Unlocking Wyndham Clark’s Winning Formula: A Deep Dive Into His Golf Bag

In today’s blog we will be diving into the golf bag of Wyndham Clark. What does the reigning US Open champion play with and how can it help him create the low scores a champion needs. 

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Titleist TSR3 Driver: Dialing in the Perfect Launch and Spin

At the heart of Wyndham Clark’s equipment setup is the Titleist TSR3 driver. As a player who generates tremendous ball speed, Wyndham has opted for the slightly lower-spinning and lower-launching TSR3 model to optimise his performance off the tee. The driver features Titleist’s advanced technology, including the ATI face, weight port, and SureFit hosel system, providing Wyndham with a wealth of customisation options to dial in the perfect launch and spin characteristics for his swing.

TaylorMade QI10 3-Wood: Complementing the Driver with Versatility

While many golfers prefer to use the same brand of woods throughout their bag, Wyndham has found that the TaylorMade QI10 3-wood offers him a better performance profile than the Titleist equivalent. The QI10 has been a hugely successful model since its release, and Wyndham has clearly found the optimal launch and flight characteristics to complement his driver off the tee and attack those longer par-5s.

Titleist 620 CB Irons: Forged Precision and Forgiveness

For his iron setup, Wyndham has chosen the Titleist 620 CB model, a fully forged cavity-back design that blends classic craftsmanship with modern technology. The inclusion of tungsten in the toe area of the longer irons provides an extra boost of forgiveness, helping Wyndham maintain consistent ball flight even when he doesn’t strike the ball dead center.

Interestingly, Wyndham has opted not to use the standard pitching wedge from the 620 CB set, instead opting for a Vokey Design wedge. This allows him to have more precise control and spin when attacking the greens from shorter distances, a critical factor for success at a demanding major championship like the U.S. Open.

Vokey SM10 Wedges: Dialing in the Short Game

Wyndham’s short game is further bolstered by his choice of Vokey SM10 wedges. The Vokey brand has long been a staple on the PGA Tour, trusted by players for its exceptional performance and versatility. With a wide range of grind and bounce options, Wyndham has been able to fine-tune his wedge setup to suit his specific needs, whether it’s navigating tricky green side bunkers or sticking approach shots close to the pin.

Odyssey Putter: Stability and Alignment for Consistent Putting

Rounding out Wyndham’s equipment is an Odyssey putter, specifically the Jailbird Cruiser model from the Odyssey lineup. This larger-headed, counterbalanced putter has helped Wyndham improve his putting consistency and stability, a critical factor in his recent success on the PGA Tour.

The Odyssey Cruiser’s Versa alignment technology and variable face insert have also contributed to Wyndham’s improved putting performance, allowing him to maintain consistent speed and direction even when he doesn’t strike the ball perfectly on the sweet spot.

Customisation and Fitting: The Key to Unlocking Potential

Wyndham Clark’s equipment setup is a testament to the importance of custom fitting and dialling in the right equipment for one’s specific swing characteristics and playing style. By leveraging the advanced technologies and customisation options offered by brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, Vokey, and Odyssey, Wyndham has been able to optimise his performance and gain a competitive edge on the PGA Tour.

Whether you’re a tour-level player like Wyndham or an aspiring amateur, taking the time to undergo a comprehensive club fitting can be a game-changer. By working with experienced fitters to find the perfect combination of clubs, golfers can unlock their true potential and take their game to new heights.

Conclusion: Embracing the Latest Equipment Trends

Wyndham Clark’s equipment setup showcases the latest trends and innovations in golf technology. From the advanced driver and fairway wood designs to the forged precision of his irons and the stability of his putter, Wyndham Clark has carefully curated a bag that complements his playing style and helps him perform at the highest level.

By staying on the cutting edge of equipment advancements and working closely with the top brands in the industry, Wyndham Clark has positioned himself as a force to be reckoned with on the PGA Tour. His success serves as an inspiration for golfers of all skill levels to embrace the latest equipment trends and explore the possibilities of custom fitting to unlock their own golfing potential.

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