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Inside the Taylormade Tour Truck: A Closer Look at the Workshop

The Impressive Taylormade Tour Truck

Today, we take a special tour inside the taylormade tour truck, located at the AF Golf Store in Cambridge for our recent fitting event. This impressive truck serves as a traveling workshop for the Taylormade players on the European tour as well as servicing at the Open. In this blog, we will explore the fascinating machinery and processes that go on inside this truck. From club fittings to customisations, the taylormade tour truck is a hub of activity.

A Tour of the Workshop

As we step inside the tour truck, we are greeted by Lee, an expert from taylormade. The workshop is filled with an array of machinery, designed to cater to the specific needs of professional golfers. Let’s take a closer look at each workstation and learn about the processes involved.

Club Building and Customisation

The first step in club building is selecting the head and shaft. The truck houses a variety of wood heads and shafts, catering to different player preferences. The players have the luxury of cherry-picking the exact loft and shaft they desire. This attention to detail ensures that they achieve optimal performance on the course.

Once the head and shaft are chosen, a dry build is performed. This involves assembling the club without gluing it, allowing the technicians to check the fit and swing weight. Precise measurements are taken to ensure that the swing weight is accurate.

The truck is equipped with cutting machines to trim down shafts and ensure a secure fit. It also features a wood loft and lie machine, which measures the loft, lie, and face angle of drivers and fairway woods.

Putter Customisation

The taylormade tour truck also offers customisation options for putters. Players can choose from different face inserts, each offering a unique feel. This level of customisation allows players to fine-tune their putting game and select the insert that suits their preferences.

Additionally, the truck houses a variety of grips to cater to different player preferences. From softer grips to stiffer, tackier grips, the players can choose the grip that provides optimal comfort and control. The truck even includes the exact putter grip used by DJ, ensuring that every player’s needs are met.

Swing Weight and Customisation

Swing weight plays a crucial role in a player’s performance. The taylormade tour truck offers an extensive selection of weights, allowing players to achieve their desired swing weight. This level of customisation ensures that each player’s clubs are tailored to their specific preferences and playing style.

An Exclusive Experience

The taylormade tour truck is not open to the general public. Only players and their teams, including caddies, managers, and coaches, have access to the truck during tournament weeks. The truck is a hive of activity as clubs are built and adjusted to perfection.

Throughout the truck, players can find personalised items, such as golf balls with their specific markings and headcovers adorned with their logos. These small touches add to the exclusive experience and further enhance the players’ sense of ownership.

The Meeting Room

Located at the back of the truck is a private meeting room. This room provides players with a quiet space to make private phone calls or relax before their tournaments. Soundproofed and equipped with a television, players can catch up on the latest tournament coverage or review highlights from previous weeks.

A Hub of Activity

The taylormade tour truck is a fascinating glimpse into the world of professional golf. From meticulous club fittings to detailed customisations, every aspect of the players’ needs is catered to. The level of precision and attention to detail is a testament to the dedication of taylormade and their commitment to providing the best equipment for the world’s top golfers.

We hope you enjoyed this closer look at the taylormade tour truck. It is truly a remarkable space, filled with cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship. If you found this blog interesting, be sure to subscribe to our channel and share it with your golfing friends. 

If you are looking to try Taylormade for the coming season then you can do so for FREE in a club fitting at any AFGolfStore.

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Exploring the New Odyssey AI Range of Putters

Welcome back to the blog! Today, we are going to take a closer look at the new Odyssey AI range of putters. These putters have been generating a lot of buzz in the golfing community, and we’re excited to dive in and explore their features. So, let’s get started!

The AI Range

The Odyssey AI range consists of three main models: the AI one, the AI One Milled, and the Ai One Cruiser. Each model offers unique features and benefits that cater to different types of players. Let’s take a closer look at each of these models:

AI One

The AI One is the more affordable model in the range. It is suitable for a wide range of players, from amateurs to professionals. The AI technology used in these putters is based on the analysis of millions of golf swings, which has helped optimise the design for maximum performance. The AI One features a white hot insert that provides a slightly softer feel, allowing for better control and smoother roll of the ball.

Credit: Nippon

AI One Milled

The AI One Milled is designed as a replacement for the premium Toulon series. It offers a slightly firmer feel compared to the AI One due to the Milled Titanium face plate , making it ideal for players who prefer a more precise and responsive feedback. The AI One Milled putters feature a copper coloured insert and come in a variety of head options to suit different playing styles and preferences.

Ai One Cruiser

The Cruiser putters are part of the latest addition to the AI range released in early 2024. These putters are longer and more counterbalanced, providing increased stability and control. They are ideal for players who prefer a longer putter or those who struggle with consistency in their stroke. The Cruiser putters feature various head options, including the classic designs like the Number Seven head or even the Jailbird.

Custom Fitting

Custom fitting is a crucial aspect when choosing a putter. Just like with drivers, getting a putter that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences can greatly improve your performance on the greens. Odyssey offers custom fitting services to help you find the perfect putter for your game.

The Importance of Custom Fitting

Custom fitting for putters is often overlooked, but it is just as important as fitting for drivers. Every golfer is unique, and finding a putter that suits your stroke, alignment, and preferences is essential for optimal performance. Odyssey uses the Sam Lab Science of Motion to track your putter’s performance and analyse key metrics such as face aim, path, timing, acceleration, speed, and consistency.

Neck Type and Alignment

During the custom fitting process, one of the crucial factors to consider is the neck type of the putter. The neck type determines the amount of toe flow, which influences the rotation of the putter during the stroke. A more straight-back-and-through stroke benefits from a face-balanced putter, while a stroke with more rotation benefits from a putter with toe flow.

In addition to neck type, alignment is another important aspect of custom fitting. Proper alignment ensures that your eyes are in the correct position to read the line of the putt. Odyssey putters offer various alignment aids, such as alignment lines and tram lines, to assist with alignment and improve consistency.

Length and Loft Angles

The length and loft angles of a putter also play a significant role in custom fitting. The length of the putter affects your setup position and eye position over the ball. Finding the right length ensures that you are set up correctly for consistent and accurate putting. Loft angles, on the other hand, influence the launch angle and roll of the ball. Matching the loft angle to your stroke and the greens you play on is crucial for distance control.

The Technology Behind AI Range

The Odyssey AI Range of putters incorporates advanced AI technology and data analysis to improve performance. By analysing millions of golf swings, Odyssey has identified the optimal design and weighting for each putter model to enhance stability, control, and roll of the ball.

The AI technology focuses on the back of the putter face insert, this allows for precise weight distribution, resulting in a more consistent and accurate strike. Some putters in the AI range even feature a window on the back of the head, providing a visual representation of the face formation.


There you have it – a comprehensive overview of the new AI range of putters from Odyssey. These putters combine innovative AI technology with thoughtful design to deliver exceptional performance on the greens. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, there’s a putter in the AI range that can help elevate your game.

Remember, custom fitting is crucial when choosing a putter. By getting fitted for the right neck type, length, and loft angle, you can optimise your stroke and improve your putting consistency. If you’re in the market for a new putter, we highly recommend booking a custom fitting session with us to find the perfect match for your game. Book yours at

Thank you for reading! We hope this blog has provided valuable insights into the new AI range of putters from Odyssey. If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with these putters, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy putting!

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Custom Club Fitting Experience: Finding the Perfect Taylormade Irons

Early one morning, I embarked on a custom club fitting adventure that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. Armed with excitement and anticipation, I headed down to the Taylormade brand centre to get fitted by an expert who wasn’t affiliated with my usual custom fitters, kick starting with Taylormade Irons. 

This was a neutral fit, where the goal was to see if they could beat my current set of clubs and find the perfect specifications for me. Join me on this journey as I explore the world of club fitting and discover the potential improvements for my game.

Arriving at the Brand Centre

After a much-needed stop at a Starbucks, Chris and I arrived at the TaylorMade brand centre in Basingstoke. We were greeted by Lee, the expert who would be guiding me through the fitting process. Our first stop was the studio, where we would start with the irons and then progress through the entire bag.

Finding the Right Irons

I had been playing with my Titleist T100s irons for about 18 months, and I was in love with them. Lee knew he had a challenge ahead of him to find a set that could beat my current irons. We began by hitting a few shots with my T100s to establish a baseline.

As we analysed the shots, Lee noticed that my launch and spin were a bit low for optimal performance. He suggested trying the TaylorMade P770 irons, which offered a balance between forgiveness and playability. I was hesitant about switching to a different brand, but I was open to exploring the possibilities.

With the P770 irons in hand, I took my first swing. The difference was noticeable right away. The ball launched higher and spun more, resulting in a softer landing on the greens. The numbers were promising, with a significant improvement in descent angle and overall performance.

But there was still the question of the shaft. I had been using the Project X 6.5 shaft, which felt heavy and challenging to control, especially as I got fatigued during a round. Lee suggested trying the Dynamic Gold X100 shaft, which was slightly lighter and had a different feel. However, I didn’t enjoy the feel of it and felt more comfortable with the Project X shaft.

Lee then introduced the Nippon Modus 120 X shaft, which was slightly lighter than the Project X but still provided the stability I needed. The difference was remarkable. The ball flight was more responsive, and I felt more connected to the clubhead. It was love at first swing.

The Perfect Combination: P770 Irons with Nippon Modus 120 X Shaft

After a thorough analysis of my swing and the performance of different shafts, we settled on the P770 irons with the Nippon Modus 120 X shaft. The combination of forgiveness, playability, and improved ball flight made these irons the clear winner. I was excited to see how they would translate to the rest of my bag.

Exploring the Rest of the Bag

With the iron fitting complete, it was time to move on to the other clubs in my bag. Lee wanted to assess my performance with the three iron and determine if there were any improvements to be made.

As it turned out, my three iron had a low and flat ball flight that didn’t suit my game. Lee suggested exploring alternatives such as hybrids or fairway woods to achieve a higher launch. However, I had never been able to get comfortable with hybrids or five woods in the past, so we decided to focus on finding a better three iron.

Driver Dilemma: Distance versus Control

One club that had always been a challenge for me was the driver. While I had no trouble with distance, keeping the ball in play was a constant struggle. Lee understood this and knew that finding a driver that offered both distance and control was crucial.

We would delve into the driver fitting in the next part of the process, but I was eager to see if Lee could work his magic and help me find a driver that would revolutionise my tee shots.


As the iron fitting came to an end, I was excited about part one of the process. The P770 irons with the Nippon Modus 120 X shaft had surpassed my expectations and offered a perfect combination of forgiveness, playability, and control.

I couldn’t wait to see what the next part of the fitting process would bring as we explored the world of drivers. Will Lee be able to find a driver that could help me hit long, straight shots? Join me in the next part of this custom club fitting journey to find out. Coming soon…

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Nippon Golf Shafts: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome back to Tech Talk! In today’s lesson, we’re going to dive into the world of Nippon golf shafts. Nippon is a renowned company that has been producing high-quality shafts since 1959. With a wide range of profiles to suit every golfer’s needs, Nippon has become a popular choice in the golf market. In this blog, we will explore the different profiles offered by Nippon and discuss their unique characteristics. So, whether you’re a lightweight or heavyweight golfer, amateur or professional, Nippon has a shaft that will enhance your game. Let’s get started!

The NS Pro 950 GH

One of Nippon’s most well-known shafts is the NS Pro 950 GH. Nippon prides itself on using ultra-premium components in their steel manufacturing process. The NS Pro 950 GH boasts a multi-step heat treatment process, ensuring consistency in weight, ovalisation, and the original design of each shaft. Whether you’re using a seven iron, a wedge, or a 2 iron, you can expect the same performance and feel as the original design intended. This lightweight option is ideal for amateur golfers and has seen numerous worldwide wins on the PGA Tour, Japanese Tour, and pan Asian Tour. With over 40 million shafts sold, the NS Pro 950 GH is a trusted choice for golfers worldwide.

Credit: Nippon

The Modus Series

In 2009, Nippon introduced the Modus series, which has gained popularity among golfers. The Modus series offers a range of options to cater to different swing speeds and player preferences. The original Modus series included the 105 and 120 profiles, which have since been updated to include the 130, 125, and 115 grams options.

The 105 and 120 Profiles

The 105 and 120 profiles in the Modus series are traditional options, similar to the well-known Dynamic Gold shafts from True Temper. These profiles provide a smooth feel throughout the swing, with a soft midsection and firmer tip. The 120 profile, however, stands out with its reduced midsection strength, offering higher kick and easier turnover. Golfers can expect a high flight with these profiles, suitable for those seeking a smooth swing with high spin and lower launch conditions.

The 130 Profile

The 130 profile in the Modus series is a departure from the traditional profiles. It features a stiff and rigid butt section and midsection, with a softer tip. This profile is ideal for golfers who prefer an aggressive tempo and a hitting style rather than a swinging style. The 130 profile has found its way into the bags of professionals like Sergio Garcia, offering a unique playing experience.

Additional Modus Profiles

In addition to the 105, 120, and 130 profiles, Nippon has introduced the 115 and 125 profiles. These profiles cater to golfers who prefer a weight category between the 105 and 120 grams options. The 115 and 125 profiles maintain the traditional characteristics of the Modus series, providing options for golfers based on their specific needs and preferences.

The Zelos Series

Nippon’s Zelos series is a recent addition to their lineup. It offers an alternative to graphite shafts, providing golfers with a lightweight steel option. The Zelos series comes in 60 grams, 70 grams, and 80 grams options, offering a range of choices for golfers who prefer the feel and consistency of steel. Nippon believes that steel is the most important component in their shafts and can rival the performance of graphite shafts. The Zelos series features a super soft profile throughout the shaft, aiding in achieving maximum launch and spin. If you’re looking to emphasize distance in your game while maintaining a lightweight option, the Zelos series is worth considering.

Choosing the Right Profile

With all the options available from Nippon, it’s essential to choose the right profile for your game. The NS Pro 950 GH is a reliable choice for lightweight and amateur golfers, while the Modus series offers a range of profiles to suit different swing speeds and playing styles. The Zelos series provides a lightweight steel option for those who prefer the consistency and feel of steel shafts. It’s always recommended to consult with a knowledgeable professional to determine the best profile for your specific needs. At Af golf store, Peterborough, our experienced staff can guide you and ensure your bag setup is optimized for your game.


Nippon golf shafts have a long-standing reputation for their high-quality craftsmanship and performance. With options like the NS Pro 950 GH, Modus series, and Zelos series, Nippon offers profiles to suit every golfer’s needs. Whether you’re a lightweight or heavyweight golfer, amateur or professional, Nippon has a shaft that will elevate your game. Visit our store today and let our knowledgeable staff assist you in finding the perfect Nippon golf shaft for your game. Get ready to experience the smooth feel, consistency, and performance that Nippon is known for!

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The Mizuno Tour Truck: A Sneak Peek Inside

Today, we have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Mizuno Tour truck, which recently arrived at AFGolfStore in Cambridge. Joining us on this exciting tour is Joe, the senior tour rep for Mizuno.

Let’s dive right in and see what this amazing facility has to offer.

Inside the Tour Truck

Joe, who spends around 20 to 23 weeks a year working on the European Tour, takes us through the different sections of the truck dedicated to helping Mizuno players optimize their performance on the course.

Loft and Lie Machine

One of the most important machines in the truck is the loft and lie machine. It ensures that the players’ clubs are perfectly dialed in week after week. Alongside it, we find the gripping station, where the players’ grips are maintained and checked regularly. These two machines are the most popular and essential for the players’ performance.

Keeping on Top of Lie Angles

While players don’t typically change lie angles week to week, they do check them regularly to ensure they are correct. Mizuno’s forged and premium products, known for their softness, can be affected by terrains and grounds. The amount of play and practice also requires constant monitoring of the lie angles.

Shaft Measuring and Cutting

Continuing the tour, we come across some big and chunky machines dedicated to shaft measuring and cutting. The truck houses tip grinders and a grinding machine at the end, all essential for keeping the players’ clubs in optimal condition. The grinding machine is primarily used for tip grinding, which ensures proper adhesion of the glue. Additionally, it can be used to grind the heads of the clubs if necessary.

Customisation for Lob Wedges

When it comes to grinding heads, the focus is often on the lob wedges. By taking a bit out of the heel, players can achieve the desired look and performance when opening up their lob wedges. Once players find a configuration they like, they typically stick with it.

The Impressive Shaft Wall

As we move further into the truck, we encounter the shaft wall, showcasing an extensive collection of shafts. Among the various options, the Ventus shaft stands out as one of the most popular choices for drivers. Mizuno prides itself on offering a wide range of shafts to suit every player’s preference and playing style.

The Classic Project X and Dynamic Gold

When it comes to irons, the most popular shafts on tour are the Project X and Dynamic Gold. These classic choices provide the strength and control that many professional players desire. Mizuno caters to the preferences of athletes who prefer heavier and firmer shafts for their irons.

Grips for Every Player

In the drawers of the tour truck, we find an array of grips, each tailored to the individual players’ preferences. Among them, Luke Donald’s multi compound blue black and Keith Mitchell’s victory grips stand out as unique choices. These personalized grips add that extra touch of individuality for the players.

Luke’s and Keith’s Grip Preferences

While Luke opts for the blue black multi compound grip, Keith prefers the classic victory grip. These grips are specifically made for a select few players in Europe and showcase their personal style and preferences.

From Grip Drawers to Head Storage

Interestingly, each player has their own designated drawer for grips on the truck, allowing for easy access and personalisation. However, when it comes to club heads, they are stored in drawers on the side of the truck. It’s worth noting that the heads used on tour are the same as those available to the public, highlighting Mizuno’s commitment to consistency and quality.

The Transition to New Products

This year, Mizuno released the new 241-243-245 range of irons. When asked about players’ response to the new product, Joe explains that the transition has been seamless. With blades, the performance is the key factor, and the new irons offer improved aesthetics and a brushed matte chrome finish that reduces glare. The combination sets, such as the 245, have also gained popularity among players.

Combo Sets for Versatility

The combo sets, which feature a mix of different Mizuno irons, are favored by many players. Typically, players opt for the 2 iron, 4 iron, and 5 iron in a more forgiving profile while using blades in the shorter irons. The smaller jump in head size between these clubs makes for a smooth transition and enhanced performance. The feedback from players during testing has been positive, emphasising the importance of finding the right fit.

Building Sets for Players

On average, Mizuno builds two to three sets of irons for each player per year. The need for a new set can arise from worn-out clubs or simply as a backup set. In addition to irons, players often require regular changes to their wedges, especially lob wedges that undergo extensive practice and play. Mizuno ensures that the players’ clubs are always in top condition to meet their performance expectations.

Exploring the Wood Range

While Mizuno may not have the same level of marketing as some other brands, their wood range is gaining traction and recognition among both professionals and enthusiasts. Joe highlights two standout products: the ST Max and the STG.

The ST Max Surprise

The ST Max, known for its stability and sleek appearance at address, has been a pleasant surprise for Mizuno. It features a larger profile and a back weight that enhances stability during powerful drives. Players can rely on the ST Max to maintain stability and control, even with high swing speeds.

Fast Speed with the ST-G

Another notable addition to the wood range is the ST-G. Offering exceptional speed and stability, this club has garnered attention from players looking for maximum performance. Mizuno encourages players to compare their products against competitors to truly appreciate their capabilities.

Swing Weight Matters

One crucial aspect of club customisation is the swing weight. Mizuno takes pride in matching the swing weights precisely to the players’ specifications. While some players are more particular about swing weight than others, Mizuno ensures that every club is built to the exact same swing weight as specified by the player.

Changing Heads and Shaft Effects

Players do notice the changes in swing weight when heads and shafts are modified. These alterations can significantly impact performance. Mizuno’s attention to detail and consistency in swing weight help players maintain their desired feel and control throughout their game.

Wrapping Up the Tour

As our tour of the Mizuno Tour truck comes to an end, we extend our gratitude to Joe for giving us an inside look at this remarkable facility. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend visiting one of our stores where you can experience the full range of Mizuno products. At AF’s Golf Store, we offer Mizuno fitting services and have the necessary equipment in our build center to ensure that you find the perfect clubs for your game. The Mizuno Tour truck serves as a testament to Mizuno’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to helping players reach their full potential on the golf course.

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Callaway AI Smoke Driver Fitting

Welcome to the AF Golf Store blog, where we provide expert advice and reviews on golf equipment. In this blog post, we will be discussing the latest Callaway AI Smoke Driver, and its performance during a fitting session. If you’re looking to improve your driving distance and accuracy, keep reading to find out if this driver is right for you.

The Fitting Process

During the fitting session, Chris, our golfer, met with a fitting specialist at the AF Golf Store to discuss his goals and preferences for a new driver. Chris expressed his desire to improve his distance and accuracy off the tee, with a focus on keeping the ball in play.

The specialist began by asking Chris about his current driver specifications. Chris mentioned that he was using the TSR 2 driver with a hazardous 6.5 shaft, which he was fitted for last year. Despite enjoying his current driver, Chris was open to exploring new options that could improve his dispersion and confidence off the tee.

The specialist explained that modern-day drivers offer various options and adjustability features to cater to each player’s specific needs. By analysing Chris’s swing and ball flight tendencies, the specialist suggested starting with the Callaway AI Smoke driver, which has received positive feedback from golfers.

The Callaway AI Smoke Driver

The Callaway AI Smoke driver comes in several different models, but for Chris, the specialist recommended the AI Smoke Max 9° driver. This model offers maneuverable weight and a slightly draw-biased configuration, which could benefit Chris’s swing characteristics and desired shot shape.

The specialist made some adjustments to the driver’s settings, setting it to a  slightly lower loft and a draw bias. These changes aimed to help Chris achieve a more penetrating ball flight with reduced spin, ultimately improving his accuracy and distance off the tee.

Fitting Session Results

Chris began hitting shots with the Callaway AI Smoke Max driver, and the specialist observed the ball flight and analysed the launch monitor data. Overall, Chris showed promising results with the new driver.

During the fitting session, Chris displayed a desired shot shape of a slight draw. The specialist noted that while Chris’s swing technique needed improvement, technology could play a role in helping him control his ball flight. The specialist suggested that, through the use of technology, Chris could optimise his desired shot shape by reducing cuts and slices.

The launch monitor data revealed that Chris’s swing path and club face angle were slightly left, resulting in the ball starting to the left and sometimes drifting further left. The specialist recommended adjusting the club face to square it up better, potentially reducing the spin rate and achieving a straighter ball flight.

Throughout the fitting session, Chris hit shots with good ball speeds and spin rates, indicating that he was generating sufficient club head speed and achieving a relatively consistent impact position on the face. Despite some shots veering off to the right, Chris demonstrated improved control and confidence with the AI Smoke Max driver.

Final Thoughts

Based on the fitting session results, Chris decided to upgrade to the Callaway AI Smoke Max driver. The driver’s forgiveness, adjustability, and confidence-inspiring design aligned with Chris’s goals of hitting more fairways and gaining distance off the tee.

Chris acknowledged that he still needed to work on his swing technique and efficiency, but he believed that the AI Smoke Max driver would help him achieve better results on the course. He appreciated the improved ball flight and forgiveness, which were evident even on mishits.

In conclusion, the Callaway AI Smoke Max driver proved to be a suitable choice for Chris, providing him with a more controlled and consistent ball flight. If you’re in the market for a new driver and are looking to improve your accuracy and distance off the tee, the Callaway AI Smoke range is worth considering.

Visit the AF Golf Store website to browse the latest golf equipment and schedule a fitting session with our knowledgeable staff. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your game with the right equipment.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog post are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of Callaway or any other brand mentioned.

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Scotty Cameron Phantom Putter Review

Welcome back to our blog! Today, we are going to take a closer look at the new Scotty Cameron Phantom putter.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom range is one of the most popular ranges of putters out there. With ten models in the new range, including the long design model set to be released in the middle of May, these putters are definitely worth considering.

What’s New with the Scotty Cameron Phantom Putter?

When it comes to putters, Scotty Cameron doesn’t make drastic changes. However, the design of the new Phantom putters does have some noticeable differences. The sight line has been improved with the addition of dots and lines, making it easier for golfers to align their shots. The feel of the putter remains consistent with the Scotty Cameron feel, thanks to the stainless steel face. Overall, the Scotty Cameron Phantom putter is visually appealing and well-built.

One notable change in the new models is the grip. While some golfers may prefer the traditional winn style grip, Scotty Cameron has opted for a rubber grip this time. The grip has a unique shape and ensures complete contact, but its unconventional design may not be to everyone’s liking.

Taking the Scotty Cameron Phantom Putter for a Spin

Now, let’s talk about how the Scotty Cameron Phantom putter performs on the green. We had the opportunity to try out the 5.5 and 9.5 models. The new 9.5 model caught our attention with its wing-back design, reminiscent of Batman. The slightly smaller head of the 9.5 model appealed to us, as we were used to playing with the 5.5 model. When we placed the putters on the ground, they sat nicely and looked sleek, just as we would expect from a Scotty Cameron putter.

Initially, the grip didn’t feel fantastic, but after a few putts, it started to grow on us. However, it’s essential to note that these putters come with a hefty price tag. At £429, they are not cheap. Although some competitor brands have brought down prices, Scotty Cameron has maintained its premium positioning. But if the putter delivers on performance, the price may be justified.

When it comes to feel, it can be subjective. As a golfer, we enjoyed putting with the standard mil face, which aligns with our personal preferences. The Scotty Cameron Phantom putter offers a great feel that complements our putting style. However, it’s important to remember that feel varies from golfer to golfer, so it’s best to try out different putters and see what works for you.

Customisation and Price

Scotty Cameron putters don’t offer extensive customisation options. While there are a few length options (33, 34, and 35), the grip and other aspects remain relatively unchanged. Additionally, most Scotty Cameron putters are pre-built in the US and imported into the UK. Therefore, customisation is limited.

Now, let’s discuss the price. The Scotty Cameron Phantom putter is priced at £429, which is considerably higher than many competitors in the market. While other brands, like Odyssey and TaylorMade, offer similar high-tech features at a lower price point, Scotty Cameron maintains its premium image. It’s essential to consider if the performance justifies the price tag.

Overall Performance and Conclusion

When it comes to performance, the Scotty Cameron Phantom putter offers a wide range of options with its seven different models. From alignment aids to different head designs, there is something for everyone. The overall performance of the putter is impressive, particularly for those who prefer the Scotty Cameron style. However, it’s crucial to compare it with other options in the market, such as the Odyssey AI range or the TaylorMade Spider, which offer similar features at a lower price.

In conclusion, the Scotty Cameron Phantom putter is a fantastic upgrade from the original Phantom range. Its sleek design, consistent feel, and range of options make it a top choice for many golfers. However, the high price point may deter some buyers. It’s crucial to consider your budget and try out different putters to find the one that suits your preferences and helps improve your putting game. Remember, confidence plays a significant role in putting, so choose a putter that makes you feel comfortable and confident on the greens.

The AF Golf Score for the Scotty Cameron Phantom Putter

Let’s summarise our review by scoring the Scotty Cameron Phantom putter based on different factors:

  • Look: 9/10
  • Feel: 9/10
  • Custom Options: 5/10
  • Price: 5/10
  • Overall Performance: 7/10

Based on our scores, the Scotty Cameron Phantom putter receives an AF Golf Score of 35 out of 50. We hope you found this review helpful in making your putter-buying decisions. If you enjoyed our content, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and share it with your fellow golfing enthusiasts. Happy putting!

Contact your local AFGolfStore to book your FREE custom fitting today!

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Ping S159 Wedge: A New Exciting Product for Golfers

Today, we’re excited to talk about the new Ping S159 wedge. As a golf enthusiast, I was immediately drawn to the clean and sleek design of this product. It comes in two attractive finishes – a chrome finish and a darker black finish, appealing to different preferences. In this blog, we’ll delve into the features and options of the Ping S159 wedge that make it a great choice for golfers of all levels.

Impressive Design and Construction

The Ping S159 wedge features a carbon steel construction, which provides a solid and durable feel. What sets this wedge apart is its unique groove patterns, tailored to different loft angles. For lofts ranging from 52° to 48°, the wider groove pattern allows for firm shots with increased spin. As we move up to the sand wedge lofts and towards the 60° angle, the groove pattern becomes closer together. This design allows for softer swings and enhanced friction, resulting in more spin and stopping power.

Customisation Options

Ping understands the importance of custom fitting, and they have taken it to the next level with the Ping S159 wedge. There are an impressive 25 different loft and bounce grind combinations available, along with two new sole designs – H and B. The wedge we have here is the H design, featuring a crescent shape that allows for easy manipulation and face opening. With 8° of bounce, it’s particularly suited for golfers who have a shallow impact into the golf ball.

The Dot System and Grip

Continuing their emphasis on custom fitting, Ping has incorporated their dot system into the Ping S159 wedge. This feature allows golfers to match the wedge’s lie angle to their iron set for consistent performance. The shaft included with the wedge is the Nippon Zealous 115 G shaft, which is a standard option and provides a solid and reliable feel. The grip on the Ping S159 wedge is unique in its slightly longer length compared to most grips. This design caters to golfers who enjoy playing mid-flighted shots at half speed. The grip features indicators that allow golfers to grip down slightly, making it easier to execute 3/4 shoulder-to-shoulder swings and achieve the desired yardage.

Who is the Ping S159 Wedge For?

The Ping S159 wedge is truly a versatile option that can suit any golfer. Whether you already play with Ping irons or have different brand preferences, this wedge is worth considering. With its wide range of options in terms of bounce, grind, and loft, there is a perfect fit for every golfer’s playing style. Ping has truly raised the bar with this wedge, and its competitive pricing makes it even more appealing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Ping S159 wedge has quickly gained popularity on tour and in fittings. Its impressive design, customisation options, and competitive pricing make it an excellent choice for golfers looking to enhance their short game. If you’re curious about how the Ping S159 wedge can improve your game, we invite you to visit AF Golf Store and try it out for yourself. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed by its performance and versatility. See you soon!

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TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter: A Review of the Legendary Shape

The TaylorMade Spider Tour putter is back , and it’s making a statement in the golfing world. This legendary shape has been popular among golfers for years, and now TaylorMade has brought it back in four different head models. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the different head shapes, discuss their unique features, and evaluate the performance of the Spider Tour putter range.

The Head Shapes

TaylorMade offers four head shapes in the Spider Tour putter range: Tour, X, V, and Z. Each shape has its own characteristics that cater to different golfers’ preferences and playing styles.


The Tour is the standard head shape, known for its iconic design that professionals like DJ and Jason Day have used in the past. With the weight placed furthest away from the face, this putter is ideal for players who struggle to find the middle of the face. It offers high Moment of Inertia (MOI), providing forgiveness for off-center hits.


The X is the classic model that Rory McIlroy has been instrumental in bringing back. This putter features a weight placement that gives it a feel similar to a blade putter. It offers a bit more pop off the face, making it suitable for players who prefer the feel of a bladed putter. In March 2024, Scottie Scheffler added it to his bag in a bid to enhance the area of his game he believed to be holding his game back from dominating every week, the putting! Since adding in the Tour X he has won in back-to-back events with the Arnold Palmer Invitational, soon followed by the Players Championship where he became the first player to successfully retain his title. 


The V is one of the new shapes introduced in the Spider Tour range. It has two front-loaded weights, giving it a compact and solid look. This putter delivers a consistent and firm feel off the face, making it a great option for players who value stability and control.


The Z is another new shape in the Spider Tour range, featuring a weight placement at the very front. This design offers a unique feel and a faster ball speed off the face. If you enjoy the feel of a bladed putter but want the benefits of a mallet, the Z might be the perfect choice for you.

On the Putting Green

When you lay down the Spider Tour putters behind the ball, you can immediately notice the progression from the high MOI shape of the Tour to the unique designs of the X, V, and Z. The alignment aids on all the putters, with a bright white back and a black line, help improve your alignment and aid in visualising your putt.

Even if you typically prefer a bladed putter, the front-loaded weight design of the V might surprise you. It has a compact and solid look, and when you hit a putt with it, you’ll feel the firmness off the face. The feel of the putter is crucial, and the Spider Tour putters deliver a satisfying sensation on impact.

Considering the quality and performance of the Spider Tour putters, their price point of £299 is highly competitive. TaylorMade has made these putters accessible to a wider range of golfers, and they are poised to make a significant impact in the market.

The AF Golf Score

The Spider Tour putter range receives an impressive AF Golf score of 44 out of 50. The combination of style, design, feel, affordability, and custom options makes it a top choice for golfers looking to improve their putting game.


TaylorMade has brought back the legendary Spider Tour putter in four different head shapes: Tour, X, V, and Z. Each shape has its own unique features, catering to various player preferences and needs. The Spider Tour putter range offers exceptional performance and value for its price. With its competitive price point, custom options, and top-notch performance, the Spider Tour putter range from TaylorMade is poised to be a leader in the market. Whether you’re a professional golfer or a weekend warrior, the Spider Tour putters deserve serious consideration to elevate your putting game to the next level.

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Ping G730: A Review of the New Golf Iron for Maximum Distance

Today, we’re excited to dive into another new product release – the Ping G730. This iron is designed to provide maximum distance and height, making it perfect for golfers who want to boost their power and confidence on the course.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the features and performance of the G730, as well as its suitability for different types of golfers.

Design and Technology

The Ping G730 is an impressive piece of golf equipment with its chunky, powerful design. It features a thick top line and a big bottom end, giving it a solid and confident appearance at address. The low center of gravity and strong lofts, such as the 28-degree loft of the 7-iron, contribute to its exceptional distance capabilities. Additionally, the iron incorporates flex faces and other advanced technologies to ensure optimal performance.

Performance on the Course

For golfers with slower swing speeds, the G730 is a game-changer. It effortlessly launches the ball high into the air, resulting in impressive distances. The low center of gravity allows the ball to pop up and carry further, compensating for the strong lofts. This iron is especially suitable for players who prioritise distance and want a club that inspires confidence. With its wide range of shaft options, including lightweight graphite, the G730 caters to a variety of swing speeds and player profiles.

Testing and Feedback

During our testing, we experienced the true power and potential of the G730. It felt hot off the face, but with swing speeds around 90 miles per hour, the iron produced unfavourable results for Alan, but that’s more due to the swing speed and spin! It’s important to note that the spin rates may not provide accurate feedback for higher swing speeds, such as the 95mph we saw. The G730 is specifically designed for golfers with slower swing speeds who desire additional distance and forgiveness.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects of the Ping G730: Look: The G730 has a chunky design, which may not appeal to everyone. While it may not be the sexiest iron on the market, it does offer great rack appeal and looks impressive in your golf bag. Feel: Like all Ping irons, the G730 feels solid and provides a satisfying impact at ball contact. It offers a sense of confidence and reliability, which is crucial for golfers seeking maximum distance. Custom Options: Ping is known for its extensive range of custom options, and the G730 is no exception. With various shaft options, power specs, and loft adjustments, golfers can tailor this iron to suit their individual needs. Price: The G730 falls into the higher price range, but it delivers performance and quality that can justify its cost. However, golfers should consider their specific requirements and compare it to other options in the market.


In summary, the Ping G730 is an good choice for golfers looking to maximise their distance and confidence. Its powerful design, advanced technology, and impressive performance make it a a worth while try for players with slower swing speeds. While it may not be the right fit for everyone, those seeking higher launches and longer carries should definitely consider giving the G730 a try. Remember to visit our channel for more in-depth information on the G730’s technology and custom options provided by our knowledgeable experts, Matt and Lewis as they dive into the technology behind clubs and shafts alike. 

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