The Best Hybrids Of 2023

Hybrids have become a popular choice for golfers as they serve as a replacement for long irons and lofted woods, we are going to help you with your choice making by reviewing the best hybrids of 2023.

In recent years, there has been a trend towards using more lofted woods, such as seven woods and nine woods, in place of hybrids. However, hybrids still have their place in the golf bag and continue to be available for those who love them.

They blend between the woods and irons and are a great alternative to a long iron. Let’s take you through our top 3 performers of 2023. 

Third Place

The TSR 2 takes the third spot on our list. It is a simple and clean product, with the ability to change the weight in the bottom of the head for customisable launch dynamics.

The adjustability of this hybrid, including the ability to change the lie angle, makes it a popular choice for players who struggle with left and right misses.

Additionally, the release of the new T-Series irons from Titleist has led to increased interest in blending hybrids with irons, further contributing to the TSR 2’s popularity.

Second Place

The best hybrids of 2023, second place goes to the stealth 2 hybrid by TaylorMade.

TaylorMade has always been known for producing high-quality hybrids, and the stealth 2 is no exception. It features twist face technology, which provides forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

This hybrid has been well-received, especially 

when paired with the stealth irons. Golfers who prefer to use a five iron or have doubts about going for a longer iron have found the stealth 2 to be a great alternative.

First Place

And finally, taking the top spot on our list is the Ping G430. This family of woods has been sensational in 2023.

The G430 hybrid is praised for its clean look and solid performance off the face.

The stronger lofts of the G430 irons have led golfers to seek a three or four hybrid to 

complement their five iron. The feel and overall performance of the G430 have made it incredibly popular among players and it’s our number one for the best hybrids of 2023.

The Challenge of Hybrids

As someone who loves irons, hybrids present a challenge for me. I have struggled with hybrids in the past, and hitting them for extended periods of time is not something I particularly enjoy. However, I understand why they are popular and why many golfers find them to be a valuable addition to their bags. Hybrids offer versatility and can be a useful tool, especially for those looking to replace long irons and achieve better trajectory and control.

The Importance of Loft and Launch Angle

When it comes to hybrids, two important factors to consider are loft and launch angle. In recent years, it has become evident that hybrids, especially for players with lower swing speeds, have been coming in too flat. While they may provide the desired overall yardage, they often struggle to carry hazards or stop on the green. The goal of hybrids is to replace long irons and provide the ability to flight the ball into the green. To achieve this, it is essential to have a higher launch angle and steeper descent angle, allowing the ball to stop more effectively.

The Hybrid Experience

Throughout my testing of hybrids, I have noticed that the drop-off in performance on mishits is more pronounced compared to fairway woods. This can make hybrids more challenging for some players, as the margin for error is smaller. However, there are undoubtedly certain hybrids that offer excellent performance and are well-suited to individual players’ needs.


So there we have it, the best hybrids of 2023, or so we think. Hybrids are an integral part of many golfers’ bags. While I may not be a fan personally, I recognise their value and understand why they are popular among golfers of all levels. In our best hybrids of 2020 list, the TSR 2, stealth 2, and Ping G430 stood out as exceptional options. Each hybrid offers unique features and benefits, catering to different player preferences. It’s important to find the right hybrid for your game and embrace the advantages they can provide. Golf is all about finding the right tools to enhance your performance, and hybrids certainly have their place on the course.

Looking Ahead

As we move into 2024, there will be new hybrid options to explore and test. TaylorMade will be introducing a new hybrid model, and the Ping G430 will continue to make its mark on the golfing world. We look forward to bringing you more exciting content and product reviews in the coming year. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and share it with your golfing friends to help us reach as many people as possible. We wish you a fantastic golfing season in 2024!

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