In this blog, we are offering another tip, this time from Cambridge academy coach, Charlie Tetlow, who wants to stop your sway!

Swaying is the lateral movement away from the target on the backswing, ie. movement onto the right side on the backswing for a right handed golfer.

It’s caused by very little hip rotation and without this you will lose lower body speed, reduce stability and lack power in the swing, not to mention you will find your ball striking to be incredibly inconsistent.

Charlie has 2 steps to improving this habit and get you more stable with increased rotation and power.

Step 1: Flare the trail foot to allow the hip flexors to open up and increase rotation. A lot of players find it difficult to keep their weight inside the trail foot on the backswing, leading to the sway. By flaring the trail foot not only will you rotate more from the hips, the weight will be easier to control.

Step 2: If you have 2 alignment drill sticks, as seen in the picture, place one through your belt loops and the second one at a 45 degree angle from the ball to the toes of the trail foot. As you go to the top of your backswing, ensure the stick in your belt loops match the one on the floor. Your hips are now activating!

AFGolfStore Academy Coach Charlie Tetlow Drill
AFGolfStore Academy coach, Charlie Tetlow

Give this sway drill a try the next time you are on the driving range and let Charlie know how you’re getting on. He is available for coaching on Thursday and Friday at our Cambridge Store. He has a passion for improving the swings of his customers, with a wealth of knowledge in golf performance and fitness.

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