School’s Out For The Summer

School is out for the summer... but, what do we have going on?

As golf coaches this is our favourite time of the year, the sun is shining, the golf course is in it’s best condition and there are golfers of ALL ages enjoying the game.



With schools shut for the summer we can also focus on having loads of fun with our junior summer camps.

Our camps consist of 3 hour sessions, which will introduce your child to the game or if they already play, the camps will improve their skills with game based learning.

Game based learning, ultimately allows your child to learn or improve with the use of games and exercises to challenge them. It creates a real hunger for success as well as your child having a lot of fun!


junior golf at AFGolfStore


A typical camp may be split into 3 lessons. In hour one, we may focus on the short game, hour two may be dedicated to the swing whilst we play the course in the third and final hour. Game based learning will take a lesson and break it down into stations. So if we focus on the short game, we may split the stations into the following:

  • Height: This station will be aimed at getting the ball over obstacles such as a tennis net to replicate an on course scenario such as going over a bunker.
  • Aim: We will create narrow targets such as a rope runway to hit the ball between to focus on club face direction with the use of various clubs.
  • Distance control: Here we may use our colour rope to play a game of ladders. This will get the junior to control the balls distance on each shot to matchup to the colours required.
  • Hole out putts: We will set up a mini putting ladder to focus on completing a circuit of putts from 1,2,3,4,5 feet. A missed putt will result in starting again.
  • Distance putts: Get 10 balls in a row into a hoop, 20 feet away

The games can all be altered as well as introducing new ones, to challenge and stimulate your child’s enjoyment. As your child is not at school, we want to make this a fun, holiday feel session, but with sub conscious learning taking place and we find no better way.


Our camps are aimed at ages 5-13 years with no required ability. Our coaching team will recognise early on who is capable of what and tailor the session plan to their needs. So your child is sure to have a great time.

With over 40 classes to choose from this summer, now is the chance to introduce your child to golf lessons and see how they progress!


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