The Mizuno Tour Truck: A Sneak Peek Inside

Today, we have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Mizuno Tour truck, which recently arrived at AFGolfStore in Cambridge. Joining us on this exciting tour is Joe, the senior tour rep for Mizuno.

Let’s dive right in and see what this amazing facility has to offer.

Inside the Tour Truck

Joe, who spends around 20 to 23 weeks a year working on the European Tour, takes us through the different sections of the truck dedicated to helping Mizuno players optimize their performance on the course.

Loft and Lie Machine

One of the most important machines in the truck is the loft and lie machine. It ensures that the players’ clubs are perfectly dialed in week after week. Alongside it, we find the gripping station, where the players’ grips are maintained and checked regularly. These two machines are the most popular and essential for the players’ performance.

Keeping on Top of Lie Angles

While players don’t typically change lie angles week to week, they do check them regularly to ensure they are correct. Mizuno’s forged and premium products, known for their softness, can be affected by terrains and grounds. The amount of play and practice also requires constant monitoring of the lie angles.

Shaft Measuring and Cutting

Continuing the tour, we come across some big and chunky machines dedicated to shaft measuring and cutting. The truck houses tip grinders and a grinding machine at the end, all essential for keeping the players’ clubs in optimal condition. The grinding machine is primarily used for tip grinding, which ensures proper adhesion of the glue. Additionally, it can be used to grind the heads of the clubs if necessary.

Customisation for Lob Wedges

When it comes to grinding heads, the focus is often on the lob wedges. By taking a bit out of the heel, players can achieve the desired look and performance when opening up their lob wedges. Once players find a configuration they like, they typically stick with it.

The Impressive Shaft Wall

As we move further into the truck, we encounter the shaft wall, showcasing an extensive collection of shafts. Among the various options, the Ventus shaft stands out as one of the most popular choices for drivers. Mizuno prides itself on offering a wide range of shafts to suit every player’s preference and playing style.

The Classic Project X and Dynamic Gold

When it comes to irons, the most popular shafts on tour are the Project X and Dynamic Gold. These classic choices provide the strength and control that many professional players desire. Mizuno caters to the preferences of athletes who prefer heavier and firmer shafts for their irons.

Grips for Every Player

In the drawers of the tour truck, we find an array of grips, each tailored to the individual players’ preferences. Among them, Luke Donald’s multi compound blue black and Keith Mitchell’s victory grips stand out as unique choices. These personalized grips add that extra touch of individuality for the players.

Luke’s and Keith’s Grip Preferences

While Luke opts for the blue black multi compound grip, Keith prefers the classic victory grip. These grips are specifically made for a select few players in Europe and showcase their personal style and preferences.

From Grip Drawers to Head Storage

Interestingly, each player has their own designated drawer for grips on the truck, allowing for easy access and personalisation. However, when it comes to club heads, they are stored in drawers on the side of the truck. It’s worth noting that the heads used on tour are the same as those available to the public, highlighting Mizuno’s commitment to consistency and quality.

The Transition to New Products

This year, Mizuno released the new 241-243-245 range of irons. When asked about players’ response to the new product, Joe explains that the transition has been seamless. With blades, the performance is the key factor, and the new irons offer improved aesthetics and a brushed matte chrome finish that reduces glare. The combination sets, such as the 245, have also gained popularity among players.

Combo Sets for Versatility

The combo sets, which feature a mix of different Mizuno irons, are favored by many players. Typically, players opt for the 2 iron, 4 iron, and 5 iron in a more forgiving profile while using blades in the shorter irons. The smaller jump in head size between these clubs makes for a smooth transition and enhanced performance. The feedback from players during testing has been positive, emphasising the importance of finding the right fit.

Building Sets for Players

On average, Mizuno builds two to three sets of irons for each player per year. The need for a new set can arise from worn-out clubs or simply as a backup set. In addition to irons, players often require regular changes to their wedges, especially lob wedges that undergo extensive practice and play. Mizuno ensures that the players’ clubs are always in top condition to meet their performance expectations.

Exploring the Wood Range

While Mizuno may not have the same level of marketing as some other brands, their wood range is gaining traction and recognition among both professionals and enthusiasts. Joe highlights two standout products: the ST Max and the STG.

The ST Max Surprise

The ST Max, known for its stability and sleek appearance at address, has been a pleasant surprise for Mizuno. It features a larger profile and a back weight that enhances stability during powerful drives. Players can rely on the ST Max to maintain stability and control, even with high swing speeds.

Fast Speed with the ST-G

Another notable addition to the wood range is the ST-G. Offering exceptional speed and stability, this club has garnered attention from players looking for maximum performance. Mizuno encourages players to compare their products against competitors to truly appreciate their capabilities.

Swing Weight Matters

One crucial aspect of club customisation is the swing weight. Mizuno takes pride in matching the swing weights precisely to the players’ specifications. While some players are more particular about swing weight than others, Mizuno ensures that every club is built to the exact same swing weight as specified by the player.

Changing Heads and Shaft Effects

Players do notice the changes in swing weight when heads and shafts are modified. These alterations can significantly impact performance. Mizuno’s attention to detail and consistency in swing weight help players maintain their desired feel and control throughout their game.

Wrapping Up the Tour

As our tour of the Mizuno Tour truck comes to an end, we extend our gratitude to Joe for giving us an inside look at this remarkable facility. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend visiting one of our stores where you can experience the full range of Mizuno products. At AF’s Golf Store, we offer Mizuno fitting services and have the necessary equipment in our build center to ensure that you find the perfect clubs for your game. The Mizuno Tour truck serves as a testament to Mizuno’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to helping players reach their full potential on the golf course.

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