Take Your Drive to the Next Level: A Look at the Under Armour Drive Pro Shoe

For serious golfers seeking peak performance on the course, the shoe you wear can make all the difference. Under Armour has entered the arena with the Under Armour Drive Pro, a shoe designed to unlock the power of your natural swing through innovative technology and biomechanical engineering.

This blog highlights the latest shoe from our recent trip to Stoke Park where we got to see live testing in the UA biomechanics centre. 

Built for Stability and Power

The Drive Pro boasts a Swing Support System (S3), a multi-faceted approach to keeping your foot stable during your swing. This system incorporates features like:

  • Smart Traction: The outsole is strategically designed to provide traction in all directions, including rotational forces that occur during a powerful swing.
  • Dual-foam cushioning: This delivers a combination of shock absorption and responsiveness, ensuring comfort throughout your round without sacrificing power transfer.
  • Lockdown lacing: A snug and secure fit keeps your foot in place, preventing unwanted movement and maximizing stability.

Comfort and Breathability

Under Armour understands that golfers spend hours on their feet. The Drive Pro features a breathable, microfiber upper that keeps your feet cool and dry, even during intense competition. A one-year waterproof guarantee provides additional peace of mind in unpredictable weather.

Wide Option Available

For golfers with wider feet, Under Armour offers the Drive Pro in a wide width option, ensuring a comfortable fit for all players.

Early Impressions

While the Drive Pro is a relatively new shoe, initial impressions from golfers have been positive.

The shoe’s stability, comfort, and traction are outstanding and something we all commented on while playing the impressive Stoke Park Golf Club. Some golfers have noted a break-in period for the micro-fiber upper, but most agree that the shoe quickly becomes comfortable with wear.

It felt like the shoes moulded your feet and worked around what is considered the anatomical position to ensure the body moves as intended through every shot. 

Final Takeaway

The Under Armour Drive Pro is a compelling option for golfers seeking a shoe that prioritises stability, power transfer, and comfort.

With its innovative S3 system and breathable upper, the Drive Pro has the potential to take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a low-handicap golfer or a weekend warrior, the Drive Pro is worth considering for your next round.

They can now be found in your nearest AFGolfStore! Be sure to visit us and try them on for yourself. 

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