Taylormade’s NEW 2023 P7 Series Irons Are Here

With only 3 weeks until Christmas, the idea of new golf club launches are usually put on hold until the New Year. However, this year we’ve been treated early! Introducing the NEW P7 Series irons from Taylormade! 

Including the upgraded P770, P7MB and P7MC. All three irons are now available for a FREE custom fitting before Christmas, with the release to store in January. 

Let’s learn about the new irons below.

Let’s begin with the anticipated P770 iron. The former model was designed to pack more ball speed and forgiveness in a slimmer, more attractive looking iron than the P790. 

This years model has been improved further to increase launch with the longer irons. 

With a switch in centre of gravity placement for long and short irons we will now see the longer irons launch a lot easier. 

2023 P770


The forged hollow body construction gives golfers the best of both worlds; beauty
and performance. A soft 8620 carbon steel body is paired with an incredibly thin

forged 4140 steel face and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ for a design that is fast,

flexible and forgiving even in a compact head shape.



FLTD CG strategically positions the centre of gravity (CG) the lowest in the long irons and progressively shifts higher throughout the set. Using up to 46g of tungsten, FLTD CG is designed to provide players with improved launch and playability in long irons and increase spin in the scoring irons.


All new SpeedFoam Air is 69% less dense than its predecessor, creating mass savings that is redistributed to improve performance. SpeedFoam Air dampens vibrations for exquisite sound and feel while delivering a fast, flexible face.


Featuring elegant refinements, including less offset in the long irons, the new P•770
is designed to fit the eye of a more discerning player with visual cues including a thin
topline, less offset, and shorter blade length when compared to the P•790.


The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ provides increased face flexibility while preserving ball speed and distance on low face strikes.

2023 P7MB


Direct input from Tour inspired the new shape of P7MB, crafted for ultimate workability. The new design uses a shorter blade length, narrower sole width, and progressive offset design.


A seamless blend of traditional muscle back iron performance with a contemporary look and design.

The updated back bar now uses symmetrical geometry to create a timeless look both in the playing position and in the bag.


1025 carbon steel is 5X forged using a 2,000-ton press engineered to produce a tighter, more compact grain structure with fewer defects. It is designed to provide the most solid, consistent feel possible.


Precision is paramount. Machining the face ensures precision and quality with our most
aggressive MX9 score line geometry for exacting shot making.

2023 P7MC

With precision playability and a hint of forgiveness, P·7MC caters to the game’s best ball strikers. These irons will celebrate all the work you’ve put in to get to this point and be the perfect tool for the continued grind.


TaylorMade’s Compact Grain Forging™ process uses 2,000 tons of pressure, more than double the industry standard.

The additional force gives us precision control at a micro level and produces a tighter grain structure, creating the best possible feel.


The tour-inspired P·7MC™ fits the eye of discerning players. With minimal offset and perimeter weighting, this classically shaped iron delivers the ultimate in control and precision with a hint of forgiveness.


Compact Grain Forging delivers a refined composition inside and out. The sophisticated craftsmanship comes to life with a satin finish and forged “Metal-T” within the cavity back, creating the unmistakable aesthetic of a premium TaylorMade iron.

The range of irons are now available in all of our fitting studios at AFGolfStore. We are located in Cambridge, Peterborough and Milton Keynes. 

They will be available in stores for sale from January 20th, but you can be fitted from TODAY! 

From January our build centre will also be able to build them in house to give you the complete AFGolfStore fit to build experience. 

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