Scotty Cameron Phantom X Has Evolved

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X has evolved with a new launch of putters this season, but what is different in the latest edition of putters from Titleist.

10 new putters have and will continue to be released between April and June, upgrading previous models as well as introducing new looks with fresh performance benefits, from new head shapes, grip designs as well and graphic upgrades, the fresh look is certainly a putter to be admired.

The models include: 5 | 5.5 | 5s | 7 | 7.5 | 9 | 9.5 | 11 | 11.5 | 12

As we write this blog we have already seen half of the putters join our stores. They look incredible and combined with the classic Scotty Cameron feel we are certain these putters are going to be big performers this season. With the introduction of new models, there is an option for all players. From different neck types, offering a different toe hang option to a variety of head sizes with increased MOI.


“Each time I develop a line of putters, the new models go into the hands of the best players in the world. From Tour players, we get critical insight into what works for them – what they are looking for – both overall and specifically. From the type of neck configurations to topline thickness, to the sound and feel from the various types of materials and metal we use, professionals know what they want. And I’ve always taken my design cues from what the best in the world demand. With these new Phantom X mallets, I have the benefit of the past few years of input from players and a line that’s already established on Tour. The 2022 Phantom X mallets feature the ‘greatest hits’ of what we’ve developed – the solid stainless-steel faces, the new necks, the new shapes – rolled out in high-end, premium precision milled mallets designed to inspire us all to play better. I believe there’s a putter in this line that will appeal to just about every mallet player.”



Each new 2022 Phantom X putter is an integration of steel and aluminium, with nine of the 10 models engineered specifically with a solid, precision-milled 303 stainless steel face and body that’s expertly fused with a 6061 aircraft grade aluminium sole and flange component. The new Phantom X 12 employs an aluminium face/sole with stainless steel wings for maximum MOI, while its slimmed down flange section and extended alignment create a longer-looking, easier-to-aim update to the prior model.


Precision milled in the United States from a block of solid 303 stainless steel, the new Phantom X 5, 5.5, 5s, 7, 7.5, 9, 9.5, 11 and 11.5 models were designed with a solid stainless steel face that is carried through to the body/wings and integrated with an aluminium sole/flange component for performance and playability with consistent sound and soft feel.


Designed with feedback from touring professionals – and validated with multiple victories around the world in 2021 – the new 2022 Phantom X mallets further express player preferences with features like precision milled solid stainless steel faces, sleek putter head profiles, refined alignment cues, high durability finishes, and specific shaft and neck configurations.


The refreshed Phantom X 11.5 will continue to feature a low-bend stepless steel shaft installed over a milled topline spud, while the updated Phantom X 7.5 and all-new Phantom X 9.5 will employ small slant/jet necks like the recently revamped Phantom X 5.5. The Phantom X 5, 7, 9, 11 and 12 models each have a stepless steel shaft engineered to minimise face rotation with a single mid-bend aimed directly down the target line. The summer-release Phantom X 5s has a straight step-less steel shaft installed near the centre point of the top-line with zero offset.

Before purchasing any new putter, we would always recommend a FREE custom fitting session using SAM PuttLab in any of our stores. We have a huge selection of putters on our indoor putting studios, where our team of expert fitters and professionals will find the perfect flat stick for your game. Locate your nearest store here.

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