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Scotty Cameron B3 Triple Black Design LTD Putters: A Limited Edition Release

Golf enthusiasts, get ready to elevate your game with the latest offering from Titleist! The renowned golf equipment manufacturer has just announced the release of the Scotty Cameron B3 Triple Black Design LTD putters. This limited run collection features popular, playable designs crafted in a highly desirable Tour Black finish.

The Triple Black Concept

The “triple black” design format is the star of this collection, featuring:

  1. Black finish
  2. Black shaft
  3. Black grip

This sleek, monochromatic look offers a unique aesthetic that’s sure to turn heads on the green.

Four Classic Models, One Stunning Finish

The B3 Triple Black Design LTD collection includes four time-honoured, tour-proven shapes:

  1. Newport 2: Based on the Super Select Newport 2 shape, this model comes with a misted Tour Black finish. It’s also the only model available in a left-handed version.
  2. Newport 2 Long Neck: This model extends the design of the Super Select Newport 2 head shape, featuring an I-beam style long neck. It’s perfect for players who prefer a more straight-back-straight-through putting stroke.
  3. Santa Fe: A blast from the past, this name comes from Scotty’s Classics line. The updated model is slightly wider than a standard Newport, with a shaft-over-spud design and a modern single bend for near-face balanced performance.
  4. Catalina: This model brings back a name from Scotty’s early career. It features an I-beam style flare “1.5” neck with a head based on the Super Select Newport shape – a configuration currently available only on tour.

Premium Features

Each putter in the collection boasts:

  • A solid, precision milled 303 stainless steel body
  • Customisable sole weights
  • A dual-milled face
  • Refined graphics accented in jet black, asphalt, red, and translucent smoke paintfill

Availability and Pricing

Mark your calendars! The B3 Triple Black Design LTD putters will be available in select Titleist golf shops worldwide starting Friday, July 26, 2024. The suggested retail price is set at £729.


  • Loft: 3.5°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Length options: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • Offset: Full Shaft (Newport 2, Newport 2 LN, Catalina), ¾ Shaft (Santa Fe)

Whether you’re a long-time Scotty Cameron fan or new to the brand, these limited edition putters offer a unique opportunity to game familiar models in an exciting new finish. Don’t miss your chance to add one of these stunning putters to your bag!

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Unleash Your Short Game Potential with the Callaway OPUS Wedge

Introducing the Callaway OPUS Wedge: A Game-Changing Innovation in Wedge Design

In the ever-evolving world of golf equipment, Callaway has once again raised the bar with the introduction of the OPUS Wedge. This revolutionary wedge is designed to provide golfers with unparalleled control, elevating their short game to new heights. Crafted with the latest advancements in wedge technology, the OPUS Wedge promises to be the ultimate tool for mastering the scoring zone.

Innovative Technologies for Maximum Performance

The Callaway OPUS Wedge is a true testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation. Packed with cutting-edge features, this wedge is engineered to deliver exceptional performance in a variety of playing conditions.

Precision Grind Designs

One of the standout features of the OPUS Wedge is its four distinct grind options, each tailored to meet the unique needs of golfers. From the versatile Standard Grind to the specialized T Grind, Callaway has ensured that players can find the perfect fit for their swing and course conditions.

Maximising Spin and Control

At the heart of the OPUS Wedge’s performance is its ability to generate exceptional spin and control around the greens. Callaway’s innovative technologies, such as the advanced groove design and optimised sole geometry, work in harmony to provide golfers with unparalleled shot-making capabilities.

Distance and Trajectory Control

In addition to its impressive spin and control, the OPUS Wedge also excels in delivering consistent distance and trajectory control. Callaway’s proprietary technologies ensure that each shot lands precisely where you intend, allowing you to attack the pin with confidence.

Unleash Your Short Game Potential

The Callaway OPUS Wedge is more than just a golf club – it’s a game-changing tool that can transform your short game. Whether you’re battling tricky lies, navigating tight fairways, or aiming for tight pin locations, this wedge is designed to help you overcome the challenges and achieve your scoring goals.

Versatility for Any Situation

One of the standout features of the OPUS Wedge is its exceptional versatility. With its range of grind options and advanced technologies, this wedge can adapt to a variety of playing conditions and shot requirements. From delicate pitch shots to aggressive bunker blasts, the OPUS Wedge is equipped to handle it all with precision and control.

Confidence-Inspiring Performance

When you step up to the ball with the Callaway OPUS Wedge in your hands, you’ll feel a sense of confidence and trust in your equipment. The advanced design and engineering behind this club will empower you to take on any short game challenge with the assurance that your shots will land where you intend.

Experience the Difference for Yourself

If you’re ready to take your short game to new heights, the Callaway OPUS Wedge is the answer you’ve been searching for. We will soon be offering OPUS in a FREE custom fitting at all AFGolfStore’s including our newest venue in Kettering. Keep an eye out for launch this August. 

We can help you in a FREE custom fitting at any AFGolfStore, where we will be able to customise these clubs to your specifications with the help of launch monitor data in Trackman! 

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Unlock Your Putting Prowess: Discover the Top 3 Odyssey Putters for 2024

Are you tired of watching your golf ball drift off-line, leaving you with frustrating three-putts and missed opportunities? Fear not, for the future of putting is here, and it’s powered by revolutionary AI technology. Introducing the Odyssey AI putters, the game-changing solution that will transform your short game and help you dominate the greens in 2024.

These cutting-edge putters are the result of meticulous research and development, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to optimise every aspect of the design. From the precisely engineered face inserts to the meticulously balanced head shapes, each element has been carefully crafted to deliver unparalleled accuracy, consistency, and forgiveness.

Embrace Forgiveness and Confidence on the Green

While the AI-powered performance of the Odyssey putters is undoubtedly impressive, the brand has also recognised the importance of forgiveness and confidence for golfers of all 

skill levels. That’s why they’ve developed a range of putters that not only boast cutting-edge technology but also feature designs that inspire trust and stability on the green. Whether you prefer the classic blade style or the more forgiving mallet design, Odyssey has a putter that will perfectly complement your stroke and help you sink more putts with ease. With high-MOI (Moment of Inertia) configurations and innovative weighting systems, these putters provide the stability and forgiveness you need to conquer even the most challenging greens.

The Top 3 Odyssey Putters for 2024

Now, let’s dive into our top three Odyssey putters that will help you elevate your putting game in 2024:

1. Odyssey Ai One #7 Putter

The Odyssey AI-One #7 Putter is a true game-changer. A classic shape in the Odyssey family offering great stability and easy alignment. This putter features a revolutionary face insert that has been meticulously engineered using artificial intelligence, ensuring optimal energy transfer and consistent ball striking for unparalleled accuracy.

A proven favourite among tour professionals, provides a clear and intuitive visual cue to help you align your putter face with ease. The result is a putter that not only looks and feels exceptional but also delivers the confidence and consistency you need to sink more putts and lower your scores.

2. Odyssey Ai-One Milled Eleven T

The Odyssey Ai One Milled Eleven T Putter is a true masterpiece of engineering, designed to provide the ultimate in forgiveness and stability. Featuring a high-MOI mallet head and the revolutionary Stroke Lab shaft technology, this putter delivers unparalleled stability and consistency, even on off-centre hits.

With the Ai technology again in the face, however this putter range is off a more premium feel and look. It is the replacement for the incredible Toulon range in the Odyssey family and played with a bronze coloured titanium face insert for unmatched feel.   

3. Odyssey Ai-One Cruiser Jailbird

Arguably the hottest putter on tour and one of the most sought after in golf! The Jailbird design in the Ai-One head offers incredible alignment with the versa technology. It boasts the white hot Ai face insert for optimising consistency in roll.

The cruiser range offers a long design option of putter. Starting at 38 inches through to the broom handle. Players such as Wyndham Clark and Rickie Fowler have had great success with this putter.

Elevate Your Putting Game with Odyssey

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate weekend warrior, the top Odyssey putters for 2024 offer the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, forgiveness, and classic performance. By harnessing the power of AI, high-MOI designs, and proven alignment systems, these putters are poised to help you unlock your full putting potential and dominate the greens like never before.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your short game, sink more putts, and take your golf game to new heights with the best Odyssey putters of 2024. Get ready to conquer the course and leave your competition in the dust!

We can help you in a FREE custom fitting at any AFGolfStore, where we will be able to customise these clubs to your specifications with the help of launch monitor data in Trackman! 

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Uncorking Your Inner Champion: A Look Inside AFGolfStore Kettering

Calling all golfers in Kettering and beyond! Are you ready to unleash your inner champion and take your game to the next level? Look no further than AFGolfStore Kettering, the newest addition to the AFGolfStore family.

A golfer’s paradise awaits! This state-of-the-art facility boasts a massive selection of clubs, apparel, and accessories from all the leading brands. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, AFGolfStore Kettering has everything you need to elevate your game.

Here’s what makes AFGolfStore Kettering stand out:


  • Free Custom Fitting: Unleash the true potential of your swing with a complimentary custom fitting session using the latest TrackMan 4 technology. Expert club fitters will analyse your swing and recommend the perfect equipment to maximise your distance, accuracy, and consistency.
  • Massive Brand Selection: Browse a wide range of top brands, from Callaway and TaylorMade to Titleist and Ping. Find the clubs that perfectly match your swing and playing style.
  • Indoor Putting Studio: Dial in your putting stroke with the help of the on-site SAM PuttLab putting studio. Analyze your putting mechanics and discover the perfect putter for holing more birdie putts.
  • In-House Build Service: Get your custom-fit clubs built quickly and efficiently with AFGolfStore’s in-house build service. Skilled technicians will ensure your new clubs are meticulously assembled to your exact specifications.
  • Expert Staff: The knowledgeable and passionate staff at AFGolfStore Kettering are here to answer your questions, offer expert advice, and guide you towards the equipment that will help you achieve your golfing goals.

Beyond Equipment: AFGolfStore Kettering is more than just a store; it’s a community hub for golfers of all levels. Stay tuned for exciting events and demo days designed to help you improve your game and connect with fellow golfing enthusiasts.

Ready to experience the AFGolfStore Kettering difference? Visit our new store from July 12th store at Pytchley Golf Lodge or book your free custom fitting appointment today! Let the journey to a better golf game begin at AFGolfStore Kettering!

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AFGolfStore Swings into Kettering with New Store at Pytchley Golf Lodge

Golfers in Kettering will soon have a new destination to improve their game as AFGolfStore announces the opening of its brand-new store at Pytchley Golf Lodge this July.

AFGolfStore is a leading golf retailer, renowned for its FREE custom fitting service with an extensive selection of top-tier equipment with golf’s leading club brands. Offering everything from bags to apparel, shoes to accessories and so much more from all the major brands.

The new store at Pytchley Golf Lodge will offer a haven for golfers of all levels, providing them with the opportunity to try out the latest clubs, get fitted for custom equipment, and browse the latest golf fashions.

“We are thrilled to be opening our doors at Pytchley Golf Lodge,” said Alan Fletcher, Director of AFGolfStore. “Pytchley’s driven approach to golf perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing golfers with everything they need to improve their game and enjoy the sport to the fullest.”

“We are excited to invest in our Trackman studio to bring the most modern and advanced experience in finding golfers new equipment. Our build centre is expanding to ensure clubs are built to perfection and delivered in a time that customers will love!”

The new AFGolfStore location will boast several features to enhance the customer experience, including:

  • Wide selection of golf equipment: From drivers and irons to putters and wedges, golfers will find a comprehensive range of clubs from top brands to suit their swing and budget. With a FREE custom fitting service it’s never been easier to ensure the clubs are correct for you!
  • Expert staff: The store will be staffed by knowledgeable and passionate golfers who can provide expert advice on equipment selection, fittings, and all things golf.
  • State-of-the-art launch monitors: Golfers can take advantage of Trackman 4 in our fitting studio and Science and Motion on our fitting putting green! Ensuring every customer is receiving the most precise feedback.
  • Stylish golf apparel and accessories: The store will carry a wide huge range of golf clothing and accessories from leading brands to help golfers look and feel their best on the course.

Alan told us “Our passion is customer service and satisfaction. We are thrilled to be bringing on a new team of expert staff who will enjoy continuous support and training to ensure they have the best tools to help golfers of Kettering. Our store will be stocked with all your favourite brands in clubs and clothing and much more! We can’t wait to get started and meet golfers in the area!”

Enjoy brands such as Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, Srixon, Mizuno, Cobra and much more in the club fitting studio or head into store where you will find Adidas, Under Armour, Lindeberg, BOSS, Ping, Galvin Green, Ralph Lauren and more in clothing and shoes!

The grand opening of the new AFGolfStore at Pytchley Golf Lodge will be celebrated on July 12th. The event will feature special offers, FREE fittings, a putter fitting event, goody bags and giveaways, making it a great opportunity for golfers in the Kettering area to experience the AFGolfStore difference.

About AFGolfStore

AFGolfStore is a leading golf retailer with a passion for the game. The company offers a huge range of golf equipment with leading golf club brands. Not only do they custom fit the clubs in their state-of-the-art studios but they can build the clubs on a speedy delivery time from there build centre. With a focus on exceptional customer service and a commitment to helping golfers of all levels improve their game, AFGolfStore is the perfect destination for all your golfing needs.

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A New Golf Store In Kettering

We are delighted to announce a new Golf Store in Kettering! It’s the 4th edition in our AFGolfStore family, bringing our popular services to a new audience!

AFGolfStore offers a wide selection of top-brand clubs, apparel, and accessories. We cater to golfers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, with expert staff on hand to provide buying advice and FREE custom club fitting using the latest technology such as Trackman. Our stores are more than just retail spaces; they’re community hubs hosting events and clinics to help you improve your game and connect with fellow golf enthusiasts.

Our new store in Kettering is located at Pytchley Golf Lodge, opening on July 12th! However, we will be offering a soft launch fitting day where you can gain access to our fitting studio with a FREE fitting appointment! BOOK NOW

Join us on July 12th where you can meet the team, enjoy some fun games, grab yourself a gift and enjoy a look around our new store! We are sure you’ll love it!

AFGolfStore will be home to your favourite brands in clothing, clubs and accessories with names such as Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, Adidas, Under Armour and many more…

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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Discover the Mizuno Pro 24: The Ultimate Irons for Your Game

Unlocking Your Full Golfing Potential with the Mizuno Pro 24 Irons

As golfers, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect set of irons to elevate our game. The Mizuno Pro 24 irons have been making waves in the golfing community, promising unparalleled performance and a tailored fit for every player. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the intricate details of the Mizuno Pro 241, 243, and 245 models, helping you determine which one is the ideal match for your unique golfing style and needs.

Embracing the Mizuno Pro 241: A Masterclass in Precision and Control

For the discerning golfer who values pure feel and exceptional workability, the Mizuno Pro 241 irons are a true revelation. Crafted with Mizuno’s renowned craftsmanship, these irons boast a compact, blade-like design that delivers a level of control and shot-shaping capabilities that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re carving your way through a tight fairway or executing a delicate approach shot, the Pro 241 irons respond with unparalleled precision, allowing you to shape your shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Featuring a forged 1025E mild carbon steel construction, the Pro 241 irons offer a soft, buttery feel that provides immediate feedback on every swing. The thin, tapered top line and minimal offset further enhance the irons’ workability, making it effortless to manipulate the ball flight and trajectory to your advantage. For the player who craves a true, traditional iron experience, the Mizuno Pro 241 is a masterclass in the art of ball striking.

Striking the Perfect Balance with the Mizuno Pro 243

If you’re seeking a set of irons that seamlessly blends forgiveness and control, the Mizuno Pro 243 is the answer. Designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels, these irons strike a perfect balance between distance, accuracy, and shot-shaping capabilities.

The Pro 243 features a slightly larger, cavity-back design that provides enhanced stability and forgiveness, allowing you to maintain consistent ball flight and distance, even on off-centre strikes. However, this additional forgiveness does not come at the expense of control. Mizuno’s innovative design ensures that the Pro 243 retains the responsive, feedback-rich feel that Mizuno is renowned for, empowering you to shape your shots with confidence.

Whether you’re a low-handicap player looking to refine your game or a mid-to-high handicapper seeking a more forgiving option, the Mizuno Pro 243 irons are a versatile and performance-driven choice that will elevate your golfing experience.

Unleash Your Distance with the Mizuno Pro 245

For golfers seeking a combination of distance and performance, the Mizuno Pro 245 irons are a game-changing option. Designed to deliver exceptional ball speed and launch characteristics, the Pro 245 irons are the perfect choice for players who want to maximise their distance without sacrificing the feel and control that Mizuno is renowned for.

At the heart of the Pro 245 irons is Mizuno’s innovative Forged Dual-Slot technology, which features a unique slot design that optimises launch and ball speed across the entire face. This innovative engineering allows the Pro 245 to deliver impressive distance gains while maintaining a high level of forgiveness, ensuring that your off-centre strikes still produce respectable results.

Complementing the distance-enhancing features, the Pro 245 irons also boast a refined, compact design that provides a pleasing aesthetic and a sense of control. The irons’ sleek appearance and minimal offset make them an appealing choice for players who desire a more traditional iron look without compromising on performance.

Finding Your Perfect Match: Choosing the Right Mizuno Pro 24 Irons

Selecting the right set of Mizuno Pro 24 irons is a crucial decision that can have a profound impact on your golfing journey. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking to fine-tune your game or a rising talent looking to unlock your full potential, the Mizuno Pro 241, 243, and 245 models offer a solution tailored to your unique needs.

The Mizuno Pro 241 irons are the ultimate choice for the player who craves pure feel, exceptional workability, and a true, traditional iron experience. If you’re a shot-shaper who thrives on precision and control, the Pro 241 will be your trusted companion on the course.

For golfers seeking a balance of forgiveness and control, the Mizuno Pro 243 irons are the perfect fit. Blending Mizuno’s renowned craftsmanship with a more forgiving design, the Pro 243 delivers consistent performance and the ability to shape your shots with confidence.

Finally, the Mizuno Pro 245 irons are the solution for players who prioritise distance without sacrificing performance. The innovative Forged Dual-Slot technology provides a remarkable boost in ball speed and launch, while maintaining the exceptional feel and control that Mizuno is known for.

Ultimately, the choice of Mizuno Pro 24 irons comes down to your individual golfing needs, preferences, and skill level. We encourage you to explore each model in-depth, considering your strengths, weaknesses, and the specific demands of your home course. With the guidance of a qualified club fitter, you can ensure that you select the Mizuno Pro 24 irons that will unlock your full golfing potential and elevate your game to new heights.

Elevate Your Game with the Mizuno Pro 24 Irons

The Mizuno Pro 24 irons represent a true masterpiece in golf club engineering, offering a tailored solution for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re seeking pure feel and exceptional control, a balanced blend of forgiveness and performance, or a distance-enhancing powerhouse, the Pro 241, 243, and 245 models have you covered.

By taking the time to understand your unique golfing needs and preferences, you can confidently select the Mizuno Pro 24 irons that will unlock your full potential and propel your game to new heights. Embrace the unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative technology, and Mizuno’s legacy of excellence, and experience the transformative impact of the Mizuno Pro 24 irons on your golfing journey.

We can help you in a FREE custom fitting at any AFGolfStore, where we will be able to customise these clubs to your specifications with the help of launch monitor data in Trackman! 

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The Revolutionary 3D Printed Irons From Cobra: A Game-Changing Innovation

Unlocking the Future of Golf Equipment

In the ever-evolving world of golf, where technological advancements continue to push the boundaries of performance, a groundbreaking innovation has emerged from Cobra Golf. The introduction of the Cobra LIMIT3D irons marks a significant milestone in the industry, as they become the first-ever 3D printed irons to hit the market. This revolutionary development promises to redefine the way golfers approach their game, blending the precision and feel of forged irons with the unparalleled forgiveness of game-improvement designs.

The Rise of 3D Printing in Golf

The integration of 3D printing technology into golf equipment is a testament to the industry’s relentless pursuit of innovation. This cutting-edge manufacturing process allows for unprecedented levels of customisation and optimisation, enabling Cobra to create irons that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of golfers. By leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing, the brand has been able to push the boundaries of traditional iron design, opening up new avenues for enhanced performance and playability.

Cobra LIMIT3D Irons: A Fusion of Forged Feel and Forgiveness

The Cobra LIMIT3D irons represent a remarkable fusion of forged feel and game-improvement forgiveness. This unique blend of attributes is achieved through Cobra’s innovative 3D printing process, which allows for the creation of intricate internal structures and weight distributions that would be virtually impossible to replicate using traditional manufacturing methods.

Forged Feel and Precision

At the heart of the Cobra LIMIT3D irons lies the uncompromising feel and precision associated with forged club heads. Cobra’s commitment to craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each iron delivers a satisfying and responsive feel at impact. Golfers can expect a soft, buttery sensation that is synonymous with high-quality forged irons, allowing for enhanced shot-shaping capabilities and a heightened connection with the ball.

Unparalleled Forgiveness

While the forged feel of the Cobra LIMIT3D irons caters to the discerning preferences of skilled players, the game-improvement features embedded within the design ensure that golfers of all skill levels can benefit from their performance. Through the strategic placement of weight and the optimisation of internal structures, Cobra has created irons that offer exceptional forgiveness, helping to minimise the impact of off-centre strikes and providing a more forgiving and consistent ball flight.

Unlocking Customisation and Optimisation

Unlocking New Possibilities

The introduction of the Cobra LIMIT3D irons marks a significant milestone in the evolution of golf equipment. By harnessing the power of 3D printing, Cobra has opened the door to a world of new possibilities, where the boundaries of traditional iron design are pushed to their limits. This innovative approach not only enhances the performance and playability of the clubs but also paves the way for a future where golfers can truly customise their equipment to match their unique playing styles and preferences.

Embracing the Future of Golf

The Cobra LIMIT3D irons represent a revolutionary step forward in the world of golf equipment. By seamlessly blending the feel and precision of forged irons with the unparalleled forgiveness of game-improvement designs, Cobra has created a product that caters to the diverse needs of golfers at all skill levels. The integration of 3D printing technology has unlocked new realms of customisation and optimisation, empowering golfers to take control of their game like never before.

As the golf industry continues to evolve, the Cobra LIMIT3D irons stand as a testament to the power of innovation and the relentless pursuit of performance. By embracing the future and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Cobra has set a new standard for excellence in the world of golf equipment, paving the way for a new era of game-changing advancements.

We have a small amount of stock remaining in our build centre with fitting kit available to try in a free fitting! We can help you in a FREE custom fitting at any AFGolfStore, where we will be able to customise these clubs to your specifications with the help of launch monitor data in Trackman! 

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