Why Is Our Custom Fitting Service FREE At AFGolfStore

At AFGolfStore we offer a range of services that we believe will help all golfers play their best. Golf lessons, honest advice and support, a wide retail selection fulfilling the needs of every golfer and of course our free custom fitting service.

The latter is a huge part of who we are, it helps our staff engage with customers and really become a part of their journey to better golf. In this blog we are going to explain why we don’t charge for our custom fit service.


Our custom fitting service is available over all of our sites and we strive to ensure our service in each store. Our fitting rooms come equipped with the following:


  • Trackman4 – The tour choice in radars when identifying key data from club and ball. Trackman helps us understand our customers specifications when looking to make technical changes or become equipped with new clubs.
  • A huge range of club choices and models. With access to all the leading brands and models in our studios, you will have no problem finding the right club for you.
  • Extensive choice in shaft and grips.
  • Indoor putting green with SAM PuttLab. A similar concept in Trackman for putting.
  • Most importantly, a friendly, honest member of our staff.


We take you on a journey to help you find the right clubs in an unbiased, honest manner. With so many in the industry charging for such a service with access to great technology, why don’t we charge?

We have 5 key reasons why we offer this service for FREE, all centred around our beliefs that everyone needs to be fitted when looking to get new clubs.


  1. KNOW YOUR SPEC! We cannot stress enough that everyone is different, from size to how you swing a club, so how can anyone be certain a set of clubs straight off the rack is correct for them? In some cases, they may well be correct, but we can only be sure by getting to know your swing characteristics and ensuring we know what clubs suit your game.
  2. RELATIONSHIP! It is important to our staff that we build a relationship with our customers. Buying a set of clubs is a big decision and we want to give our customers peace of mind that they have a contact point should they need advice or further information. Getting to know our customers allows us to ensure they are getting the equipment that will have performance gains in their game.
  3. TRUST! By giving unbiased, honest feedback we believe we can gain trust from our customers reassuring them that we are in this journey together and want you to have the right clubs.
  4. EDUCATION! Having a FREE service will encourage more people to take it. This gives us the chance to educate our customers and help them understand the game better. This is a huge factor when getting clubs, you must know what you’re purchasing.
  5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! We know that by having a fitting you will get the clubs perfect for your game. This will give our customers so much more satisfaction than gambling on a new set of clubs when coming to our stores.

Contact AFGolf Store Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Peterborough

So, if you are thinking of getting new clubs, but unsure where to begin, talk to us and get a FREE fitting. They are available 7 days a week with no obligation. However, we promise to give you a great experience that will educate you and leave you satisfied that you’ve found the right equipment to further your game.

Check out availability for FREE custom fitting here.

Check out our FREE experience demo days hosted by AFGolfStore, operated by brand suppliers.

WATCH | We also offer gap testings to support our custom fitting. Watch the video here





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