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Exceptional Feel & Unrivalled Stability – Graphite Design Custom Shafts Are Here!

Exceptional feel and unrivalled stability are just two of many factors that we want to offer our customers in a fitting session. 

Every club we offer comes standard with stock shafts which will all hold their own  attributes from different kick points and torque rates, but when it’s time to really up the feel and consistency in the contact, looking at a custom shaft can offer the perfect solution to better ball striking and consistent in flight. 

At AFGolfStore, we have always had the option to offer a custom shaft over standard stock, however, up until now it is not been a topic we have shouted about due to our limited access in fittings.

However, with the introduction of new custom shafts to our workshop and fitting studios, such as the incoming LAGP shafts and now the Graphite Design Tour AD shafts we have a great selection to ensure our customers seeking a higher profile custom shaft have the options to try at their disposal. 


Read about them in the drop down tabs. 

The Tour AD DI “DEEP IMPACT” is designed to provide golfers with more power and stability in a golf shaft. Designed and manufactured exclusively at the Graphite Design factory headquarters in Japan, the Tour AD DI orange colored option received a cosmetic refresh in the Spring of 2020 and are available in 50g R2 (Lite), R1 (Regular) and S flex, 60g SR (Stiff Regular), S, X and TX (Tour X-Stiff) flex, 70g S, X and TX (Tour X-Stiff) flex and 80g S, X and TX (Tour X-Stiff) flex.  The unique shaft profile and designs of the Tour AD DI wood shafts remain exactly the same and only the cosmetics of the orange version have been re-freshened.

The Tour AD DI is our first shaft design that was integrated with Toray Company’s original NANOALLOY material technology in the tip section of the shaft.  This material technology has now come to be known as “DI Technology”.  This unique material technology promotes additionally shaft stability without the loss of feel and allows the player to create greater club head speed resulting in greater ball speed while still providing exceptional feel and control.


  • DI TECHNOLOGY- Consisting of the advanced, 1st generation of Toray Composites NANOALLOY Material Technology for increased stability in the mid to tip region and unsurpassed feel.
  • All weights and flexes are available in two color options of either Orange or Black.
  • 50 ton ultra-premium, high modulus, aerospace quality carbon fiber materials.
  • Graphite Design proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology.



    BUTT SectionMID SectionTIP Section

The Graphite Design Tour AD XC – designed for “Xtra Carry, was Designed and is manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters and is black with silver and red accents, a silver fade at the tip and finished with a matte clear coat.

The Tour AD XC shaft profile is softer in the butt section, stiff in the center section and has a stiff tip to promote low/mid launch angle and low spin with the ball. The Tour AD XC also utilizes the brand new TORAYCA® M40X carbon-fiber pre-preg in the Mid to Tip Section of the shaft as well as the TORAYCA® T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY® technology in the tip section of the shaft for unrivaled shaft stability and precise ball control without the loss of the exceptional feel that Graphite Design shafts are so well known for.


  • TORAYCA MX40 carbon-fiber pre-preg
  • TORAYCA T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOLLOY technology for increased stability in the mid to tip region and unsurpassed feel. 
  • 50 ton ultra-premium, high modulus, aerospace quality carbon fiber materials.
  • Graphite Design proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology.



    BUTT SectionMID SectionTIP Section

In the 2019 season, Graphite Design introduced the latest in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ – “Into the Zone”.

Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters. The shaft has a very stealthy look to it in black with white/orange accents and a matte finish.

The Tour AD IZ, like all of the premium Tour AD shafts, utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials in order to deliver the best feeling and performing shaft available to golfers.

The Tour AD IZ shaft has a firm stiffness starting at the
handle, and medium centre section and a firm+ tip profile to promote a high launch
angle and low ball spin rates.


  • TORAYCA T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOLLOY technology for increased stability in the mid to tip region and unsurpassed feel. 
  • 50 ton ultra-premium, high modulus, aerospace quality carbon fiber materials.
  • Graphite Design proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology.



    BUTT SectionMID SectionTIP Section

Let us help you find the perfect shaft for your game to ensure you’re maximising performance! 

It all begins with a FREE custom fitting session at your local AFGolfStore.


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What Is The Purpose Of Grind?

As golf continues to evolve, so to does the equipment. With each brand bringing out new models yearly, it begs the question, how much do the clubs change? Well, each year we see upgrades in materials, styles, COG adjustments and so much more. 

One area that continues to develop is wedge grinds. An important factor that many amateur golfers overlook when choosing a new wedge, and it could be costing you shots.


“Wedge grind is the manipulation or removal of material from the sole of the club, helping to improve contact with the turf. Grinds allow for more creativity and consistency around the green, letting you play with ball spin, flight, power, and other factors.” ~ Titleist

The blue shaded area in the adjacent image indicates the grind. It’s important to use the right wedge grinds for your swing type and course conditions, so you can be prepared to hit every kind of wedge shot.

Vokey grind view
Image CC: Titleist

As no single club suits every golfer it’s important that manufacturers are offering grinds and bounce options to suit every style. 

The way we interact with the turf varies and with the right club in our hands we can all play a shot to suit our game and skill set. 

This is why Vokey offer 6 grind options to support golfers in their quest to finding the right wedge. 

Finding the right wedge will depend on you as a golfer, factors include: 

  • Turf interaction (divot patterns)
  • Bunker confidence
  • Swing length preference
  • Skill set with opening the face and so on…

Below is Titleist’s spec sheet to indicate the criteria for each of their grinds.



Book a FREE fitting today! We have all the latest wedges including, SM9, MG3, Jaws, Glide 4.0, Snakebite, T22.

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Change The Way You Roll With SIK By LA Golf

Finding the right putter can always be a struggle, with so many styles available, which one are you supposed to choose? To many golfers, it’s the least important on the list when buying new clubs, however with putting accounting for over 40% of the game, it’s crucial we select the right one. One brand in particular are paving the way for change, It’s time to change the way you roll, with SIK by LA Golf.

SIK Golf have become more of a name in the game in the last couple of years, especially as one of their leading brand ambassadors, Bryson DeChambeau has also become more of a household name.


SIK created a new face technology to change the way you roll. It is called DLT, standing for Descending Loft Technology.

“Descending Loft Technology™ is our patented putter face technology. We have four flat surfaces that are milled into our putter face. Each plane descends in loft by 1° from the top of the face to the bottom of the face. When your shaft is pressed at impact the ball contact will be higher on the face, same is true in reverse. DLT delivers consistent launch angles from putt to putt which lead to more consistent and predictable rolls.” ~ SIK Golf

SIK’s reason for creating this came down to a common problem, NOBODY can match the shaft angle from address to impact at any consistent rate. This leads to inconsistent launch angles, which result in poor distance control. So, there solution was DLT, which delivers consistent launch angles regardless of shaft lean at impact which leads to more consistent and predictable rolls.

It’s not just the technology that’s making a difference, the feel is incredible as all putters are 100% CNC milled from 303 Stainless Steel bars. So EVERY putter is the same as you will see on the Tour.


SIK comes in 5 head styles with various options on the sight line position. The heads include:

  • PRO – The PRO is our signature design, the model most professionals choose. It’s a classic anser look. With every custom milled putter from SIK Golf, you can rest assured that the look, sound, feel, and most importantly, the performance meet and exceed the standards of touring professionals.
  • JO – The Jo is both a Tour and amateur favourite for its more pronounced swing weight. While slightly heavier than the Pro and Sho the Jo is slightly shorter than the Pro (from toe to heel.) With every custom milled putter from SIK Golf Putter, you can rest assured that the look, sound, feel, and most importantly, the performance, meet and exceed the standards of touring professionals.
  • DW – The DW is basically the Pro aesthetic (classic anser style) from address with double the width. This allows for the advantages of a mallet (MOI) with the look of a blade.The head weighs 390 grams with a Plumber’s neck, 360g with a Double Bend, 375 grams with a Slant neck.
  • SHO – The Sho is our mid-mallet. The half-moon shape affords the player a mallet-like view at setup while maintaining industry standard blade weighting: Around 370g with a Plumber’s Neck, 350g with a Double Bend, and 360 with a Slant Neck. With every custom milled putter SIK Putter you can rest assured that the look, sound, feel, and most importantly, the performance meet and exceed the standards of touring professionals.
  • FLO – The Flo takes its name from the refinement of our previous over-sized Mallet, the Mo. The Flo, while aesthetically unorthodox, is a definite performer with its high MOI and low and stretched out CG. The Flo is weighted at just over 415g with a Plumber’s Neck, 390 grams with Double Bend, or 400g with a Slant Neck setup.

Each model can come with any of the four neck options which will support the weighting and style of your putter. Along with almost any length option you would like including the armlock you will see with Bryson.


Each of our stores comes equipped with a fantastic SIK fitting fit to help find the perfect setup for you. Our SIK scientists or fitting team as they most commonly known are experts in the equipment to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new putter. Best of all, we find the right putter in a FREE putter fitting.

If you are interested in the putter then we also now have the option of building your putter in our build centre and delivering it through our premium delivery service in JUST 7 days.

So try the fantastic range of putters out today! BOOK NOW

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Store To Door In 7 Days, Our Premium Delivery Service Is Here

With the increased launch of new products year on year, the demand for the new clubs seems to be at an all time high and with the added features of a custom fitting, the orders for custom product continues to increase, however, the time scale to receive your new clubs, with most brands is upwards of 6 weeks! We are delighted to offer ‘store to door In 7 days’, our premium delivery service is here.

At AFGolfStore we offer 6 leading brands, each of these brands showcasing multiple models in driver, fairway, hybrid, irons, wedges and putters. Along with multiple shaft options and endless grip choice. We are serious when we say we have over 10,000 combinations to choose from. Fortunately with the use of Trackman and our expert fitting team, they will find the perfect solution for you in 60 minutes. 

Once you have made your choice and are happy to proceed, there are options. The key issue is always time! No one wants to order clubs in April and receive them in July, having played a quarter of the season without the intended clubs. That’s where our new premium delivery service will aim to get your new clubs to you extra fast!


Our premium delivery service works with select brands to offer an in store build service. Our expert building team have component relationships with:

  • Taylormade
  • Titleist
  • Callaway
  • Mizuno
  • SIK Golf

With some fantastic models available, we are excited to work with these brands in offering a speedy service to get your clubs to you quicker!

If your custom order following our FREE fitting service Is a model based within this group of clubs, your fitter will offer this service to you. To have your clubs delivered in 7 days.

The process includes:

  1. Book and enjoy a FREE fitting at one of our local AFGolfStore venues
  2. Order your clubs
  3. If the order is not premium delivery applicable then we will order direct through the supplier and go on their lead times.
  4. If you qualify for premium delivery then we will send your specifications and order to our build centre.
  5. The build team will build your clubs to your specifications, followed by quality control.
  6. Your clubs will be sent back to your store for collection within 7 days.

So fast track your next order and start playing with your new clubs sooner. You can learn more by speaking to a member of our team or book yourself a FREE fitting to suit what clubs work best for your game.

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What Is Involved In A Club Fitting At AFGolfStore Cambridge?

When getting a club fitting at AFGolfStore Cambridge, the first thing to mention is that we need to use your current equipment to find a baseline. If you arrive at the store you will be asked to warm up for a couple of minutes whilst your fitter gets to understand the reasons and desire for new clubs. Knowing where we are starting and what we are trying to improve is a critical part of the custom fit journey as it allows the fitter to test the most appropriate products.

Once we understand your needs and have the data from your current equipment, we will explain what we need to change to get to your new goals. That maybe spin rate, ball speed, launch angle or a few other parameters that we can get using Trackman 4 technology. The unique aspect to our Cambridge store over Peterborough and Milton Keynes is we have an outdoors range, so with the use of Trackman feedback you can also see the entire ball flight, using Srixon golf balls. If you are looking for a putting or wedge fitting we can use our outdoors, short game facilities with Titleist PRO V1 golf balls or a ball to suit your game and style.

You will be then asked to test different heads and shafts all whilst measuring the data. For us the data is key but just as important is the players perception of the iron, wood or driver your testing. Do you like the look of it? Do you like the sound of it? Does it feel good off the club face? If you as a player don’t like one of these three things then the club really shouldn’t be going into your bag. Having trust and love for a new club is so important in building confidence the first time your visit the course.

After the correct shaft and head combo are found the fitter will move on the getting the correct length, lie and grip and then will move on to appropriate gapping and bag set up for you.

Our FREE custom fittings are carried out in our fitting studio with all the leading brands. We offer over 10,000 head, shaft and grip combinations from the Callaway, Mizuno, Ping, Titleist, Cobra and Taylormade. Our team will take you through a simple process.

  1. A Warm Welcome
  2. A current analysis of your equipment to provide a baseline
  3. Understanding your current equipment and finding out what is possible
  4. Testing of all new heads and shafts
  5. Measuring for length
  6. Measuring for lie angle
  7. Measuring for grip size and type
  8. Place of order through suppliers or our express build service
  9. Receive and phone call to collect your order

It is important that our PGA Professionals and Expert fitters take the time to ensure you get the correct equipment to help your game. We know the pain of spending money on poor equipment that not only can ruin your golf game and hurt your pocket but also kills your enjoyment.

If you haven’t visited or had a club fitting at Cambridge or would like to speak to one of our team members, then please feel free to email or call 01763262943. Book Now

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