel in the hands and increased workability for a wide variety of swing types.


Image CC: LA Golf

Outside of Dustin and Bryson’s signature designs there is also 5 more series shafts including: 

L, A, G, P, P-SOHO.

All shafts differ for clubs from woods through to the putter and suit players based on swing swing as well as other factors. 

LA Golf shafts are built around stability and consistency allowing the players to be more athletic and hit the ball harder! The best way to find a shaft to match your game, whether it be irons, driver or putter is to speak with our team. 

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