Putting The NEW Odyssey AI One Putter To The Test

We recently got our hands on the newest putter range from Odyssey. Two incredible models, years in the making that will shape the way putters are designed in years to come. We’re putting the NEW Odyssey AI One putter to the test. 

This putter claims to utilise AI and machine learning to provide the most consistent and effective ball speeds across the entire putter face. Odyssey says it’s taken many years worth of data on player impact points and ball speeds to develop the specialised face patterns.

This new tech could be a game changer, so we took it for a spin on the course to see if it lives up to the hype.

First Look

At first glance, the AI One catches your eye with its sharp blue and white color scheme.

We tested the mallet style #7 head, which with its alignment lines, it felt very clear and easy to use.

While the tech story behind this putter is exciting, it still comes down to performance on the green.

One of the cool elements to this putter is the window on the sole of each style putter. This allows you to see the face from behind with the pattern printed from AI technology to give you, what Odyssey claim to be 24% improved dispersion in ball speeds. 

Putting The NEW Odyssey AI One Putter To The Test

Immediately the AI One felt extremely soft off the face, reminiscent of the classic White Hot insert. Impact felt very smooth and consistent, even on mis-hits.

Ball speed stability was noticeable even on heel and toe strikes and distance control was excellent on longer putts. Roll and accuracy were impressive overall.

Ultimately with the heads appearing mostly the same, the big differences comes down to the sleek look and the obvious results in ball speed from central to off centre hits, due to the AI face inserts. 


Our Verdict

The AI One lives up to its promises. The combination of breakthrough technology and timeless Odyssey feel is a winner. Mis-hits stay online and reach the hole thanks to the face engineering and alignment aids are easy to use.

At just £250, this putter offers tremendous value with its space-age design. We give it a glowing score of 45/50.

Look – 9/10 | Feel 9/10 | Cost 9/10 | Custom Options 9/10 | Performance 9/10

Golfers of all levels should give the Odyssey AI One a roll – it could shave strokes off your game.

The Technology


Designed using Artificial Intelligence, we’ve created contours on the Aluminum backer of the insert which we co-mold to a White Hot Urethane striking surface to promote consistent ball speed across the face with the classic White Hot feel that Tour players and amateurs love.


Our designers and engineers developed a Panlite window, which is a unique automotive grade polymer, that allows us to showcase the unique topology of the back of our insert.


A lightweight steel shaft with 20-30 grams (depending on the grip) of counterbalance weight in the butt end. This is an evolution of our Stroke Lab weighting that will appeal to even more golfers.


These putters all feature a beautiful navy blue PVD finish that really sets them apart and gives them a premium look.


Available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 grams these removable weights allow you to dial in your head weight to your exact preference.

The Models

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