The Ping i530 Iron: A Premium Iron for Distance and Feel

Ping, known for their high-quality golf products, has released a new iron that is making waves in the golfing community. The Ping i530 Iron is a forged head iron with a compact design and exceptional distance capabilities.

In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of the Ping i530, who it is designed for, and its performance on the golf course. 

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Design and Features

The Ping i530 Iron is designed for golfers who desire the look and feel of a compact, blade-like iron, combined with impressive distance.

Its smaller head size, thin top line, and tight design create a sleek and confidence-inspiring appearance at address. The i530 Iron features a strengthened iron loft, with the seven iron sitting at 29°. This increased loft allows for stronger ball flights and added distance.

Additionally, the Ping i530 Iron offers various shaft options, giving golfers the ability to customise their club to suit their swing preferences.


When put to the test on a launch monitor, the Ping i530 Iron demonstrated its ability to launch the ball high and provide maximum distance. However, it is important to note that the i530 Iron may not be suited for every golfer. It has a lower center of gravity (CG), which can cause the ball to spin too much for players with slower swing speeds. Golfers with higher swing speeds, looking for a higher ball flight and increased distance, will find the i530 Iron to be an excellent option.

Comparison to Other Irons

In terms of its design and performance, the Ping i530 Iron can be compared to other irons in the market. It shares similarities with the ZX4 and P790 irons, with a slightly thicker top line that inspires confidence. However, the i530 Iron stands out with its forged look and feel, making it an attractive option for golfers seeking a premium iron. While it may not be the ideal choice for every player, those who value a sleek design, exceptional feel, and impressive distance will find the i530 Iron to be a worthy contender.

Final Thoughts

The Ping i530 Iron is a premium iron that offers golfers a combination of distance and feel. With its compact design, forged head, and strong loft, the i530 Iron stands apart from its competitors. While it may not be suitable for all golfers, those who prioritise a smaller head size and desire a sleek, premium iron will find the i530 Iron to be an excellent choice. With the ability to customise the shaft and loft options, golfers can truly make this iron their own. Whether you’re a golfer looking to upgrade your current iron or someone searching for a club that delivers both power and precision, the Ping i530 Iron is certainly one to consider. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more golf equipment reviews and updates. Share this review with your golfing friends who may be interested in the Ping i530 Iron. Stay tuned for more exciting releases and comprehensive reviews from our team at the AF Golf Store.

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