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Callaway AI Smoke Driver Fitting

Welcome to the AF Golf Store blog, where we provide expert advice and reviews on golf equipment. In this blog post, we will be discussing the latest Callaway AI Smoke Driver, and its performance during a fitting session. If you’re looking to improve your driving distance and accuracy, keep reading to find out if this driver is right for you.

The Fitting Process

During the fitting session, Chris, our golfer, met with a fitting specialist at the AF Golf Store to discuss his goals and preferences for a new driver. Chris expressed his desire to improve his distance and accuracy off the tee, with a focus on keeping the ball in play.

The specialist began by asking Chris about his current driver specifications. Chris mentioned that he was using the TSR 2 driver with a hazardous 6.5 shaft, which he was fitted for last year. Despite enjoying his current driver, Chris was open to exploring new options that could improve his dispersion and confidence off the tee.

The specialist explained that modern-day drivers offer various options and adjustability features to cater to each player’s specific needs. By analysing Chris’s swing and ball flight tendencies, the specialist suggested starting with the Callaway AI Smoke driver, which has received positive feedback from golfers.

The Callaway AI Smoke Driver

The Callaway AI Smoke driver comes in several different models, but for Chris, the specialist recommended the AI Smoke Max 9° driver. This model offers maneuverable weight and a slightly draw-biased configuration, which could benefit Chris’s swing characteristics and desired shot shape.

The specialist made some adjustments to the driver’s settings, setting it to a  slightly lower loft and a draw bias. These changes aimed to help Chris achieve a more penetrating ball flight with reduced spin, ultimately improving his accuracy and distance off the tee.

Fitting Session Results

Chris began hitting shots with the Callaway AI Smoke Max driver, and the specialist observed the ball flight and analysed the launch monitor data. Overall, Chris showed promising results with the new driver.

During the fitting session, Chris displayed a desired shot shape of a slight draw. The specialist noted that while Chris’s swing technique needed improvement, technology could play a role in helping him control his ball flight. The specialist suggested that, through the use of technology, Chris could optimise his desired shot shape by reducing cuts and slices.

The launch monitor data revealed that Chris’s swing path and club face angle were slightly left, resulting in the ball starting to the left and sometimes drifting further left. The specialist recommended adjusting the club face to square it up better, potentially reducing the spin rate and achieving a straighter ball flight.

Throughout the fitting session, Chris hit shots with good ball speeds and spin rates, indicating that he was generating sufficient club head speed and achieving a relatively consistent impact position on the face. Despite some shots veering off to the right, Chris demonstrated improved control and confidence with the AI Smoke Max driver.

Final Thoughts

Based on the fitting session results, Chris decided to upgrade to the Callaway AI Smoke Max driver. The driver’s forgiveness, adjustability, and confidence-inspiring design aligned with Chris’s goals of hitting more fairways and gaining distance off the tee.

Chris acknowledged that he still needed to work on his swing technique and efficiency, but he believed that the AI Smoke Max driver would help him achieve better results on the course. He appreciated the improved ball flight and forgiveness, which were evident even on mishits.

In conclusion, the Callaway AI Smoke Max driver proved to be a suitable choice for Chris, providing him with a more controlled and consistent ball flight. If you’re in the market for a new driver and are looking to improve your accuracy and distance off the tee, the Callaway AI Smoke range is worth considering.

Visit the AF Golf Store website to browse the latest golf equipment and schedule a fitting session with our knowledgeable staff. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your game with the right equipment.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog post are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of Callaway or any other brand mentioned.

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The Callaway AI Smoke HL Iron: A Game-Changing Golf Club

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Callaway AI Smoke HL iron, part of the new Callaway Ai smoke range. This innovative iron has the potential to become one of the most popular choices for golfers in 2024.

With its advanced AI technology and focus on turf interaction, the AI Smoke HL offers forgiveness, higher launch, and improved distance control.

In this blog, we’ll explore its features, performance, and customisation options, as well as provide insights from a special guest who tested the iron.

The Technology Behind the AI Smoke HL Iron

Callaway has incorporated their AI technology, derived from computer science and cutting-edge research, into the face of the AI Smoke HL iron. This technology enhances off-centre strikes and maximises power, giving golfers the confidence to hit the ball higher and achieve better land angles. The club’s turf interaction design prevents the sole from getting buried in the turf, allowing for a smooth and clean strike.

An Appealing Design

The AI Smoke HL iron features a sleek and visually appealing design. From behind, the iron showcases meticulous detailing that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. The wide sole and thick top line inspire confidence, especially for players who require additional forgiveness. While the colour scheme may not suit everyone’s preference, the overall look of the club is sure to impress.

Targeted Player Profile

The AI Smoke HL iron is designed for players with an average to slower swing speed, offering the necessary assistance to launch the ball higher. This iron provides the optimal solution for individuals who struggle with low ball flight and need help gaining more distance and control. It’s important to note that this iron may not be suitable for players who already have a naturally high ball flight or struggle with an open club face at impact.


To evaluate the performance of the AI Smoke HL iron, our tester took several swings using TrackMan, a professional tracking and analysis system. Despite a few less-than-perfect strikes, the iron consistently delivered impressive results. The AI technology behind the face compensated for off-center hits, allowing for good distance and a high launch angle. The forgiveness of the club was evident, as even poor strikes managed to achieve satisfactory results.

Special Guest Testing

Our special guest, Chris, joined us to provide feedback on the AI Smoke HL iron. As a player with a slightly slower swing speed, Chris offered a different perspective. He typically uses different irons, such as the Cobra MB CB irons, which are more tailored to his preferences and skill level.

Chris emphasised that, as an occasional golfer, he doesn’t require the level of forgiveness provided by the AI Smoke HL iron. However, he acknowledged that the iron’s ability to improve launch and provide additional assistance could benefit players who struggle with low ball flight. 

Customisation Options

Callaway offers a wide range of customisation options for the AI Smoke HL iron. Working closely with their marketing and sales teams, Callaway provides additional shaft options to retailers like ourselves to better fit golfers’ needs. The available graphite options make it easier for players to find the perfect combination of club and shaft that suits their swing. Whether blended with the standard AI Smoke iron or chosen as a full set, the customisation options cater to diverse player profiles.

Price Point

One of the advantages of the AI Smoke HL iron is its competitive price point. Callaway has marketed this iron with a more reasonable price compared to their previous offerings. While not considered cheap, the price is in line with other competitors in the market. This makes the AI Smoke HL iron an attractive option for golfers seeking performance and value.

The Verdict: AF Golf Store Score

Based on our evaluation and the input from our special guest, we have assigned the AI Smoke HL iron an AF Golf Store Score. Let’s break it down:

  • Look: 6.5/10
  • Feel: 7/10
  • Custom Options: 7/10
  • Performance: 8/10
  • Price: 7/10

The AI Smoke HL iron received a total score of 35.5 out of 50, indicating its overall quality and suitability for golfers. Despite our less-than-perfect swings, the iron demonstrated its forgiving nature and ability to deliver consistent performance. With its advanced technology, appealing design, and competitive price, the AI Smoke HL iron is undoubtedly a game-changer in the world of golf.

We hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at the Callaway AI Smoke HL iron. Make sure to subscribe to our channel and share this blog with your golfing friends!

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Odyssey Debuts New Ai One Cruiser Putter Line

Odyssey has unveiled an exciting new line of putters called the Ai One Cruiser series. These putters leverage artificial intelligence and advanced engineering to provide golfers with more consistent speed and accuracy on the greens.

The Models

The Ai One Cruiser line features three different models – the #7 Cruiser, Double Wide Cruiser, and Jailbird Cruiser. 

All three putters have a 380 gram head and 38 inch shaft intended to be choked up on. This face balanced design creates exceptional stability throughout the stroke.

The Technology

The key technology powering the Ai One Cruiser putters is the innovative Ai-ONE insert. This insert uses an aluminium backer co-moulded with Odyssey’s renowned White Hot urethane face to promote consistent ball speed even on mishits. The putters also utilise a Panlite polymer window that displays the unique contours on the back of the insert.

In addition to the high tech insert, the Ai One Cruiser putters come equipped with heavier steel shafts to match the heavier head weights. Removable front weights ranging from 5 to 20 grams allow golfers to customize the feel and balance of the putter head.

The new Odyssey Ai One Cruiser putters feature a sleek navy blue PVD finish that gives them a premium, high-end aesthetic. Three different models are offered to accommodate different putting styles – the classic #7 shape, wider Double Wide blade, and popular Jailbird shape. An Arm Lock model and extra-long Broomstick version are also available.

Golfers looking for a technologically advanced putter that provides unparalleled consistency should give the new Odyssey Ai One Cruiser line a try. With artificial intelligence optimising performance and removable weights to dial in feel, these putters can elevate any golfer’s game on the greens. 

The new range of putters added to the Ai One range will be available for fittings in all AFGolfStore’s from 15th February 2024.

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Callaway AI Smoke Iron Review

Callaway AI Smoke Iron

Welcome to our blog where we will be reviewing the Callaway AI Smoke Iron. In this review, we will discuss the features, performance, and customisation options of this iron. So, let’s dive right in!


The Callaway AI Smoke Iron is equipped with the smart face AI technology, which allows for consistent ball speed even on off-centre hits.

This technology ensures that golfers of all skill levels can enjoy forgiveness and maintain distance on their shots.

The AI Smoke Iron is available in two options: the standard iron with a loft of 28 degrees and a seven iron, and the HL (high launch) iron with a loft of 30 degrees and a seven iron.

The HL iron is designed to help golfers achieve a higher launch and get the ball up in the air easily.

Shaft Options

Callaway offers two shaft options for the AI Smoke Iron. The main steel shaft is the elevate range, known for its stability and control. The graphite option is the cipher, which provides a lightweight and responsive feel. Golfers can choose between these two options based on their preferences and playing style. Additionally, there are custom fit options available for those who want a personalized experience.


We tested the AI Smoke Iron on Trackman and were impressed with the results. The iron delivered exceptional ball speed and distance, even on off-centre strikes.

The land angle, which indicates how quickly the ball descends into the ground, was also

impressive. With a high land angle, golfers can expect the ball to stop quickly on the green, allowing for better control and precision.

Whether it was a seven iron or a five iron, the AI Smoke Iron consistently performed well in terms of distance and accuracy. The solid feel and control of this iron make it suitable for players in the low to mid handicap range. It offers a powerful performance that rivals even forged irons.

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Callaway understands the importance of customisation, and the AI Smoke Iron reflects that. The availability of the HL head and the option to combine sets allows golfers to tailor their clubs to their specific needs. This flexibility ensures that every golfer can find the perfect Callaway iron for their game.


The price of the AI Smoke Iron is competitive compared to other irons in the market. Callaway has made the pricing more affordable this year, making it an attractive option for golfers seeking high-quality equipment without breaking the bank.

Callaway AI Smoke Iron Conclusion

The Callaway AI Smoke Iron is a standout performer in the world of golf irons. With its advanced technology, customisable options, and reasonable price, it is an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, this iron will help you achieve impressive distance, accuracy, and control on the course.

So, head to your nearest AFGolfStore and experience the power and performance of the AI Smoke Iron. Book your FREE fitting today!

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Callaway AI Smoke Driver: A Comprehensive Review

Callaway AI Smoke Driver: A Comprehensive Review

Welcome back to our first review of 2024, where we will be discussing the highly anticipated Callaway AI Smoke driver. In this review, we will dive deep into the features, performance, and overall value of this driver. Whether you’re an avid golfer or just starting out, this blog will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s get started!

Design and Technology

The Callaway AI Smoke driver is a remarkable piece of technology that boasts an array of features to enhance your golfing experience. One standout feature is the smart face technology, which utilises AI learning to create a more forgiving face. This means that even on off-centre hits, you can expect consistent ball speed and increased distance.

Additionally, the Callaway AI Smoke driver offers multiple customisation options to suit your individual needs.

The Triple Diamond head, designed for higher swing speeds, allows you to adjust the centre of mass by flipping the 14-gram weight. The adjustable sleeve further enhances customisation, enabling you to fine-tune the loft, bias, and other settings to optimise your performance on the course.

For those with slower swing speeds, Callaway has introduced the Max Fast driver. This fixed product is specifically designed to maximise distance and forgiveness for golfers with lower swing speeds. Whether you’re a junior golfer, lady golfer, or a senior player, the Max Fast driver is an excellent choice to enhance your game.

The Max is the standard head with an adjustable sliding weight port in the head to offer draw to fade weighting dependant on your preference whilst the Max D is the draw bias head helping golfers who struggle with a slice or fade. This head in particular will help launch the ball a bit easier also. 


Now, let’s talk about the performance of the Callaway AI Smoke driver. We focused on the Triple Diamond head due to Alan’s club head speed. During our testing, we found that this driver excelled in terms of ball speed and forgiveness. Even on mishits, the AI Smoke driver delivered impressive results. The smart face technology truly makes a difference, allowing you to maintain ball speed and achieve consistent distances across the face.

With a ball speed of 171, the Callaway AI Smoke driver proves its ability to generate power and distance. The well-balanced design and optimised spin rate contribute to a solid and controlled flight, making it easier to find the fairway and achieve desirable rollouts. Considering most golfers struggle to repeatedly hit the middle of the face in a round, with the smart face technology clearly maintaining speeds and distance,  whether you’re an experienced golfer or a beginner, this driver will undoubtedly enhance your performance on the course.


After thoroughly reviewing the Callaway AI Smoke driver, we can confidently say that it is a driver worth considering for any golfer. With its sleek design, advanced technology, and impressive performance, this driver is a standout in the market. The range of options, including the Triple Diamond, Max, Max D and Max Fast heads, cater to different swing speeds and playing styles, ensuring that there is a suitable option for every golfer.

In terms of value, the Callaway AI Smoke driver is competitively priced, making it an attractive choice for those looking to upgrade their equipment without breaking the bank. The customisable features, combined with the AI-powered smart face technology, provide a winning combination that is hard to beat.

Overall, we give the Callaway AI Smoke driver a score of 40.5 out of 50. With its exceptional design, impressive performance, and reasonable price point, we highly recommend giving this driver a try. Whether you’re a loyal Callaway fan or open to exploring new options, the Callaway AI Smoke driver is sure to impress.


We hope you found this review of the Callaway AI Smoke driver informative and helpful. Remember, investing in the right driver can significantly improve your game, and the AI Smoke driver is undoubtedly a top contender in the market. Stay tuned for more reviews on new golfing products coming in 2024. Be sure to watch more videos about the Callaway Ai Smoke Driver Here. 

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Callaway AI Smoke: The New Driver for the 2024 Golf Season

The start of a new year always brings excitement to the golfing world, as it signals the launch of new products from major golf equipment manufacturers. In 2024, Callaway has introduced their latest driver, the Callaway AI Smoke. This new driver promises to take your game to the next level with its advanced technology and focus on consistency. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of the Callaway AI Smoke and discuss how it can improve your performance on the golf course.

The Callaway AI Smoke: A Closer Look

The Callaway AI Smoke is an extension and progression from the Paradym range, which was highly regarded by golfers for its carbon composite head.

The AI Smoke comes in four different head options, each designed to cater to different types of golfers. The first head is the standard head, which features adjustable weight in the back and Callaway’s innovative smart face technology. This smart face technology uses data from real golf shots to ensure maximum consistency in ball speeds.

The second head is the Triple Diamond, designed for golfers with higher swing speeds who prefer to work the ball. This head features a 14G weight in the back that can be flipped front to back to adjust the head weight. The Triple Diamond is also slightly open in its setup, making it ideal for golfers who struggle with strong fades or slices.

The third head option is the Max D, which is a draw bias driver that was highly popular in the previous year. It features more weight in the heel and at the back to help golfers hit a draw and achieve a higher ball flight. This head is perfect for golfers who struggle with fades or prefer to play a draw.

The final head option is the Max Fast, a fixed glued product with no adjustability. This driver is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds, aiming to generate more height and distance off the tee. It features a different color scheme with a sleek black head, giving it a distinct look.

Consistency and Performance

Callaway has placed a strong emphasis on consistency with the AI Smoke driver. They claim that, on average, golfers will be 19 yards closer to the fairway when using this driver. This can make a significant difference in your game, especially if you tend to miss fairways by a wide margin. The combination of the smart face technology and the carbon composite head ensures that the ball speeds are consistent and maximized. The adjustability options in the AI Smoke driver also contribute to its performance. The standard and Max heads allow golfers to change the weight distribution and adjust the loft according to their preferences. This provides golfers with the ability to fine-tune their shots and optimise their ball flight.

Head Options and Shaft Selection

The AI Smoke driver offers a range of head options to suit different playing styles and swing speeds. The Triple Diamond is ideal for golfers with higher swing speeds who prefer to shape their shots. Its lower spinning design promotes workability and control.

The Max D head is perfect for golfers who struggle with fades or slices. Its draw bias design and additional weight in the heel help golfers square the club face at impact and achieve a straighter ball flight.

The standard Max head provides a balance of forgiveness and adjustability, making it a popular choice among golfers. Its adjustable weight in the back allows golfers to fine-tune the fade or draw bias, while the smart face technology ensures consistent ball speeds. When it comes to shaft options, the AI Smoke driver offers the Denali, Tensei Blue, and Cypher as stock options. These shafts provide a good range of options for most golfers.

However, there will also be additional custom fitting options available to ensure you find the perfect shaft for your swing.

First Impressions and Performance on Trackman

During a test session on Trackman, the Callaway AI Smoke driver showcased its impressive performance.

The Triple Diamond head, with its slightly smaller and more forgiving design, produced solid ball speeds and spin numbers. Golfers with higher swing speeds will appreciate the workability and control offered by this head.

The standard Max head, with its elongated shape, provided a very solid feel and consistency off the face. The carbon composite head gave it a sleek appearance, and the adjustability options allowed golfers to fine-tune their shots. Despite not being a perfect fit for the tester’s swing, the Max head still delivered good performance in terms of ball speed and spin rate.

The Max D head, with its draw bias design, performed as expected, delivering a straighter ball flight and solid ball speeds. This head is well-suited for golfers who struggle with fades or slices and want to find the left side of the fairway consistently. The AI Smoke driver’s smart face technology and years of research and development have resulted in a driver that offers improved sound and feel compared to its predecessor, the Paradym.

The overall feedback from the tester was positive, with the driver feeling solid at impact and providing a satisfying sound.


The Callaway AI Smoke is an impressive addition to Callaway’s driver lineup for the 2024 golf season. With its focus on consistency and advanced technology, this driver has the potential to improve your performance on the golf course. The range of head options, including the standard, Triple Diamond, Max D, and Max Fast, ensures that there is a driver suited to every golfer’s needs and preferences.

The AI Smoke’s smart face technology and carbon composite head deliver consistent ball speeds and a solid feel at impact. The adjustability options allow golfers to fine-tune their shots and optimise their ball flight.

Overall, the AI Smoke driver offers a compelling combination of performance, forgiveness, and versatility. If you’re in the market for a new driver in 2024, the Callaway AI Smoke is definitely worth considering.

Schedule a fitting session at your nearest AFGolfStore to experience the performance and see how it can benefit your game.

Remember, the AI Smoke is just one part of Callaway’s complete lineup, which includes fairway woods and irons that complement this driver. So, get ready for the new golf season and elevate your game with the Callaway AI Smoke!

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Callaway AI Smoke Iron: Game-Changing Technology

The Advanced Iron Face

Callaway has introduced the new Callaway AI Smoke Iron for 2024, claiming it to be their most advanced iron face yet. With their innovative AI Smoke Face Technology, Callaway aims to provide a superior golfing experience from every spot on the course.

Two Irons, One Goal

Callaway offers two versions of the AI Smoke Iron: the standard AI Smoke and the AI Smoke HL. There is also a Max Fast option for higher handicaps. The main difference lies in the loft perspective. 

The standard iron has a loft of 28°, while the HL version has a loft of 30°. The HL is designed for golfers who struggle to get the desired launch and height in their shots.

The Technology Behind the Iron

Callaway’s smart face technology plays a crucial role in the design of these irons. 

By gathering data from numerous golfers, Callaway understands the importance of maximum ball speed across the entire face. Recognising that not every golfer hits the ball perfectly in the centre, Callaway has strategically positioned the weight in the face to ensure consistency and performance even on off-centre hits.

The AI technology has allowed Callaway to cater to the needs of real golfers and create an iron that delivers optimal results.

The Story of the AI Smoke Iron Family

The AI Smoke Iron family consists of the standard and HL irons. This concept of offering two versions with different loft angles has become a common trend among golf brands. 

In recent years, golf club lofts have become stronger, but the HL iron is designed for those who need a little extra help in getting the ball up in the air. This iron is a great option for players looking to improve their launch and achieve better results in hitting the green.

Shaft Options for Every Golfer

The standard version of the AI Smoke Iron comes with the Elevate shaft, while the graphite option is equipped with the Cypher shaft.

These shaft options provide players with versatility and a chance to find the perfect fit for their swing. Callaway ensures a clean product with no complications, allowing golfers to focus on their game.

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Testing the AI Smoke Irons

Our testing took place at Milton Keynes, where we had the opportunity to try both the standard and HL versions of the AI Smoke Iron. We tested the five iron and the pitching wedge in both heads, providing a comprehensive review for golfers of all skill levels.

Standard AI Smoke Iron

The standard iron immediately catches the eye with its classic Callaway design. It instills confidence as soon as you lay your eyes on it. The solid feel and impressive ball speed off the face make it a trustworthy club. Even off-centre hits, such as hits from the toe, still deliver excellent ball speed. This technology ensures consistency and performance throughout the round.

During our testing, the seven iron produced a ball speed of 136 mph with a carry distance of 194 yards. The AI Smoke Iron exceeded expectations, proving to be a powerful option for golfers seeking distance and forgiveness.

HL AI Smoke Iron

The HL iron, designed for players who struggle with launch, offers a lighter graphite option for increased club head speed. This iron provides a higher trajectory, allowing players to achieve better height and distance. The HL iron achieved a ball speed of 130 mph with a carry distance of 193 yards. The HL iron is a great choice for golfers who need a little extra help getting the ball in the air.

The Versatility of the Long Iron

Long irons have often been perceived as difficult to hit and less forgiving. However, with the advancements in club design, players are encouraged to experiment with four and five irons. The AI Smoke Irons are a prime example of clubs that can help golfers achieve better launch and height. Don’t be afraid to try these clubs during your next fitting session.

A Solid Choice for Every Golfer

Overall, the AI Smoke Irons from Callaway offer superior technology and a simple, yet effective, story. The standard iron provides a classic look and great performance, while the HL iron caters to golfers in need of extra launch and height. Callaway has once again delivered exceptional technology to enhance the golfing experience.

When considering your next set of irons, make sure to include the AI Smoke Irons in your options. They offer impressive technology, a clean product design, and versatility to suit golfers of all skill levels. Discover the difference that AI Smoke Face Technology can make in your game.

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The Hottest Clubs Of 2023

The Hottest Golf Clubs of 2023

It’s that time of year again where we begin to reflect on the most popular equipment choices of the year.

Rob from AF Golf Store Cambridge gives his take on some of the hottest clubs he’s fit players for so far this year. Here’s a rundown of the brands and models he’s seeing excel across all club categories.

Kicking off the hottest golf clubs of 2023 is the driver. Rob has been really impressed with the Callaway Paradym driver family. With 3 head options to fit differing needs and an adjustable hosel sleeve, this driver has been a great fit for many golfers. Plus there is a wide range of shaft offerings.

The look, feel, and performance have been great for a range of player abilities. The adjustability makes fine-tuning launch conditions a breeze.

Paradym X, Paradym and Paradym triple diamond are the three offerings with a driver to suit every player from improvers needing to stop the dreaded slice through to high level golfers who require a low spin more precise club.

The Titleist TSR fairway woods (TSR 1, 2, 3 models) also got high marks from Rob. There’s something for everyone here with multiple designs to alter launch and spin.

Low to high swing speeds are covered, and the adjustable hosels allow for dialing in proper gapping. Titleist have also created an additional head for the season in the TSR2+ which is a deeper head and lower loft to help those golfers who struggle with driver. More precision can be found here. 

Staying within the Titleist family, Rob pointed to the TSR hybrids for their forgiveness and ability to shape shots. Weight screws on the sole on the TSR 3 hybrid promote workability and the loft sleeves allow the hybrids to be precisely gapped with the irons.

As for Irons, Rob could look no further than Ping’s new G430 irons which he says shine for improving players that need extra forgiveness and launch.

By strengthening lofts and adding an extra wedge compared to traditional sets, the G430 promotes optimal gapping and ball flight. 

A wide range of shaft and grip options enables a fully customised fit.

TaylorMade’s MG4 wedges impressed Rob with their well-rounded performance for both feel and spin. The variety of grinds and bounce options dial in wedge play, while maintaining ball speeds thanks to progressive groove optimisation. The new spin tread technology angles micro grooves at 45º between the main grooves to enhance spin and grip, particularly in wet conditions.

The top putter pick was the Odyssey Versa family.

The alignment aids on the rear help optimise aim, and the insert and Stroke Lab shaft improve consistency. With all the fitting options, there’s a Versa model suited for any stroke type.

2023 has been a great year for golf equipment. Get fitted and dial in your game with some of these great club releases!