Should A Beginner Golfer Get Custom Fit Clubs?

A sport with so many variables and so many skills to learn, golf is a challenge for anyone looking to get into the sport. However, can we make the game easier with the right equipment? Should a beginner golfer get custom fit for clubs?

One thing we all recommend for a beginner when getting into golf is golf lessons to ensure the right technique is being taught and that the golfer has a clear understanding of how to make improvements. Usually when starting, it is common for a golfer to borrow equipment, get second hand clubs or buy a start set. After all, golf equipment isn’t the cheapest and is certainly looked at as an investment for a period of time. However, no two people are the same, from different heights, sizes and natural strength and therefore clubs are best performing when tailored to the individuals needs.

If you are a beginner golfer, above average height and having lessons with standard golf clubs you will typically find that making improvements to your game is difficult as you are having to adapt around the wrong equipment. Strike location will be effected and therefore the distance and direction of your shot will be inconsistent and no where near what you desire.

A recommendation would be to have lessons with a coach who has access to a fitting kit, so you can learn with an iron that is suited to your static measurements. Learning will become so much easier. From here if you know you are invested in the sport and are going to pursue we would recommend a FREE club fitting session to get you in the right equipment. This will make long term improvements easier and allow your practice to be effective knowing you have the right equipment to help you improve the game.

At AFGolfStore we have a wide selection of brands, models, shafts and grips to help a beginner get the right setup to help them on their journey. Clubs offering more forgiveness, lighter shafts and so on. Our expert fitting team located in Cambridge, Peterborough or Milton Keynes will leave no stone unturned in finding the clubs you need.

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