Titleist T-Series, Performance In Every Form

When every shot counts it’s essential to play an iron that can perform. Introducing the Titleist T-Series irons with performance in every form. 

This year Titleist are introducing four new irons, two of which are upgrades on previous models with two completely new additions. 

The T100 and T200 have been improved whilst Titleist have added the T150 and T350 to ensure every golfer has an iron to suit their game. 

Creating the bestperforming irons for every player means understanding and elevating the
precise aspects of performance each player needs. Working with Tour Pros and dedicated
amateurs, the Titleist team attacks every facet of every TSeries iron control, distance, flight,
forgiveness, looks, sound and feel to produce irons designed to enhance your play in ways
that only a Titleist can.” ~ Titleist

In early July 2023 the team at AFGolfStore had the opportunity of being fit for the new Titleist irons and learning about the new products to ensure our team are offering the best service come the August release. 

The four irons offer a tour performance iron in the T100 through to a player improvement iron in the T350 and everything in between all encompassing the three factors to fit that Titleist strive for:

  • Distance control
  • Dispersion control
  • Descent Angle 

Their irons must give you the desired distance whilst being in control of accuracy as well as being able to stop quickly from a high descent angle. 

Titleist T100 Precision Control, Unrivaled Feel. The modern Tour iron, played by more touring professionals than any other iron in the world. The T100 has undergone subtle refinements recommended from their tour players with a improved, more solid feel for ultimate response. This stems from their fully forged dual cavity construction. Along with their CNC face milling process, the feel and control is incredible! 

New to the range this season is the T150 and dubbed as the new and improved AP2 for those who have tried it. It is a forged players distance iron, Inspired by the player’s performance and feel of T100 but forged into a more confidenceinducing shape, T150 is a modern Tour iron with dialedup speed for players seeking a little more distance.

With the new T200, distance has never felt so good. Built with a forged face, hollowbody
construction and shaped by Tour technologies, it delivers incredible launch and forgiveness in a
pure player’s design. Due to the distance and precision in the longer T200 irons, the 2 iron and 3 iron continue to be a custom choice for players along with a great range of shaft choice. 

T350 is game improvement reimagined. Built around a new forged face, hollowbody
construction and powered by Tour technologies, it delivers maximum launch, distance and
forgiveness in a player’s design.

Starting with a new hollowbody construction based on the T200 chassis played on Tour, the
T350 maximises speed and forgiveness through a refined Max Impact Technology, a new dual
taper forged face and dual tungsten weighting. Now any player can benefit from Titleist’s most
advanced engineering.

As always the Titleist irons will be able to be blended for a combo set. The fitting process will always be to ensure good gapping with approximately 5mph ball speed gaps to ensure each iron is performing correctly. 


FREE Custom Fitting Including a FREE Sleeve of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls!

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