Introducing the New Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges – Engineered for Lower Flight and Maximum Spin

Titleist recently announced the launch of their newest Vokey SM10 wedges .

As expected from the #1 wedge on tour, the SM10 offers improvements in flight, feel, and spin. I had the chance to learn more about the new Vokey wedges, and here are some of the key features golfers can expect from the SM10:

Progressive Centre of Gravity

The progressive CG placement provides a lower, more controlled trajectory and tighter dispersion from your lowest to highest lofted wedge. The 46-52 degree wedges feature a lower CG for better distance gapping and a more solid feel. The higher lofts (54-62) have an upward shifted CG for a lower ball flight.

Optimised TX9 Grooves

The patented Spin Milled grooves on the SM10 are individually cut for each loft and finish. 

Narrower, deeper grooves on lower lofts and wider, shallower grooves on higher lofts maximise spin consistency. A micro-texture between grooves also enhances control on partial shots.

Shot Versatility

With 6 different sole grinds and a range of loft, bounce, and grind combinations, the SM10 offers enhanced shot versatility around the greens. Being fit for the right wedge setup helps golfers unlock creativity and proper turf interaction.

New Nickel Finish

The SM10 comes in 3 finishes: Tour Chrome, Jet Black, and an all-new nickel finish. The nickel provides a classic, forged look at address. Custom raw finish is also available.

Enhanced Profiles & Shaping

The shaping and profiles are optimised by loft, with a smaller profile on 46-52 degrees and larger footprint on 56-62 degrees. This progressive look sets up confidence at address.

The Vokey SM10 seems to cover all the bases – better feel, optimal flight, maximum spin, and versatility to execute any shot. Master Craftsman Bob Vokey continues to lead the way in wedge innovation and performance. And with Vokey’s renowned custom options, you can get an SM10 wedge tailored to your game.

Coming to AFGolfStore fitting studios from 15th February 2024! 

Will you be trying the new SM10 wedges? What do you think of the look of Titleist’s latest Vokey offering? Let me know in the comments!

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