The New Vokey Design 60 A Grind Wedge

The New Vokey Design 60 A Grind Wedge: Built for Firmer Conditions

Vokey has added a new lob wedge option to their lineup – the 60 degree A Grind. The new vokey design 60 A Grind wedge is designed for players who want a wedge that can smoothly glide under the ball from firmer lies like tight turf and firm bunkers.

The A Grind was developed through conversations between Vokey’s Tour Rep Aaron Dill and major champion Geoff Ogilvy. Ogilvy provided feedback on how Australian golf courses compared to American courses, noting the firmer conditions. This led Dill to take Ogilvy’s favored 60.04L wedge and modify it by removing the bounce ribbon to create the A Grind.

With only 4 degrees of effective bounce, the A Grind has a sole grind that allows it to move through firmer turf and bunkers with less resistance. The smoother sole promotes a faster feeling through the turf. While very versatile, this low bounce wedge does require precise delivery at impact to be optimized.

The 60 A Grind is currently available in a raw finish and only in right handed models. It is offered in limited quantities. Players like US Open champion Wyndham Clark have already put this new Vokey wedge into play.

Golfers looking for a lob wedge to handle firmer conditions and tighter lies should take a look at the new Vokey Design 60 A Grind. Its smooth sole and low bounce profile make it ideal for gliding under shots with minimal turf interaction.

The Vokey SM9 wedges are Titleist’s most technologically advanced wedges to date.

They feature a number of improvements over previous models, including new Spin Milled grooves that are cut to the edge of the clubface for maximum spin, a localised heat treatment process that doubles the durability of the grooves, and a raised center of gravity (CG) that promotes a lower flight and more spin.

The SM9 wedges are also available in a wider range of lofts, grinds, and finishes than ever before, so you can find the perfect wedge to match your game.

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